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The Rebel of French Culture is dead: long live Johnny

The stage lights went dark on December 5, 2017, for a certain septuagenarian labeled “the greatest rock-star unknown outside France”. Johnny Hallyday on that day perhaps got his wish to come face to face with his mysterious Marie, to whom he dedicated a song of despair and hope on his 60th birthday. 503 more words

National Cultures

A mini-checklist for comparing national cultures: conversation rules, workplace behaviours and socks

I grew up with a British father and an Italian mother, and I remember my father often complaining about the “Zanesi conversations” he had to sit through at mealtimes with  my mother’s relatives, (the Zanesi’s), in Italy. 1,801 more words

Learning English

Will Muslim Customs Overpower Western Customs?

Swiss law imposes a stiff fine on children who refuse to shake hands with their teachers … a century-old custom that Muslim immigrants see as an affront to their religion, which does not allow physical contact with the opposite sex unless it takes place within the family context. 162 more words

National Cultures