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Nation Branding - "a graphic negotiation with the past, present and future"

I have just attended a presentation by guest speaker, Javier Gimeno-Martínez (of VU University, Amsterdam), in which he spoke about how the branding of Belgian regions combines references to local history with hopes for the united EU future. 520 more words


America's Selfie in the Age of Trump

Note: This post first appeared on the Global Policy website

For over a decade the State Department has relied on social media sites to counter extremist narratives, engage in conversation with foreign publics and shape the global diplomatic agenda. 1,554 more words

Digital Diplomacy

I think Sweden just won #Eurovision 2017

I know Portugal won the Eurovision Song Contest, but Sweden won the Eurovision. As I am obsessed (not only with Eurovision but also) with nation branding and perception, I look at the results from a branding perspective. 492 more words

Nation/Place Brading

Swedish designers created an adorable national brand identity for North Korea

There are no I ❤ North Korea bumper stickers, no shot glasses with North Korean city names. But imagine a reality where the 69-year-old totalitarian state was a free and open country that welcomed tourists to frolic in its streets. 247 more words

Nation Branding!? Afinal o que é?

A realidade económica e social do mundo, é caracterizada por um nível complexo de dependência, competição e cooperação entre as nações.

Nation Branding, neste contexto, funciona como um mecanismo estratégico, cujo objectivo é melhorar a competitividade e o desenvolvimento do território, através de acções que podem impactar positivamente na diferenciação, comunicação das suas vantagens competitivas do território. 277 more words


Another Analysis of Turkish Referendum: A New Turkish Brand?

As  my beloved home country, Turkey, has just voted “yes” on proposed constitutional changes that made current president Recep Tayyip Erdogan pretty much president until 2029* and gave him extensive powers that will (I guess) enable him to enact all the policies he did not have the resources to enact  – despite being in politics since 1983, an elected official from 1994 to 1998, and controlling the executive branch since 2002, controlling the executive branch with little to no opposition from the legislative branch since 2007, with little to no opposition from the judiciary branch since 2010. 602 more words


Judging a Country by Its Logo: Gestalt Principles in Nation Branding

It is said that we should never judge a book by its cover. We shouldn’t make prejudgments based on the outside. However, images and illustrations make publications and ads more interesting. 1,272 more words

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