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The graphic designer behind Wes Anderson’s "The Grand Budapest Hotel"

If you follow the paper trail in Wes Anderson’s astutely visualized The Grand Budapest Hotel, the path will lead to Annie Atkins.

Atkins is the film’s lead graphic designer responsible for making all the graphic props to vivify the fictitious Alpine state called the… 347 more words

I miss Carl Gustaf and Silvia

I am back in the city where they sell peas in the candy section. Yes, that was the most striking thing tonight as I strolled through the well-known Coop store. 304 more words

Thoughts about Marketing: Nation Branding

Don’t worry when you are not recognized but strive to be worthy of recognition.

Abraham Lincoln

One of my dreams (unrealized so far) was to work for a project or institution which has as a main activity the image improvement of a population category or why not, of a nation.

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The New Acronym in US-Russian Relations is MAD: Mutually Assured Delegitimization

When studying the Cold War, one cannot help feeling overwhelmed by the amount of acronyms used by both the US and the USSR. From NATO and ICBMS (Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles) to SALT (Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty) and VOA (Voice of America), acronyms seem to have played a major role in this prolonged global conflict. 1,677 more words

China's World Expo pavilions embrace the "weird architecture" it is spurning at home

For six months starting on May 1st, Milan is hosting the World Expo, which has been held every five years since 1851 as a showcase for human progress. 428 more words

The impossible has happened: Air India has turned hipster

The Maharajah’s reincarnation happened over the weekend. Responding to prime minister Narendra Modi’s call for a redesign of the national airline’s mascot, Air India debuted a younger, slimmer Maharajah. 303 more words

Branding Albania

Mes 1912-s e 2014-s Shqipëria londineze e ka prekur disa herë pikën zero. Më herët, kur ishte nën ombrellën e Perandorisë Osmane, europianët dhe fqinjët i etiketonin shqiptarët me epitete përçmuese si turq, andollakë, të prapambetur etj. 1,440 more words

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