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Can Najib Razak ride out 1MDB storm?

The Malaysian leader is trying to survive a scandal over claims a huge amount of cash ended up in his account, but public anger is growing… 1,718 more words

Battle of Lime Street success but the fascists haven't gone away ye know...

Some thoughts after last Saturdays disaster for the racists and fascists of National Action and North West Infidels . Firstly, they were defeated by the combined effort of anarchists, socialists, footie lads, black community, Irish community, elderly, young people, trade unionists and ordinary joe public. 560 more words


It was, all things told, a great day. The sun shone down on one of Britain’s most beautiful cities as its citizens, aided by antifa from across the country, total humiliated the fascists that had come to town. 764 more words


France's National Front: A Brief Introduction

Name: National Front

Country: France

Leader: Marine Le Pen


Much like Italy’s Lega Nord, France’s National Front has seen a surge in popularity thanks to rising domestic concerns over immigration and foreign cultural influence.  71 more words

Marine Le Pen

Links for 7-2-2015

  • Rick Wilson wrote a hilarious field guide to Acela Republicans for The Federalist:

    Acela Republicans substitute bluster for courage. If a voter pokes an Acela Republican hard enough, he or she is sure to get the “Sit down and shut up!” response, in which New Jersey governor and semi-pro insult comic Chris Christie specializes.

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