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Trillanes' political demise after BBC interview

You can call this post a sequel to the one I wrote a few days ago, but only as far as Sen. Antonio Trillanes is concern. 216 more words


REVIEW ACARA National Event: Trash to Cash with Pidi Baiq

Argumentum in absurdum. Entah dengan The PanasDalam Bank-nya atau di dalam buku Dilan karangannya, Pidi Baiq adalah seorang fenomenal. Seorang yang berhasil membuat kita menertawakan diri sendiri dengan segala ke-absurd’an logikanya yang khas. 651 more words

Review Acara

Callamard’s unexpected visit and interference

I am saying that U.N. Special Rapporteur Agnes Callamard’s visit to the Philippines was unexpected because her presence was only reported when she was spotted at the 30th anniversary celebration of the Commission on Human Rights on May 4. 497 more words


Tatad chastising Duterte over ME visit is idiotic

I do not know why a washout and a loser like former senator Francisco “Kit” Tatad still has to open his mouth and say something critical of President Rodrigo Duterte’s visit to the Middle East (ME) when nobody anymore gives a damn about what he thinks and says. 383 more words


Robredo’s satisfaction rating suffers

Results of the latest Social Weather Stations’ (SWS) survey released showed that Vice President Leni Robredo’s net satisfaction rating dropped by 11 points, from a “good” +37 to a “moderate” +26. 407 more words


Shelve barangay elections or appoint barangay officials

Once more the country faces a dilemma on whether or not the barangay elections are to proceed in October this year after it has been postponed in October 2016. 381 more words


Duterte’s soaring influence in the world

One has to be a Filipino to understand fully what President Rodrigo Duterte stands for as a leader of this country in this day and age. 391 more words