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The Elements of Music: How can we use them to discuss 'interest' in a piece of music?

This post concerns the elements of music, and the ways in which they are prioritised to indoctrinate interest in a piece of music. How can we use the elements that for most are so familiar, to begin to analyse popular music? 289 more words


Time For A Major Overhaul Of Britain's Education System!

Once again we are shown how the education system in Britain is failing our youth. It’s no wonder we have so many unemployed young people when many school-leavers cannot read or write properly, as is so often reported. 576 more words


Labour's manifesto for education

a comment by Terry Wrigley

Teachers’ votes on Thursday will be influenced by various factors. Many will vote on social justice principles to remove the most vicious features of Austerity politics. 817 more words


The Importance of Financial Education

It was only up until the start of this school year in September 2014, that financial education became a compulsory part of the English National Curriculum. 788 more words

UK Economy

So what exactly is Englicious?

As the ‘About’ section of this blog will tell you, the Grammarianism blog is linked to the Englicious website.

So what exactly is Englicious?

Englicious… 275 more words


‘Connective’: why it's best to avoid the term

In the new National Curriculum terminology has been dropped that teachers have been using for a long time, but it isn’t made clear why this has been done. 274 more words


Words can ever hurt me

Words have recently caused many casualties.

Whether they were in emails exchanged with the Murdochs and read to the Leveson Inquiry, or the horrifyingly hateful tweets of student… 643 more words