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Que sera Sarah? Cardinal Sins...

Cardinal Sarah is not funny…

Lifted from The National Catholic Reporter

“The Guinea native also appealed to all priests around the world to return to the pre-Vatican II custom of celebrating Mass versus orientem (facing East), or what is often called “priest with his back to the people”.

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Review: The Sacred Foodways of Film: Theological Servings in 11 Food Films

It was an absolute pleasure to read and review this book for the July 1-14, 2016 print edition of the National Catholic Reporter. After all, it’s about three of my favorite things, plus it’s authored by one of my favorite CTU professors, Antonio Sison, CPPS. 25 more words

Rejecting Imperial Violence By Rev. John Dear

Rejecting Imperial Violence, Rev. John Dear, submission to LA Catholic Worker, page 3



…sorta ironical how he’s been  invited by the Vatican to be a part of the exclusive discussion on how to get rid of ‘just war’ and institute ‘just peace’, hey?


arrogant catholics

Love is not boastful

It is important for Christians to show their love by the way they treat family members who are less knowledgeable about the faith, weak or less sure in their convictions.

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Pope Francis

A Young Priest Sets the Record Straight for the Catholic Left

This past week Sulpician Fr. Phillip J. Brown, rector of the Theological College, the national diocesan seminary of the Catholic University of America, thought it a good idea to grant an interview to the dissident media outlet the… 779 more words


a Holy Saturday author

Catholic authors help us accept frustrations in the world of faith is very interesting article by Bill Tammeus at the National Catholic Reporter. It has left me wanting to learn more about about Makoto Fujimura’s and Shusaku Endo’s books. 130 more words


francis speaks out against clericalism...again!

Pope Francis continues to make daily head-lines that excite this liberal heart. Here’s one from yesterday, written by NCR’s Joshua J. McElwee,

Francis: Spirit works in laypeople, ‘is not property of the hierarchy’ 518 more words

Pope Francis