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National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year 2018
People’s Choice

Wild Iceland
Photo and caption by E. Arencibia
If already one of the most beautiful landscape ever seen, imagine to get there and find this wild and majestic Icelandic horse posing for me. 366 more words


Consider this

Consider this: migration is risky. There are all sorts of dangers involved with migration. And yet one of the most common migratory birds with a distinct migratory pattern is the little sparrow. 337 more words


A Chance to See Me Interviewed

On Thursday, I drove down to Shepherdstown, West Virginia to the National Conservation Training Center (NCTC) where, as part of the Craighead House contingent, I attended the Balancing Nature and Commerce workshop held by the Conservation Fund nearly a year and a half ago. 260 more words

Craighead House

The Ocean In Crisis

Something I’ve touched on before is the idea that this ocean we look to and require to survive is slowly giving up.

What I mean by this is that we as a species are extremely dependent on the ocean and if there wasn’t one, we would be dead by now with global warming and so forth. 450 more words

All In One

Koko, Who Learned Sign Language, Love Cats, Dies at 46

Koko the gorilla, whose remarkable sign-language ability and motherly attachment to pet cats helped change the world’s views about the intelligence of animals and their capacity for empathy, has died at 46. 865 more words

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Black folk can’t catch a break…from other black folk that is. It used to be a nigger could get ahead in life and immediately cut ties to other monkey-like life forms from the ghetto he crawled out of. 69 more words

Triggering Material

'Genius' Production Designer Arv Greywal On The Photograph That Inspired The Look Of 'Picasso'

Surprisingly, when production designer Arv Greywal joined Genius in Season 2 to take on Picasso, sourcing art was the least of his concerns.

Perhaps the greatest painter of the 20th century, Picasso led a long and fascinating life, spanning 91 years, three wars, and endless artistic creations. 1,978 more words

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