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Right and wrong answers in grammar tests

The schools minister Nick Gibb, who is responsible for the Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (GPS) tests that UK school children sit at ages 7 and 11, was asked a grammar question in a BBC Radio 4 news programme. 971 more words

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Expert Panel Members' Huge Misgivings on New National Curriculum

When I first wrote about the National Curriculum review a few days ago, I skated over the Expert Panel put in place by Michael Gove to lead on the construction and content of the new National Curriculum. 2,294 more words

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Deciding 'ability' and 'potential', or learning without limits

Alison Peacock is becoming very widely known, and rightly so, for her advocacy of learning without limits, and her challenge to core assumptions of the English education system with its constant sorting and ranking, ability tables and setting. 127 more words

Accountability Pressures

Dear Mr Cameron...

One of the parents who wrote these letters works as a family psychotherapist in a CAMHS setting (Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services) and has associated expertise in childhood anxiety and stress.  719 more words


Why a bit of drama is good for you.

Years of research show that involvement with the creative arts is closely linked to almost everything that parents say they want for their children: academic achievement, social and emotional development, life skills and equality of opportunity among other things. 1,058 more words

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Life After Levels

I was never a huge fan of assessing the work of students using the KS3 National Curriculum level descriptors. They were always designed to assess a pupil at the end of a key stage and give a very broad overview of what the pupil should be able to do. 505 more words


Everything goes back to the beginning...

Back in January 2011, the then Education Secretary Michael Gove gathered around him a panel of experts to undertake a major review of the National Curriculum in England. 731 more words

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