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Sharpton Has ‘Mixed Feelings’ Over Bratton’s Resignation

After Police Commissioner Bill Bratton’s surprise announcement that he will retire in September, Rev. Al Sharpton said he had “mixed feelings” about the sudden departure of the city’s top cop—but wants to meet “immediately” with his replacement, Chief of Department James O’Neill.  681 more words

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Controlling Your Anger at Work-Before it Controls You

Anger can be a healthy, natural response to these difficulties. However it’s when you let the anger get out of control that it goes from being a natural, healthy emotion, to wreaking havoc in… 9 more words

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Al Sharpton sued for $1.75m over claims he swindled trucker who asked for help with discrimination case

From Daily Mail: Civil rights leader Race Hustler Rev. Al Sharpton has been accused of swindling an Arizona trucker out of $16,000 after he agreed to take on his discrimination case, according to a lawsuit. 793 more words


Troy Davis is dead; the movement continues ...Rashad Robinson, ColorOfChange.org

At 11:08 pm Wednesday, the state of Georgia killed Troy Davis. Just before he was executed, Troy maintained his innocence, urged people to dig deeper into the case to find the truth, and said “For those about to take my life, may God have mercy on your souls, may God bless your souls.” It’s a tragic day for Troy, for his family, and for equality, fairness, and justice. 964 more words

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After Weekend Race Rant, Al Sharpton Wants 'Coming Together' in Rangel's District

The Rev. Al Sharpton backpedaled on a fiery, racially-tinged speech he made on Saturday and called for an end to “acrimony and rancor” in Congressman Charles Rangel’s district, a day after… 760 more words

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'Negroes You Ain't Never Seen Before': Al Sharpton Tears Into Race for Rangel Seat

The Rev. Al Sharpton breathed fire into the red-hot race for retiring Congressman Charles Rangel‘s seat—using a weekly live address to endorse Rangel’s favored successor and to blast “political gentrification,” “new leadership” and “negroes you ain’t never seen before.” 538 more words

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... Bastard !! [#al sharpton]...

.. how else do you think about this guy ..

.. he is a race – hustling poverty pimp . Why POTUS associates with him and gives him credibility , I can never understand … 78 more words

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