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Yoo-hoo Invisible Teeth, Where are you?

Teething. Three words: Shit. It. Sucks.

“Da, da, ahhhhh,” then tears–non-stop tears out of her dark baby brown eyes.

“What’s wrong?” I say, rocking her up and down, shushing while simultaneously doing squats. 682 more words

Proud Of My Frump

“Why do you still order maternity swimsuits?” My husband said eyeballing me as I slipped on the new polka-dotted swimsuit I got on amazon to see if it fit. 649 more words

Don't Handle The Holidays Like Tickle-Me-Elmo

I gazed over at the table set-up buffet style in the kitchen examining what I was going to eat at this break-the-fast feast. There was a brown basket filled to the brim with bagels: two cinnamon raisin, four everything, the rest plain–at least that’s what I made out from my view. 622 more words

Pro-Anorexia Sites Are Selling Bracelets To Promote Eating Disorders

Its makers are making money off of mental illness. 1. This is a pro-anorexia bracelet. View this image ” According to its makers, “the pro-ana bracelet is worn as a reminder of staying true to your diet, and also to meet other Ana’s. 9 more words


No more being quiet. Facing the battle of eating disorders.

Quiet has been my M.O. for the last 2 years of my life.  In the spring of 2014 I was diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa. I thought I was hiding it fairly well and before that I was in denial that it was even a problem.  2,058 more words


Body Dysmorphia Disorder is a Disability

As an April Fool’s day joke, the American Eagle Company, Aerie, which sells lingerie and apparel, launched their campaign #aerieMAN, featuring men commenting on their body positive attitude and dancing around in underwear. 247 more words

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Coffee: A Crash Course

Doesn’t the smell of fresh coffee just fill your soul with warmth? There’s a reason why we can’t start our day out right without it! Coffee is such an integral part of culture, since Americans drink it during business meetings, to help them stay alert for school, and, best of all, to socialize with friends. 1,555 more words