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The Rainbow

A rainbow arches over Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.
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Nat Geo - Spring Expedition Day 2

After a delicious breakfast at Pittston Farm – complete with Guy’s homemade donuts – we packed camping and fishing gear into the car. In our beat up Ford Explorer we had miles to go on dirt roads before we made it to an access point for Fifth Pond. 47 more words



A woodman notches a felled tree’s trunk for sectioning in Western Australia, 1962.
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Image of the Day: A Martian Island

An image captured by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter of an island formed by an ancient flood.

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Behind the Lens

/ fəˈtäɡrəfē / : the art or practice of taking and processing photographs

Vibrations course throughout your bones as a stampede of black and white stripes blurs by in the high heat of the afternoon where the sun beats down making sweat curl at your nape and pool in the hollow of your back. 535 more words


The New Europeans

Europe is changing fast. Immigrants and refugees in all countries of Europe are growing each year. Today’s needull looks at the this change.

Germans have a word for what Franklin was afraid of: Überfremdung, or “overforeignization.” It’s the fear that home will become unrecognizable, because there are too many strangers in it, talking in strange languages and behaving in strange ways.

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