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This one time...at Bird Camp...

For me, I’m off the coast of Bremen, Maine, where temperatures reach a high of about 45 degrees. It might not be a tropical or exotic destination, but for me, its paradise. 2,122 more words


Count the Birds

These past few days have been part of the Great Backyard Bird Count; tomorrow is the last day for this year. The weather has been crazy and it has definitely affected when the birds have shown up to my backyard feeding stations!! 229 more words


Ready to Count Some Birds?

Are you ready for the Great Backyard Bird Count? It’s only a few days away!

The 21st annual Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC) is Friday, February 16 to Monday, February 19. 261 more words

The Great Backyard Bird Count

Wherever you are in the world, are you able to participate in this?

As first seen on the EarthSky site.


Great Backyard Bird Count February 16–19… 772 more words



PIERRE, S.D. – Millions of novice and accomplished bird watchers can make their love of nature count for science during the 21st Annual Great Backyard Bird Count. 156 more words


Happy Bird Day!

Today, January 5, is National Bird Day! It’s a day to celebrate the lives of our avian friends and promote awareness of critical issues that birds face. 208 more words

The Birds of West Harlem

Since I moved to West Harlem last winter, there have been several bird murals that consistently catch my eye on my daily wanderings. One, placed just by the nearby subway station, greets me as I return home every evening; another huge, vibrant display looms over a gas station a ten minute walk north, and I make it a point to walk by if I’m on my way to anything in the area. 302 more words