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Top Ten Fast Food Restaurants

“I like the Whopper, f*ck the Big Mac.”

Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock, “It Takes Two”

Remember when I used to do “Fast Food Marketing Power Rankings?” Remember how I stressed that the rankings had nothing to do with the food quality?

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An Afternoon at Coney Island

The splintery boards feel hard beneath my flip-flopped feet. The hot breezes smell like ocean and fried food. Children in bathing suits run this way and that way, seemingly engaged in an endless game of tag. 370 more words

New York

Nathan's - The Original New York Hotdog

Nathan’s is a 99-year-old hotdog brand that originated in Coney Island, New York. It is soooo juicy and the flavor is terrific in every bite! It reminds me of the Purefoods Tender Juicy brand back home. 78 more words



Once upon a time, my father had a business partner. I don’t remember his name, but he was a big, bluff Russian who used to come over the house and make gallons of cabbage soup. 767 more words


Jessie Nathans: Rubric to Make an Art Rubric

Jessie Nathans, a teacher, designer, and MAEA Researcher, creates organization within the at times dizzying language of assessment through her diagram of rubric making.

Photo credit: Susan Ren, BMore Art

2014 Demo Studio

Photo of the Day: Hello Kitty and Honey Bear at Nathan's Famous

Nothing beats taking a break from trudging though the snow and cleaning up after burst water pipes like dawdling over photos from the last days of summer. 130 more words

Coney Island

Street Sign Returns to Schweikerts Walk, Original Site of Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest

What’s missing from the above photo of Nathan’s taken last November? The street sign for Schweikerts Walk, the alley where Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest was originally held. 422 more words