Camping at a National Historic Site

It’s been a busy summer, so far, and while I’ve been having a great time, I’ve had less time than usual for photography (and subsequent post-processing).   244 more words

Garnet, MT and DeLorme Maps

One of the reasons for our stay at Salmon Lake State Park was to go to Garnet, MT, a ghost town restored by the… 1,097 more words

Road Trip

Québec City: HISTORY (Part II) / Grosse-Île

Here comes my second HISTORY post for Québec City! A few Saturdays ago, I visited Grosse-Île-et-le-Mémorial-des-Irlandais, a little island in the middle of the Saint Lawrence River. 700 more words


Montana Trip Part 5 - Big Hole and Grant-Kohrs

While spending our time in Glacier, I figured we should continue with our visits to National Battlefields.  We ventured to to Big Hole National Battlefield.  This is another Nez Perce battle site located on the border of Idaho and Montana.   347 more words


JR's Wild West: Fort Laramie Nat'l Historic Site

We were cruising on down the road, on our 9 hour drive home from Thermopolis.  I was driving, Erin was sleeping.  Along the side of the road I happened to see a sign for ‘Historic Fort Laramie’.   567 more words

Actual News

Day Eight: Salem + Maine

This morning we drove 15 miles north to Salem, Massachusetts. Salem is most commonly known as the location of the witch trials of 1696. To prepare for the town we started reading Witches! 487 more words

New England