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Victims of our own folly

As the May 9 national election draws near one can’t help feeling anxious about how it would be for the country and the Filipino people for the next six years. 365 more words


Duterte’s rape remark and poll standing

I was really expecting that the other presidential candidates will be ganging up on Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, after the latter made that unfortunate and unwarranted remarks or joke, as he claims it was, about the rape and murder of an Australian missionary in 1989, saying, “she was beautiful, I thought, the mayor should have been first’. 346 more words


Duterte now main target from other presidentiables

Nobody will refute that, and for a reason!

Latest opinion polls on preferred presidential candidate shows Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte now leading the pack and the way it looks it is gaining momentum by the day. 326 more words


Duterte’s timetable for ending criminality questioned

Coming straight from the horse’s mouth who has been there and done that, it only confirms what many doubting Thomas are saying about presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte being unable to fulfill his timetable promise to the Filipino people to end criminality in the country within six months of his presidency. 264 more words


Erasmus Social Event & Paella in Seville

In this week’s vlog, Ana shares the last day she spent in Seville at the remarkable erasmus social event & paella from the ‘Welcome to SVQ’ National Event in collaboration with the Erasmus Student Network (ESN). 21 more words


A sample of Marcos era corruption for the millennial generation

There is no more fitting criticism and condemnation, even if it is only a sample of the Marcos era corruption perpetrated by the conjugal dictatorship, among others, than to see an article being published in the national papers referring to this disreputable family who are back in power and seeking higher government positions. 1,238 more words


Being presidential not key in winning presidency

I do not know how the third and last presidential debate to be held in Luzon will evolve, but if the first and second debates, held in Mindanao and Visayas, respectively, are any indication then we can say with certainty that being presidential in manner, appearance and eloquence do not count much in choosing someone to be the country’s leader. 264 more words