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'dwellers' is best novel finalist for the national book awards, and other writing news

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A Bottle Of Storm Clouds

In the E-Book Economy, Big Authors Lose Money to Big Publishers Losing Ground

Readers might think that buying an electronic copy of an author’s book on their Kindle delivers more profit to writers. After all, the marginal cost to a publisher for each e-book is effectively zero (that is, the cost to publish an additional unit). 961 more words


The Other NBA: Publishers and Writers Play Ball

This weekend, basketball got bookish. On a muggy Saturday afternoon in Downtown Brooklyn, some of the city’s biggest names in writing and publishing took it to the court for “The Other NBA” — billed as “the greatest basketball in literary history” — raising about $6,000 for the National Book Foundation. 667 more words


“Love, Nina: Despatches from Family Life” by Nina Stibbe (2013) – book review

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. HAHAHA.  Laugh-out loud funny. Thank you for the recommendation, S.

Not since the original Bridget Jones hit the shelves back in 1996 has a book made me cackle so merrily. 629 more words

Book Reviews

There Needs to be an Oscars Ceremony for Books

Before I start, yes, I know there are already slews of awards for books. There is even the National Book Awards, which has all kinds of categories and a ceremony every year. 542 more words

Artz on Books - Elizabeth is Missing


I’m Rebecca and I’ll be reviewing some books for you!  I will be reading a variety of novels (classic and modern) so if you like reading keep watch and see what comes about. 283 more words


On Writing: Who -- and What -- to Write For?

I’ve accomplished enough today so that now I feel justified sitting at my desk to write a post. This doesn’t mean I’ve actually accomplished the most I could have or made the best use of my time but simply that I got some important shit out of the way. 521 more words