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Virginia takes 2nd NCAA men's team tennis title in 3 years

WACO, Texas (AP) — Virginia’s Mitchell Frank has played the deciding match for a national championship before, and with much more urgency than the Cavaliers faced in pursuit of their second NCAA men’s team tennis title. 490 more words


Croatian championship olympic distance

I raced two times during the past weekend. On Saturday I had national championships in olympic distance triathlon, and on the next day team-relay championships. 319 more words


3 UNH women's track & field athletes compete for national championships

WEST HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Three members of the University of New Haven women’s track and field team will compete for national championships this week. Sprinter Ada Udaya and triple jumpers Briana Conyers and Tiara Mitchell left Tuesday morning for the Division II games in Indianapolis. 277 more words


Culture clash in Athens?

So here’s an observation from Seth Emerson in today’s Mailbag:

I am a huge believer in the “culture” of football programs shaping success. That is largely led by coaching staffs and coordinators, and sometimes strong player-leaders.

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Georgia Football

Thomas Brown UGA reblogged this on Georgia Bulldogs' Blog and commented:

There is a good read here today, with lots of great comments every one of which says that we need to change the culture where the head coach says that here at Georgia we adhere to something far higher than winning. Winning is everything, and nothing else matters. We have all resigned ourselves to inexplicable losses every year with this culture the head coach promotes both on the sidelines and his dogged determination that God Called him to a higher Calling than winning he says to us all again and again and in those exact words. We have not beat the teams away from Sanford after 2007 like we did until 2007 who ended those seasons as in fact top 25 teams. We have not beat the teams who that season went on to a bowl game after 2007, as we did prior. Through it all, we have recruited very well. The head coach does not care about winning, and this is the reason why the latest current 7-year period has seen us post 29 losses, with seven times 4 losses average per season being only 28 losses instead. Always it is someone else who has to bring us this change in culture here that our head football coach has to see winning as everything, and nothing else matters. Our Savior. Wake up Mark Richt ! This is bull shit that you actually just told us what we've all known for years now, that you do not feel that winning is important at all. Just tell us how great it is to average 9 dot wins and more than 4 losses a season for 7 years now and counting in 15-game seasons for the top teams. We're not one of the elite programs, have not been for years now, and it is because of the lack of consistency in intensity from our head coach, mimicked by his players and by his coaching staff. Just imagine with now over 100 of our Rivals having a Special Teams coach that here at Georgia, a trophy for everyone, we play our walk-ons on Special Teams who are competing against the absolute damn stars of our Rivals. Hell, we still did not even practice Special Teams at the G-Day Game again this season. Such bullshit. Recruiting goes along merrily, as do all these inexplicable losses every year to lesser-talented teams. 86 NFL Draft Picks in Mark Richt era 2001-2015 is the 2nd best nationally. # 8 average Scout.com recruiting rankings 2001-2015 also is 2nd best nationally. Both to Southern California. And, while the average number of years the head coach was at the school who won the actual national championship this entire Mark Richt era, on his watch, is just 3 years, Mark Richt starts his 15th now without one because of this. The average Scout.com recruiting ranking for the actual in fact national champions on the Mark Richt watch is # 8. So, why can't we win ? And, by God, why are the fans of this program still talking about how friqin' great we are ? Why do we see some of our main Rivals play 8 home games in a season, and we insist as a fan base to want to go to a hellhole of a city in November no less when our head coach Mark Richt (5-9 vs FU) says he and his recruits are at a disadvantage in JAX ? If coaching is getting more from less, here at Georgia, we recruit the best talent and do the damn worst job in the nation of coaching them. How in the hell did we just lose to 3 more lesser-talented teams, Georgie tek, South Carolina and Florida ? Who did we prepare to lead us this season to some different higher calling ? We have once again failed to prepare a QB for the up-coming season, another recurring theme around here along with being told the QB we did see exclusively really once again, is better than those who in fact went on to the NFL as QB. Again and again, always the same. We play Favorites. We spend every off-season studying the schedule and say, well, we can beat all these teams because we have better talent, and then list the games we as a fan base consider the important therefore games. Then, we lose more than 4 games a season average for 7 years now. We were # 89 in Passing Offense last season, yet none of these 3 studs at QB was given anything but mop-up duty, none told get your butt out there and win. GATA. Friq, the damned head coach doesn't give a shit about GATA. He really told us now finally that he does not care about winning - that here at Georgia there is something far more important than winning that we do here at Georgia. Freaking dumb shit. The problem we as fans have here at Georgia, is that every one of us Loves Mark Richt. Great guy, fantastic recruiter - but, a guy who held himself back with the coaching staff nothing more than a prayer meeting circle for all these years - and, who ultimately did this to us because he really does not think that winning is everything and nothing else matters.

Allegany College of Maryland Golf Team Finishes Season Strong

Maryland JUCO Conference Championship
The ACM Golf team competed in the Maryland JUCO Conference Championship on Thursday April 30th at South River Country Club in Edgewater, MD.  269 more words

ACM Golf Team

Minnesota to bid for college football championship game

On Tuesday, Gov. Mark Dayton and state business leaders will announce a bid for Minnesota to play host to the NCAA Championship college football game in an upcoming year. 165 more words


The Rose Bowl will likely never host a College Football Playoff title game

The list of potential host sites for the College Football Playoff title game continues to shrink, and the latest host city to pull plans on a bid for the game is one of the cities we would have thought to be favored to get one of the games. 205 more words

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