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Can Brand Trudeau Help Shape Brand Canada?

In September of 2009, John A. Quelch and Katherine E. Jocz penned an article titled “Can Brand Obama Rescue Brand America?” In this article, the authors postulate that the traits associated with brand Obama may help bolster the international image of America which, following the Bush presidency, was that of a polluting, greedy militaristic empire. 1,721 more words

A Missed Opportunity: China’s Use of Digital Diplomacy during the G20 Summit

Earlier this month, China hosted the leaders of the G20 countries for their annual summit. International summits have traditionally played an important role in diplomacy. On the one hand, summits hold ceremonial or dramatic importance as they demonstrate one of diplomacy’s function in international relations- ensuring stability and peace. 1,433 more words

Repositioning Turkish Brand after the Coup Attempt

When I accepted to serve as Academic Observer for The Place Brand Observer, I created a list of topics for all my posts for the upcoming six months. 79 more words

Nation/Place Brading

Hallåååå eller

Going to Gothenburg is really special. Going to Stockholm does not feel like going abroad but Gothenburg gives me back the foreign feeling. I don’t know how the trains run, I don’t know how far it is to the airport and I have no idea where the good cafés are. 424 more words

Let's talk about rice.....

The inspiration for this post is a combination of the Asian love for rice, a fabulous Vietnamese restaurant in London and the increasing importance of heritage branding of Asian commodity exports. 1,038 more words

Brand Strategy

Budweiser thinks it can rename itself "America"

Does Budweiser embody America?

Seeking to capitalize on patriotic fervor for the 2016 Olympic games, Budweiser announced yesterday plans to temporarily change its name to “America.” 235 more words

Is place branding a real discipline?

In my second post on the Place Brand Observer, I looked at place branding as an academic discipline. I was quite glad to see that the post already generated some discussion on the Observer’s… 30 more words

Nation/Place Brading