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Arroyo’s acquittal is an injustice done to Filipinos –Part ll

A few days ago I wrote Part l on the subject.

I expressed my disappointment and doubts about ex-president Arroyo’s innocence, thus, the title.

Part ll is a stark revelation and the reason why I am sharing this video with you. 53 more words


The Duterte phenomenon

As if winning the presidency was not phenomenal enough for one coming from Mindanao and a former mayor of Davao City, what is adding more to Rodrigo Duterte’s wonder in the country’s political world today are the dimensions by which he has been able to captivate the trust of the Filipinos and sustain his popularity in what he does for the country and its people. 488 more words


Lasting new dawn for Philippines with Duterte

Every president the Filipinos elected in the past always were described as ushering a new dawn for the country.

With great dismay every one of them ended their term with so much still to be desired in terms of growth and development for the country and improving the quality of life of the people. 418 more words


Cebu’s controversial Peter Lim

Cebu’s Peter Lim is not new to controversy.

Neither is Cebu’s Peter Lim an exemplary figure because of his illegal drug related activities which resulted to his being investigated by a House committee on drugs ten years ago. 291 more words


China’s utter arrogance

Despite the fact that the whole world knows now that China’s historical claim over almost all of the South China Sea through its nine-dash line configuration had been negated and nullified by no less than the UN Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague in its marine territorial dispute with the Philippines, still China has shown nothing but belligerence in the decision. 365 more words


Robredo is a square peg in Duterte’s round administration

I would like to think that Vice President Leni Robredo’s support of President Rodrigo Duterte’s leadership, the way she has been rallying others to do, is unconditional. 567 more words


The looming Duterte-de Lima verbal skirmish

The plan of Sen. Leila de Lima to investigate the killings emanating from the Philippine National Police’ s (PNP) relentless drive against illegal drugs operation around the country, purportedly in aid of legislation, is certainly inviting a verbal skirmish from President Rodrigo Duterte himself. 491 more words