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A Ministry of disappointing people

I don’t want to start this new blog off with a moan. So please don’t feel misled by the title. But I am oft to wonder if the ministry of an Anglican priest is more often than not a ministry of disappointment. 874 more words

Church Of England

Seven Bishops

Background: In 1688 the growing crisis caused by James II, a Roman Catholic sovereign over the church of England, came to a head. James II, alongside his catholic clients, were using Indulgences granted to religious Dissent to divide Churchmen from their Presbyterian and Independent counterparts. 4,270 more words


UE General Convention

This year my family had opportunity to attend the UECNA’s 2014 General Convention. There was an anticipation this Convention would have a tremendous bearing upon the future of the continuing church. 2,320 more words

St. Louis Affirmation

Huffington Post: Faith Schools - Whose Education Is It Anyway?

According to a comprehensive new study undertaken by the Church of England to discover the factors related to spiritual and numerical church growth, our ‘National Church’ is in decline because generations of church goers are not being replaced. 138 more words

Schaff on Non-Establishment

A Prussian immigrae, Phillip Schaff (1819-1893) was committed to the idea of uniting Lutheran and Reformed churches which began in Germany under the aegis of Prince Frederick William IV. 1,301 more words

National Church

20,000 Churches Pledge to Participate in 'National Back to Church Sunday'.

More than 20,000 churches will participate in National Back to Church Sunday on Sept. 15. (David Amsler/Flickr/Creative Commons)

Event organizers announced Wednesday more than 20,000 churches will participate in  620 more words

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