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Can Brand NASA Aid Brand America?

There is a popular urban legend according to which during the space race of the 1960’s, NASA spent substantial resources on developing  a special pen for Astronauts that could work in a zero gravity environment. 1,188 more words

#Travel: Top 10 funny travel ads

Top 10 funny travel ads 

By Ana Beatriz Ribeiro

The long winding road of travel can be filled with humor. And humor sells. I woke up with this idea today, and decided to run with it. 898 more words


It'll take more than creepy campaigns to increase visitor arrivals to Thailand

I came across what I think is a new blog called Cross Channel Talk recently that has an interesting post on “Selling Nationalism”. The post discusses the concept of promoting the national identity to drive up visitor numbers. 302 more words


People have relationships with people, not with ideas, not with programs.

Few are the opportunities one gets to meet the future head on, face to face. And fewer are the opportunities to be part of shaping that future. 413 more words


A social experiment in Baghdad

Not many businesses would risk leaving their goods unattended on the street – Well, that’s exactly what one company in Baghdad did…

Ice Pack is a famous Ice Cream and desert parlour which attempted a brave, and very creative, social experiment, to see how many people would pay for their products if they were left unattended for self service in public. 156 more words

Nation Branding

Liberland, the world's newest micro-nation, is already a leader in nation branding

Not a single state has officially recognized the Free Republic of Liberland, the world’s newest self-declared country. But with a bright yellow flag in the ground, the Czech politician and former financial analyst Vít Jedlička staked his claim on a 7-square-kilometer (2.7-square-mile) patch of  973 more words

Branding Bangladesh for Tourism: This Is What I Never Thought

During the weekend, a colleague who is working here in Bangladesh for some time, went to the sea in southeastern Cox’s Bazar with his family. “A great relief after the countrywide blockade and anti-government movement and this is for the first time that I have travelled outside the capital with my family,” as he said. 347 more words

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