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Links for 7-2-2015

  • Rick Wilson wrote a hilarious field guide to Acela Republicans for The Federalist:

    Acela Republicans substitute bluster for courage. If a voter pokes an Acela Republican hard enough, he or she is sure to get the “Sit down and shut up!” response, in which New Jersey governor and semi-pro insult comic Chris Christie specializes.

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Nationalist update June 1, 2015

Marine Le Pen, head of the France‘s National Front and a leading candidate for the 2017 presidential election, appears ever more statesman-like. She recently met with Egypt’s political and religious leaders to discuss in part the threat of Islamic extremism in Europe. 138 more words


Le Pen in Moscow for high level talks

Marine Le Pen, the leader of the Western world’s strongest nationalist movement (the National Front), was in Moscow today to meet with high ranking government officials. 72 more words


Walthamstow Weeping & Wailing

Crivvens! Jings! And Help Ma Boab! The results of the recent election has no doubt cast gloom over our collective futures as the Tories make even more drastic cuts on benefits, encourage more zero-hour contracts and poorly paid jobs, and, along with a skip full of equally dire and decisive policies, have no intention of developing affordable public housing despite an increasing homelessness crisis and dilapidated extant stock.  551 more words

Summer 1983. A Time To Stand Out From The Crowd

Last night I decided to start watching the trilogy of films by director Shane Meadows (“Once Upon A Time In The Midlands”, “Dead Man’s Shoes”) which starts with 2006’s… 853 more words


French Family Tells Grandpa to Shut Up

Nanterre, France –

Yesterday afternoon in Nanterre, France a very influential political family told their grandfather to, “please, shut up.”

After decades of bashing immigrants, considering the holocaust a “minor detail of history”, and branding his politics in the most nationalist sense imaginable, the family of this elder statesmen of French politics sought to squelch his increasingly incoherent ramblings. 407 more words