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8 Mar 2018 (AFR) - Productivity falls for first time in 7 years

(8 March 2018, AFR, p6, by Geoff Winestock)

‘The economy is adding lots of jobs but not many of them are highly paid or very productive, according to the national accounts. 68 more words

1.Market Observations

Not just r > g but r + q >> g: Piketty meets Ricardo in the long run of Indian history

Wealth-income ratios are rising everywhere – they are not cyclical but rather unambiguously upward trending for the past three decades. Put simply, the accumulation of wealth is outpacing economic growth. 1,514 more words

Political Economy

Brexit economic news you will not read in the Daily Express UK or Daily Mail!

Regular readers of this blog and followers on Twitter know that I am always very sceptical about tabloid headlines suggesting that Brexit Britain enjoys some sort of economic boom since the disastrous referendum vote in June 2016 to leave the European Union, the largest free trading block in the world and right on the UK’s doorstep, not the other end of the world! 997 more words


The UK gets an upgrade and a downgrade in a single day

The weekend just past saw plenty of action but my concentration is on Friday. As you see there were two clear events which operated in opposite directions in terms of views on the UK economy.  1,283 more words

General Economics

7 Sept 2017 (AFR) - Wage growth going backwards - Little sign of wage growth despite RBA optimism

(7 September 2017, AFR, p4, by David Marin-Guzman)

‘Wage growth is showing no sign of the increases the Reserve Bank of Australia is banking on, with average employee compensation going backwards and hourly pay growth at record lows. 57 more words

1.Market Observations

7 Sept 2017 (TheAge) - National Accounts show GDP buoyed by spending unsupported by wages

(7 September 2017, The Age, p7, Peter Martin)

‘Household spending is growing faster than household income, and has been for five quarters; the longest unsupported boom in spending since before the global financial crisis. 58 more words

1.Market Observations

THE ‘COFFEE’S FOR CLOSERS’ ROLE – (OTE: $115,000 - $120,000+)

“Put that coffee down … coffee’s for closers”!

You won’t find too many sales people who haven’t seen this infamous movie … and while Alec Baldwin was more than a bit ‘over-the-top’ in this 1992 classic about unmotivated sales people … his message definitely resonates with every sales professional. 360 more words