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National Curriculum at Schools in Uganda

As part of our current research project, we have been learning about the National Curriculum in Uganda. It is different to the model that we follow in Europe. 165 more words

Educational Work

Music in the national news

So, Kodály was in the news this week! A school in Bradford has gone from failing, to the top 1% SATS results in the country, (not just top 10% as reported on the Guardian), and the head is crediting the innovative music approach that they have taken. 681 more words

Music Education

To educate: To draw out not to kick out

I am delighted that the governors of St Olaf’s have reversed their policy about those that their school is there to serve. Might this be one case where the diocese has played an important role in changing hearts and minds? 500 more words


Primary Computing Scheme - 10 ways our new version could help your school.

As the beginning of the 2017/18 school fast approaches, Herts for Learning is happy to be releasing its newest version of our popular Primary Computing Scheme… 860 more words


Will anything but a boycott stop the tests?

The Reclaiming Schools network has played a significant role in exposing the damage caused by high-stakes testing, including our pamphlet ‘The Mismeasurement of Learning… 1,703 more words

Accountability Pressures

New guidance on improving access for all

Helping people live healthier and more fulfilled lives is a cornerstone of our work, as described in our recently published Well Being Objectives.

In order to make this a reality for a wider range of our customers and the people of Wales, we have developed some new guidance for land managers on the principles of least restrictive access to the outdoors. 808 more words


Education in the United Kingdom: Key Facts

An introduction to the key features of the UK education system, including details of the Department for Education, OFSTED, key stages, exams, the National Curriculum, and some straightforward definitions of the different types of school in the UK. 1,013 more words