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End of the Yellow-rumped Warbler?

A few years ago I was at Strawbridge Lake during spring migration. I was newer to birding so my identification skills were pretty limited; I was still very reliant on my field guide. 650 more words

Protect the Puffins

Hello my friends! Today I wanted to share a petition from the National Audubon Society related to the Atlantic Puffin and other marine birds/creatures. It’s for the creation of of a Marine National Monument in the Atlantic Ocean. 592 more words

YouTube Star Joey Graceffa Releases New "Baby Bird" Video w/ Nat'l Audubon Society

YouTube Star Joey Graceffa teamed up with the National Audubon Society to create a video, launching today, that illustrates to viewers of all ages what they can do if they find baby birds that have fallen out of their nests.  91 more words

Green Living

Tennessee Birds Will Have to Suck It Up

Since we arrived in Tennessee last October, Susan had been wanting a bird feeder and bird bath for the front porch area. My first idea was to make a bird feeder. 772 more words


National Audubon Society Denies Responsibility for CTE in Woodpeckers

By Thinkbrain

March 30th, 2016

RACINE, WI – Recent reports coming out of the Midwest are showing alarming amounts of CTE cases in woodpeckers. In some regions, such as Racine, 68% of woodpecker deaths can be linked to CTE and concussion-related symptoms. 275 more words


Conservation and Condors

Before telling you about California Condors, I wanted to share a petition from the National Audubon Society. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is trying to create a new wildlife refuge throughout 6 states in the Northeast called Great Thicket NWR. 512 more words

Bird Man of America

“A true conservationist is a man who knows
that the world is not given by his fathers,
but borrowed from his children.”
John James Audubon… 659 more words