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Alien glow

Step into White Pocket, in northern Arizona’s Paria Canyon, and it may feel as if you’ve been transported to another planet. The rocky landscape—so named for its white stone set in red sand—is only reachable by four-wheel-drive vehicles due to deep sand. 26 more words


What's brought me... and you here?

The year of 2016 has opened my eyes to issues that are much larger than me and the bubble I live in. After a whirlwind tour of various corners of the world, I came to realise that while global warming may not seem like an immediate threat to my life in a country like India its effects are already… 495 more words


5 Brands that Rock Instagram

I recently did a video for YouTube, that showcases 5 top brands on Instagram.

Check it out here!!


The rock

Foamy waves, agitated by European storm Ruzica, swell around the Tévennec lighthouse in Brittany, France. Local lore complements this moody scene—the lighthouse is believed to be haunted. 48 more words


All hands on deck

Your Shot photographer Sanjay Ramani captured a poignant scene in an Indian brickyard: workers balancing stacks of bricks on their heads, and then reaching with dusty hands for still more. 36 more words


Deflating Gassy Cows

We’re in cow country out here in Montana, and while I love me a good steak and know that ranching is the lifeblood of much of Montana’s economy, there is one issue with cattle that we’re all less inclined to talk about. 138 more words