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United States Of America - Evil Empire On The Rise

6-minute video: Are escalations of false flags blaming Russia endgame moves? You’ve seen this coming: either ‘We the People’ win by lawful .01% arrests OR .01% psychopaths win by ending alternative media, imposing ‘1984’ & ‘Brave New World’ norms… 1,436 more words


ALERTE! Obama signe un nouveau décret ciblant directement la Russie

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Destroyer in Chief just brought tensions with Russia to an all new level
The Destroyer in Chief is evidently not done wrecking as much havoc as he can before (maybe) leaving the Oval Office to Donald Trump. 313 more words

Alerts | Wake-Up Calls

Climate Change Deniers vs Nutrition Deniers

Medicine has denied the science of nutrition since the earlier 1900s.  This because there is not a lot of money to be made from non-patentable nutrients.  869 more words

Vitamin D Battle

New Delhi's air is now so toxic, schools are closing and expats are fleeing 

The Indian government has declared a national emergency, as air pollution in its capital, New Delhi, has reached levels more than 16 times the safe limit. 816 more words


Is The US Government Preparing To Declare A National Emergency To Postpone The Elections? – Episode 1079

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Ken Rogoff pushing for negative interest rates and a cashless society.  The Fed has prepared the economy for a 50% market crash. US Congress says the enormous debt is now a national security issue. 156 more words


COMMUNICATIONS from the Bishop

No. 892               Diocese of Marbel, Philippines                  08 September 2016


President Rodrigo RoaDuterte signed Proclamation No. 55 declaring a state of National Emergency on account of lawless violence on Monday, 5 September 2016, before leaving for Laos for the ASEAN Summit. 76 more words

National Emergency

During A National Emergency Will You Be Able To Get Your Everyday Supplies? – Episode 1062

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Euro zone economic indicator shows people are pessimistic about the economy. The Italian people are giving up looking for a job. US Government says consumer confidence is way up but Gallup shows confidence is declining. 178 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence