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The War On Cancer

The war on cancer was declared in 1970 by then President Nixon. Are we any closer to a cure?

After the National Cancer Institute has spent more than 90 Billion dollars, and other cancer organizations spending countless additional dollars,  to find a cure for cancer, it still is no closer today than in 1971, when the National Cancer Act was signed. 204 more words


The battle against cancer: Step by step

As we wrap up 2011 and get ready for the new year, it’s heartening to know that step-by-step, chunk-by-chunk, the ugly disease of cancer is becoming less lethal and more manageable. 170 more words


Progress in Cancer Research

Progress in cancer research has delivered a molecular view of malignancy that reveals cancer to be many diseases requiring personalized care. Clara D. Bloomfield, MD, AML specialist, Distinguished University Professor at Ohio State and senior advisor to The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center — Arthur G. 32 more words

Medical Center News

In 40 Years of Cancer Research, How Far Have We Come?

I don’t normally write about anniversaries, but this one seems worth noting. It’s been 40 years since President Richard Nixon signed the National Cancer Act in 1971, the historic legislation that focused attention — and perhaps more importantly, government funding — on the need to research and find treatments for cancer. 744 more words


A Report on the 40 Year War with Cancer

Betsy de Parry, a woman who I’ve come to know through emails via a ACC (adrenocortical carcinoma) group, wrote this fantastic article explaining the war on cancer that Draper is not only doing their part to help, but just to give background on cancer as a whole. 48 more words