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Feel the rush

Eastlyn Bright Tolle, a National Geographic Your Shot member, submitted this image of Niagara Falls. From her vantage point, “right on the other side of a wall that separated from this perilous drop,” she was able to create a unique and thrilling perspective: one that doesn’t allow the viewer to consider the safety of the overlook from which the photo was taken. 6 more words


National Geographic explorer Kenny Broad: "If you can't be smart, be first"

National Geographic explorer and Environmental Anthropologist Kenny Broad joins Justin to talk about his great career, how he became interested in exploring, the risk involved in doing his job, wanting boredom on an expedition, the growing influence that technology has on exploration, commercial and private interests getting involved in exploration, the impact of climate change and his… 54 more words

The Download

day 16 // audiobooks.com

I have always read a lot. A LOT. As a kid I would read everything I could, from cereal boxes to National Geographic magazines. I was the only kid the Catholic school teachers weren’t wary of having a NG mag. 440 more words

100 Days Of Awesome

The cold light of day

After a cold night, morning sunlight shoots through the mist, inspiring Your Shot member Andrew George to capture the moment during his visit to the Oisterwijkse forests and fens in Noord-Brabant in the Netherlands. 71 more words


Where earth meets sky

Mont Blanc (White Mountain) in the Alps is western Europe’s highest peak at 15,771 feet (4,800 meters). Your Shot member Arina Andryeyeva submitted this shot, captured at 13,120 feet (4,000 meters), of Mont Blanc’s snowy ridge and peak ascending into the cloud cover. 31 more words


Negros will be negros

The next time white activists crumbling under the white guilt that paid NPOs are disseminating try to convince us that ‘Black Lives Matter’ and ‘We are all the same’, they might want to refer to this photo (let’s call it Exhibit A). 59 more words

Triggering Material


Under a starry night sky in Zimanga Private Game Reserve in South Africa, a group of buffalo finds a cool drink. Your Shot photographer Alison Langevad was one of the first visitors for an overnight hide in the reserve, allowing her to capture this long exposure of “the perfect African moment.”

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