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Did the Thirty Glorious Years Actually Exist?

Okay, I am going for a flashy title here. I should have asked whether the Thirty Glorious were as glorious as they are meant to be.  484 more words


New thoughts on US wealth inequality: Not simply asset price inflation but high savings and the capitalist spirit

My latest paper in the International Journal of Political Economy (Taylor & Francis)  is now up. This link leads to gated access. Amongst other things, I have developed a simple accounting formula to capture synthetic savings within fractiles. 176 more words

Should productivity be a public policy target for Northern Ireland?


Northern Ireland (NI) recently launched its consultation on a draft Programme for Government (PfG). The document is a wide ranging framework to achieve a better society in NI containing a range of economic, social and policy objectives. 1,738 more words


Rewriting history: understanding revisions to UK GDP

Seeing into the future is always difficult. But in the world of macroeconomics, just trying to look at the past can be a challenge. Official estimates of economic growth in the UK are regularly revised, so forecasts for growth over the next year have to be made on the basis of an ever-changing report card for the previous year. 1,502 more words


Working Paper: A Dataset on Comparative Historical National Accounts

Ca. 1870-1950, A Time-Series Perspective

ABSTRACT: This paper accompanies the Historical National Accounts datahub which presents an overview of the currently available studies on long-term economic growth across countries. 293 more words

Twentieth Century

National Accounts Report 2015

The CSO has updated its benchmark year to 2011 and revised and rebased the GDP time series for the years 2000 to 2011. Key results can be found here:  101 more words

National Accounts

Mountain Or Molehill?

As market bears know all too well, one of the world’s crushing problems at present is China, and everything connected thereto. At the height of the panic… 726 more words