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Ex-Malaysian Leader, Wife May Not Leave Malaysia

Malaysia’s Immigration Department said Saturday that former Prime Minister Najib Razak and his wife are barred from leaving the country, shortly after he announced plans for a short holiday. 420 more words

Corruption In High Places

Morrissey: National Front Disco

“You want the day to come sooner, when you’ve settled the score.”

National Front Disco directly follows We’ll Let You Know as the fourth track on Morrissey’s…

577 more words
Last Day At A.K.A.

In defence of no platform

Last week I debated Harvard University’s Lawrence Summers on free speech at universities and the tactic of no platform for The Economist. My opening statement was edited for word length, so I am posting the longer version below.  1,270 more words

Recognise who was behind Powell too

I once had the opportunity to do serious physical harm to Enoch Powell and it still shocks me that I even contemplated it. It was around 1987. 1,664 more words

Malaysia vote that could decide Najib’s fate set for May 9

The Associated Press

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak (center), who also serves as president of the ruling National Front coalition, prays during a launching event for upcoming general elections in Kuala Lumpur on Saturday. 765 more words

A grim discovery - flashback to 70s racism

Found this in my parent’s attic. A local newspaper report from 1978 describing how two skinheads had beaten up an Asian youth. It was yet another example of something described at the time as “paki bashing” – assaults by racist skins on mainly Asian youth. 125 more words