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Manhattan Town Hall event with Diane Sare, Jason Ross and Hal Cooper

Diane Sare, Jason Ross and Hal Cooper use the advances in economic science developed by Lyndon LaRouche to get to the core of what really makes economic growth, and the the policies needed to foster it. 64 more words


Without Joining In Asia's New Silk Road, Trump Is Facing A Financial Crash

President Donald J. Trump walks down the West Colonnade of the White House | January 3, 2018


President Donald Trump’s administration cannot miss any more opportunities if it is going to carry out the intention for which, above all else, Americans elected him: To get the United States out of endless foreign wars, and rebuild and reindustrialize the nation. 1,076 more words


New Edition: New Pictures and New Tunnel Finds


Extended Introduction, New Tunnel Finds, Expanded History of the Real Murder Behind the Game Clue, The Tale of the Second Witchcraft Hysteria of 1811, Truth Behind our Nation’s Banking History! 124 more words

Strange Places

Infrastructure Investment Breaks Back into Trump's Agenda

Immediate funding for protective and productive infrastructure projects, in multiple U.S. states and in Puerto Rico, has forced its way back onto President Donald Trump’s plans as he prepares for an 11-day trip to Asia which includes a crucial summit with President Xi Jinping in China. 642 more words


Vintage Salem Morning!

Salem Common. The largest house in the center is the home of Senator Nathaniel Silsbee, now the home of the Knights of Columbus. This home was purchased from bribes by Joshua Bates, an agent for Barring Brothers Bank, to lobby for the creation of The Second Bank of the United States. 169 more words

Salem MA

Give Americans Some Credit

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchen being sworn in at the Oval Office. (photo V.P. Mike Pence’s Twitter)


Given leadership, Americans are rejecting the British-initiated attempt to “coup” President Trump, force him out of office by impeachment, resignation, or even assassination because he wants cooperation with Russia and China. 594 more words


Gulliver Travels to Manhattan—Only LaRouche's Four Laws & China's BRI Can Solve Manhattan Infrastructure Crisis

Construction under Grand Central Terminal. March 10, 2016. Photo: Metropolitan Transportation Authority / Patrick Cashin

by Diane Sare

On Tuesday, “top experts” on New York City infrastructure were assembled to participate on two panels at the… 2,056 more words