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"Martyrdom on the scaffold or the stake"

Charles Robinson concluded his first message (PDF) to Kansas’ new legislature with some further remarks on their situation. Everyone had seen Sheriff Jones taking names down… 588 more words

Road To War

Franklin Pierce's Third Annual Message

Sorry for yesterday’s tardy post, Gentle Readers. I mistakenly scheduled it for the wrong date entirely.

We left the House of Representatives with a new Speaker. 659 more words

Road To War

Finding a Speaker

We left the 34th Congress deadlocked on who to elect Speaker of the House. Until they did, they lacked a presiding officer and could hardly get any business done. 654 more words

Road To War

The Falling Out Between John McClernand and Ulysses S. Grant

Today, we are pleased to welcome guest author Sean Chick Butler, Banks, Sigel, McClernand. These are just the most infamous of the “political generals” of the American Civil War. 30 more words

The Battle of Sabine Pass

September 8, 1863 – A Federal army-navy expedition to the Texas-Louisiana border met with embarrassing defeat by less than 50 Confederates defending Sabine Pass.

With Louisiana under Federal occupation, the Lincoln administration sought a military expansion into eastern Texas. 1,066 more words


The Battle of Cedar Mountain

August 9, 1862 – General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson’s Confederates attacked Federals threatening the Confederate capital from northern Virginia.

In early August, Confederate General Robert E. Lee learned that Federal troops were being transferred to reinforce Major General John Pope’s Army of Virginia. 1,104 more words


"Rabidly Xenophobic": Donald Trump Isn’t The First Know Nothing To Capture American Hearts

Pundits have been trying for weeks to explain why Donald Trump has continued to lead Republican polls, drawing massive crowds and attracting a media circus, despite stepping in it… 934 more words