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A grim discovery - flashback to 70s racism

Found this in my parent’s attic. A local newspaper report from 1978 describing how two skinheads had beaten up an Asian youth. It was yet another example of something described at the time as “paki bashing” – assaults by racist skins on mainly Asian youth. 125 more words


National Affront

The FN can alter its name/

And dump Jean-Marie out of shame/

But isn’t it strange,/

The more racists change/

The more they remain just the same. 40 more words

In France, Steve Bannon Tells Far-right National Front(Nazis): 'History Is on Our Side, Will Bring Us Victory' - haaretz.com

Steve Bannon looks very old for someone who obviously was in the Hitler Youth movements.

The problem with France for Steve Bannon and his ilk is that they have a 7-year term for their presidents. 228 more words

Le Pen wants France’s National Front to be renamed ‘National Rally’ — The Crusader Journal

LILLE, France (Reuters) – French far-right leader Marine Le Pen proposed her National Front party be renamed the “National Rally” on Sunday, in a bid to shed a brand associated by many voters with racism and anti-Semitism and facilitate alliances with other parties.

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The Crusader Journal

France's Le Pen, National Front, and Steve Bannon


© AFP / by Anne Renaut and Paul Aubriat | Marine Le Pen applauds Steve Bannon after his speech to the National Front party in Lille in which he said rightwing views should be worn as a “badge of honour” 1,069 more words

France's National Front party cuts all ties with founder in bid to shed 'racist image'

France’s far-right National Front party has confirmed it has severed its ties to firebrand founder Jean-Marie Le Pen as it tries to revive its fortunes. 335 more words


Steve Bannon tells far-right rally in France: 'history is on our side'

Former White House strategist Steve Bannon re-energized France’s struggling far-right National Front party and its leader Saturday by speaking at a party congress and telling Marine Le Pen’s nationalist supporters: “History is on our side.” 777 more words