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Nathaniel Hawthorne’s journal entry for July 24th, 1837

July 24th.–I bathed in the river on Thursday evening, and in the brook at the old dam on Saturday and Sunday,–the former time at noon.

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Twice Told Tale

Phrixus and Helle
1st Century, Pompeii

My theory is that there is less indelicacy in speaking out your highest, deepest, tenderest emotions to the world at large, than to almost any individual. 34 more words


Nathaniel Hawthorne

They stood, as it were, in an utter solitude, which would be made none the less solitary by the densest throng of human life. Ought not, then, the desrt of humanity around them to press this insulated pair together? 64 more words

“The rich and heavy festoons of cobweb … had cost a long ancestral succession of spiders their life’s labor to spin and weave.”
~Nathaniel Hawthorne (House of the Seven Gables)

The spider bite - The legend

The legend of The Spider Bite or The Red Spot emerged as a modern legend in Europe in the late 1970s, but it echoes earlier manifestations of the bosom-serpent story type, where all types of creatures enter the body and sometimes reproduce there.  487 more words

Crazy Stories

Nathaniel Hawthorne’s journal entry for July 13th, 1837

Thursday, July 13th.–Two small Canadian boys came to our house yesterday, with strawberries to sell. It sounds strangely to hear children bargaining in French on the borders of Yankee-land.

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4th July - On This Day In History


1804 Nathaniel Hawthorne (author – The Scarlet Letter)


1934 Marie Curie (first woman to win the Nobel Prize)

On This Day:

1776 United States Congress declares independence… 16 more words