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Sex Addicted Giant Rats Causing An Ecological Gang Bang Of Consequence.

Let’s talk about a serious issue for a change. Check this one out.

Invasive species are a real problem, guys. According to Ms. P, my 7th grade science teacher, the food chain and ultimately the greater ecosystem is a very delicate thing. 550 more words

Maybe If Justin Timberlake Wrote A Song Called "I'm Bringing Cave Art Back" We Wouldn't Have To Deal With Naked Kardashians All Over The Internet.

We have a lot to talk about. I kinda dig this rock art stuff. I think it’s cool. It’s raw, old-fashioned, human expression. I can get behind that. 568 more words

I Want To Write Panda Porn Don't @ Me

Happy Wednesday nation, you know what it is. We out here browsin’ National Geographic like usual. Reading about science. Learning about animals on the brink of extinction. 446 more words

Snow Day Collages: Part III

February 14, 2018 by Darren Clarke (all photos used in the below are from National Geographic except for towels, pics which were ripped from a RH Interiors catalogue) 111 more words