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The obstinate Europeans

Although a lot of people in Britain are becoming increasingly exercised whether to remain in the EU or leave when they vote in the coming referendum — whenever it’s going to be.  224 more words

Ideas that add up #182

British artist Benjamin Haydon left a superb picture of these ‘old sweats’ when he saw them at Fontainebleau in 1814, wearing the correct uniform, ‘seamed with scars, elegant,’ 276 more words


Ideas that add up #106

The relative absence in the Chinese tradition of Western-style teleology that assumes a given “end” has encouraged the perception among Western historians that the Chinese, with libraries of carefully recorded yet seemingly random detail, are inadequate chroniclers of their own past. 178 more words

National Cultures

Ideas that add up #104

A Portuguese professor has pilloried as “one of the most rigid and rotten societies in Europe, possibly the world”. In his book, Bifes Mal Passados* 166 more words

National Cultures

Sidewalk Cafe

Sidewalk Cafe is a ongoing series of videos designed to allow you some people watching in places you don’t know or haven’t been to in a while. 275 more words

"The public says...": mobilising opinions and publics

By Helen Pallett

A recent report authored by researchers at the University of Nottingham has indicated a shift in public opinion in Britain against the controversial practice of ‘fracking’, following the high profile protests in Balacombe, Sussex . 741 more words

Social Geography

Italian leave-taking rituals

20.10.12 journal while in Morgex

I can think of only two aspects of living in Italy that I find intolerable: Italian TV, and Italian leave-taking rituals, which take between 20-30 minutes during which everyone seems to talk to each another more than they have done all evening. 168 more words

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