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Michael Ramsey, immigration and obligation in the Sixties

As Britain’s place in the world and its relations with its neighbours are in question after the EU referendum, I publish this extract from my… 1,105 more words

Archbishops Of Canterbury

French mayors uphold burkini ban to keep beaches 'sexy, not terroristy'

Mayors of French beachside towns have defied a French court order rescinding a ban on the wearing of ‘burkinis’, insisting they will uphold the sanction on “provocatively un-provocative” Muslim women in order to keep beaches “sexy, and not terroristy”. 542 more words


Right wing thug Shaun Jones apologises to Dover people from prison cell after riots

A right wing supporter – associated with nationalist protest group North West Infidels – has made a prison cell apology to the people of Dover! 392 more words


National Action Sex offender

What is it with far right groups that attract the dregs of society, the perverted and the twisted? Am talking about National Action and more specifically Ben McIntyre, (19, of York Road, Leeds, was sent to a young offenders’ institution for two years and four months after pleading guilty to false imprisonment and assault.) 447 more words


Farage’s fascist past? Nigel boasted about his NF initials and sang ‘gas them all’, claims schoolfriend

Nigel Farage was proud at the height of Britain’s far right movement that his initials NF also stood for National Front, according to a close school friend who after years of silence says he now wants the public to understand more about the man. 38 more words


Violent thug jailed for 10 months after chucking missiles at Dover protests

A violent thug from South Wales has been jailed for 10 months after lobbing missiles at rival protestors in Dover.

Lee Finn, 34, travelled to 240 miles from Blaina to Dover to attend a far-right demonstration on January 30. 111 more words


Planned ‘Burqini Day’ irks French far-rights

AGENCIES | Published — Friday 5 August 2016

MARSEILLE: Plans for a waterpark in Marseille to set aside a day just for Muslim women wearing burqinis — full-body swimsuits — irked the French far-right groups on Thursday. 338 more words

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