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Racist endorses racist

Theresa May has successfully managed to realign her party, somewhere to the right of Vlad the Impaler.  Having secured an endorsement from France’s far-right National Front, Mrs May has redefined the ‘centre ground’ as the ninth circle of Dante’s inferno. 171 more words


How racist are you?


Roudy stared at her, blinking. ‘What makes you think I’m looking for anyone?’

It was Magali’s turn to be taken aback. ‘Well, if Benamrouche is innocent, the investigation has to start over from scratch. 791 more words


France's Marine Le Pen Says EU Responsible For "Monstrous Chaos In Syria"

You’ve done everything to bring down the government of Syria, throwing the country into a terrible civil war, while accusing Russia which is actually fighting Islamic State. 505 more words

World At War

Two men who attacked pensioner in botched robbery are jailed for 21 years

Two men have today been jailed following an attempted robbery in which a pensioner was hit over the head with a stick and ordered to hand over her money. 316 more words


"Peace" in Colombia

This Sunday, on October 2, Colombians will vote for or against a peace agreement that will end one of the longest insurgencies in the world. The Colombian government, led by President Juan Manuel Santos, and the guerrilla army known as the FARC (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia- Ejército del Peublo), concluded negotiations to end a  low-intensity war that has been going on for over fifty years. 1,471 more words


A Fire In The Belly Of France

Despite a chorus of critics calling them xenophobic and fascists, the National Front might give France their next president. How is this happening? 

by Adrian T. 3,418 more words


Brexit supporter fined after stealing Eddie Izzard's hat

A Brexit supporter has admitted stealing Eddie Izzard’s pink beret during a pro-EU rally in London.

David Czerwonko, of Clitherow Road, Brentford snatched his hat while the comedian took part in a march to the cenotaph in Whitehall on 3 September, the court heard. 30 more words