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Marine Le Pen’s post-Brexit hangover

The National Front leader was overjoyed when the Brits voted to leave. Now the hard work begins.

Source: Marine Le Pen’s post-Brexit hangover – POLITICO


After the Brexit vote, people in Europe are suddenly feeling a lot more European

Britain’s shock decision to leave the European Union has sparked an earthquake at home.

The British political establishment in a state of civil war. The British pound hit a  356 more words

Nationalist demonstrators take to streets demanding repatriation of immigrants

Far-right demonstrators took to the streets today demanding repatriation of immigrants in the wake of the Brexit vote.

A tense stand-off took place in Newcastle city centre as groups defending the non-white invasion of Britain gathered to oppose the demo arranged by the English Defence League, & attended by the North East Infidels and National Front. 53 more words


UK economy collapsing, but the pitchforks are already out as far right target scapegoats

Cameron’s hugely miscalculated EU Referendum saw a knife-edge result that merely succeeded, as Laurie Penny eloquently put it, in widening the divisions in society. As such, the referendum could be described as an abject failure in democracy: seriously flawed and based on lies, it should have been… 1,844 more words


F R E X I T ?

This morning we all had BREXIT for Breakfast.  A historic day for the U.K., a worrisome day for Europe and a black Friday for stock markets around the world.  586 more words

New piece at History & Policy: Brexit, imperial nostalgia and the “white man’s world”

This is just a quick note to let people know that the website History & Policy has published a piece by myself and Steven Gray (University of Portsmouth) on Brexit and imperial nostalgia for the ‘white man’s world’ of the former settler colonies. 7 more words

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