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How to Teach A Multicultural Class

America is quite well-known for having a mix of cultures with various ethnic backgrounds and all proud of being so. From African Americans to South Asians, people here belong to various ethnic cultures and have various lifestyles to support. 323 more words

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Pave a Path to Success with these Helpful Tips - Envisioning Education For All

Everybody dreams of living a happy, successful life. It surely didn’t come easy to many people, and various of them have to go through loads of complications before they step in the shoes of a successful person they are today. 521 more words

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Myths Affecting Education Effectiveness of High Schoolers

All those renowned and often heard myths about the relationship of high schools with academic success are surely quite destructive for both, teachers and the students. 408 more words

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How to Group-Brainstorm Better

Brainstorming is indeed an immensely powerful technique which could be utilized by anyone for any matter at hand, in the short run or the long run. 467 more words

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Be a True Youth for Christ!

 Dan “BUK” Caberto, Bass, Music Ministry.

Sleepless nights during camp. “Do you see my right/left hand?” during covenant.The wildest camp ever! during youth camp training. Sessions/Production Team/ Band/Worships during Provincial Conferences. 285 more words

An Icon For Selfless Service

Mother Teresa was a nun who turned out to be a saint for the poor and the helpless. Her empathetic behavior, deep devotion, tremendous dedication and love towards the poor made her a global icon for selfless service. 343 more words

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The Classy & The Fabulous!

When the talk is of Celebrating Womanhood then how can we forget the lady who introduced fashion and define absolute femininity, the creator of timeless designs: Coco Chanel. 357 more words

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