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Ohio State's Conundrum at Quarterback

As the offense breaks from the huddle and lines up in the “Victory Formation,” the quarterback looks around the stadium and gazes upon a seemingly endless ocean of fans bearing the team’s colors. 646 more words

Big Ten

Rip Hamilton Officially Announces his Retirement from the NBA

I think I speak for everyone when I say, “He wasn’t retired already?”

Rip hasn’t played in the NBA since the 2012-2013 season, so no disrespect to my main man Richard Hamilton (cause he was a baller), but you’ve BEEN retired. 114 more words

Casey S. Gutting

Major Article, the 1st you see at the top of Google Search : Georgia Bulldogs' Football. It says that Mark Richt must make legitimate his recruiting rankings by winning.

Mark Richt is NOT getting the job done, despite his recruiting.  He just isn’t.  I believe he does not care about winning, because this is exactly what he told us just a few scant weeks’ ago now.  1,113 more words

Schizophrenic Years Bring Bad Losses

Don't you ever give up

November 3rd, 2012

Notre Dame vs. Pittsburgh, 4th quarter with 4:00 left on the clock. Score ND-12, Pitt-20. My stomach dropped. For the first time that year I thought, “There goes our undefeated season. 319 more words

National Championship preview

It may be the first of many to come but this College Football Playoff has been exciting from the very beginning and is definitely an improvement to the old system. 1,173 more words


Southern Football and Crazy Competitiveness

There is so much material I could go into on this topic but maybe I’d better give the skeptics (usually male) some background on my wealth of knowledge about college football in the South. 979 more words