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Amendment that will threaten people's liberty and freedom in France

Jamsheed Rizwani

Enshrining the state of emergency in the French  constitution…. when 441 out of the 570 MPs of the Assemblée Nationale (the lower house of the French Parliament) abstain from such a project, indeed will be a shame. 120 more words


Honduras declares emergency to fight Zika virus

The government of Honduras has declared a state of national emergency, saying it has recorded 3,649 suspected cases of Zika virus infections in less than three months. 73 more words

Breaking News on Flint: Obama Declares State of Emergency

We need to declare a national state of emergency for the systematic poisoning of our children, as President Obama has just done for the suffering families of Flint, Michigan. 430 more words


As communications become increasingly important to online life, and political expression, Homeland Security and law enforcement wield powerful new tools to regulate the signal and control the masses, particularly during crises. 725 more words

US News

Chennai Floods: Modi mocked and ‘Amma’ missing in action during emergency - Malay Mail

Modi became the object of mockery on social media after his press office released a doctored photo of him inspecting flood damage. For both him and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa Jayaram, the image of strong leadership created by their publicity machines was undermined. 740 more words

State of Emergency Declared in France after Paris Massacres

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Classic Terrorism or False Flag?

Civilians again pay the ultimate price!

The French President has declared a national state of emergency in France and closed the country’s borders after gunmen massacred more than 150 people and left many more injured in 7 coordinated attacks. 135 more words

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The Hand of Man

Where is our food security?

Why is our government failing to secure the future of our food?

Ireland stands on the brink of a potential famine should a national emergency happen! 9 more words