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Every Child Matters - and the award goes to...

I think the best award ever given at my daughters school was the one for attendance. When the Headmaster asked for the person who had won the award to receive it…..they weren’t there. 252 more words


Coding Club

As you probably know computer coding is very much in the news at the moment. Learning to code, that is learning the language of instructing a computer to perform a particular purpose, is something that all children are now learning as part of the national curriculum. 166 more words


Self-Reflection Time - I Can Do This!

Self-reflection used to be something I did at the bottom of a Warsteiner after a long six months away with my mates.  Now, however, it is a little more constant than that and involves a lot less German lager! 540 more words


The Cordon Blues


‘Teenagers studying for a new GCSE in food preparation will have to know how to portion a chicken, fillet a fish and julienne vegetables, as well as make a variety of sauces from hollandaise and mayonnaise to veloute, bechamel and plain old gravy.

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General Rants And Raves

To the Rt. Hon. Nicky Morgan, MP, Secretary of State for Education.

At last: an email from a leading female figure in the Conservative Party. I am confident that, unlike your male colleagues who have been writing to me for the last four months (the PM, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Boris Johnson, etc.), you will reply to my reply! 1,186 more words

2015 General Election

The Exam Factory: Part 2

In my previous blog post I wrote about the pressure that 10YO is facing in her SATS year at school.  The more I think about the wider context, I can understand how this comes about in Year 6. 700 more words


Welcome to the Exam Factory

10YO has always loved school, but now that she’s in her final year of primary school, she’s starting to get very worried about whether she’s “making enough progress”. 533 more words