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So Sorry, San Diego!

My sincere apologies to San Diego. While we weren’t thrilled about Auxiliary Bishop McElroy being an annoying, backstabbing kind of guy in our area, we really weren’t looking to inflict him on anyone else, either, much less have him elevated to any real public area.  1,260 more words


The Door is Closed, Joan! Stop Banging Your Head on It!

Hey NcR, are you even trying to be Catholic anymore? I guess that’s rhetorical.

First, thanks to “Joan Chittister” for dropping “Sister” from her byline. It has really been a blight on good sisters everywhere. 3,590 more words


George Neumayr: "we have seen the future under progressivism and it clearly doesn’t work"

George Neumayr about progressivism in a 2014 article on Lifesite News:

“The English author George Orwell wrote that “political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.” In the history of manipulative political language, the term “progressive” surely occupies a high place.

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Charasma: Clinton’s Brother from Another Mother

Please, do not read this while drinking, or your electronic device is toast! My husband sent it to me, but I hadn’t had time to read it before he got home. 1,133 more words

BLOGPOST: ‘Hate’ Mail and the Pope

“When you get to know someone on a human level, see that they are human just like you and have similar struggles and the same deepest yearnings, you cannot hate them.” Archbishop Salvatore J. 595 more words

So That The World May Believe

Olive's Vision of God | National Catholic Reporter

Source: Olive’s Vision of God | National Catholic Reporter

I loved this article about Olive and images of God. I’ve been dealing with issues of gendered language in the church for decades and caught flack for setting a text in which God, portrayed as Wisdom, is feminine, even though the text was biblical. 10 more words


#PPSellsBabyParts - Should We Really Need to Say More, NcR?

The Catholic church should partner with Planned Parenthood to reduce abortions (http://www.donotlink.com/gihf)

Let’s just let this National catholic Reporter title sink in for a bit before I start my rant.

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