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Response to the Second Reading of Lord Soley's Home Education Bill in the House of Lords - November 2017

I have to be honest, I have written, deleted, rewritten and deleted this response a good many times. I have found it incredibly difficult to put over my thoughts in a coherent manner such is my strength of feeling on this issue. 3,597 more words

Is Religious Education Failing the Youth?

In your years at school, do you feel as if religious studies was very structured? Because I do, throughout both my primary and secondary years at school (2004 – 2016) the main religions taught were Christianity, and going into secondary school we began to touch on other… 371 more words


Learning Behaviours and Growth Mindset: The impact of a whole school initiative.

In September 2015, as part of my whole school research project following my Middle Leaders Training Programme, our school introduced what we called Learning Behaviours. Heavily influenced by Guy Claxton’s building learning powers, we used similar principles to create a bespoke model that met our exact needs at the time. 1,152 more words


Spirituality and Education – the spiritual classroom (Part 3)

What would a spiritual classroom look like? The first and most obvious difference between a truly spiritual classroom and the secular one is the role of the teacher, at least in theory. 735 more words


Spirituality and Education – education as a gateway to God (Part 2)

Is there a place for God in the English National Curriculum? Could that be the answer to the incoherence and search for direction that is occupying those in charge of designing our education system? 955 more words


Spirituality and Education - the incoherence of RE and the incoherence of education (part 1)

Before I became a school teacher, I used to flick through the Education pages of newspapers and read teachers’ complaints and criticisms of the changes to the curriculum or lack of direction in education. 418 more words


Moving to a whole class shared reading model.

Over the last few years, the raised expectation has hit all core subject in the primary curriculum; ask any primary practitioner and I’m pretty sure they’ll say that reading has been the biggest uphill struggle, both in terms of ensuring the attainment pupils make and the progress. 888 more words