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Attack on Education has Undermined our Democracy by Thomas Martin Saturday

The outbreak of teacher’s strikes in several red states where unions are suppressed highlights how much not only teachers, but the survival of public education itself–even our democracy, is on the line.   941 more words

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Things I Don't Understand: Trump's Stormy Week

It is impossible to pay attention to national news without being bombarded with the Stormy Daniels situation.  For those just now exiting your underground survival bunker (and goodness knows there is good reason to go into one) Stormy Daniels is a porn star who is speaking out about her, uh, interaction with Donald Trump a number of years ago.  935 more words

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The Revolution; Amalgamation of Blood and sweat

“ Intensity of agony defines the nature of outcome”.

It takes a myriad sacrifice and altruistic endeavors of masses to carve a land out where inhabitants practice their beliefs without fearing any and neither do they slam anyone for not following the same doctrine as they do, where life and property protection be provided unequivocally, where health and education pop up prior to war and contention on the priority list, where citizens enjoy their rights and assets of state unconditionally, regardless of their Creed and Ideas, and where every kind of abuse, be it Power, Child, sexual, economic or emotional abuse, be discouraged. 463 more words

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"Not economy but politics is a real cause of success"

1- Introduction
Everything cycles around and starts with Politics as it brings in heads who formulate Institutions. Institutions in return venture out to grasp enlightened souls to work for the polities to help design economic plans.  272 more words

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Major Disputes Of Pakistan


  1. Kashmir Dispute
  2. Durand Line Dispute
  3. Sir Creek Dispute
  4. Water Dispute: Pak-Afghanistan, Pakistan-India


Since Its inception, Pakistan started to encounter her traditional rival, India, in one way or the other. 1,013 more words

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Trumpism and GOP Ideology Foe of the Common Good by Thomas Martin Saturday

When Donald Trump painted a picture of dark carnage and apocalypse at his inauguration a year ago Americans rightly discerned something was deeply wrong. Nowhere was the youthful optimism of the American character or waxing eloquent on the promise of American democracy to be found in the speech. 1,180 more words

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