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Primary tests: a barrier to real learning

It is not surprising that the primary tests are causing anxiety. They are based on curriculum targets that are poorly matched to the age of the child. 862 more words

Accountability Pressures

Protecting children - from national tests

Pressure on children as well as teachers has been building up for years, but the new National Curriculum, established by Michael Gove, has tipped matters over the edge. 565 more words

Accountability Pressures

Curriculum and Assessment in English 3 to 19: A Better Plan

by John Richmond

The National Curriculum for English then…

In the late 1980s, when the idea of a National Curriculum was proposed, I welcomed the principle that all children and young people in state schools have a common entitlement to a range of knowledge, understanding, competences and skills in the major school subjects. 1,114 more words

Accountability Pressures

The Third Dimension*

I hear myself cry
As I wrestle the flat-pack
In systematic attack,
Opening the packaging,
Unavoidably ravaging
Nails, skin, good will and general environment… 195 more words

‘Her nose was straight with a soft tip at the end’ — Writing Race at School

by Clare Warner Follow @44paisley

The set texts for GCSE English literature still strongly favour the works of Anglo-British novelists, poets and playwrights above all others. 2,542 more words


Grammar in schools: some Q&As and a plea

Grammar was reintroduced into the National Curriculum (NC) for UK primary schools in the late 1980s, having disappeared from the curriculum for quite a long time. 1,958 more words

English Grammar

The Guardian: Too Many Male, White Author's in the National Curriculum

There are two predominant themes that consistently appear in The Guardian’s Opinions section. One is the criticism of Conservative party politics and the other is pushing  773 more words

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