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The New Zealand Curriculum (history and context)

So much of many students’ long-term success and achievement in school is determined by the the trajectory they get on at the very beginning of their school careers, which in turn is determined in large part by their pre schooling experiences.   527 more words

Why we must take the National Curriculum out of ministers’ clutches

John White

Nicky Morgan has just rejected ASCL’s call for ‘a broad nationally defined core curriculum framework’ to be set by a curriculum commission at arm’s length from politicians. 855 more words

Education Policy

Spelling lists


I have spent the last few hours cutting out and laminating the 120 medium frequency words for Year 4. I am going to use these as the basis for morning activities e.g word in words, spelling sparkle, sensory spelling. 18 more words

Nice work if you can get it

Next student to see the teacher please!

Ah, do come in. Now what can I do for you today?

Well I was wondering if you had got my test results back yet? 590 more words

General Rants And Raves

SecEd’s tips to tackle assessment

Our very lovely education strategist Mick Walker features in today’s SecEd. He talks about the scary world of life after levels, and shares his ideas on how you can grab the assessment bull by the horns. 15 more words


Every Child Matters - and the award goes to...

I think the best award ever given at my daughters school was the one for attendance. When the Headmaster asked for the person who had won the award to receive it…..they weren’t there. 252 more words


Coding Club

As you probably know computer coding is very much in the news at the moment. Learning to code, that is learning the language of instructing a computer to perform a particular purpose, is something that all children are now learning as part of the national curriculum. 166 more words