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National Pet Day

Tuesday 11th April 2017

Today is National Pet Day, of course every day should be Pet Day but today is the national holiday where thousands upon thousands of people will be taking the time to give their pets that extra bit of time and affection which can sometimes be missed in a busy normal day. 461 more words


március 15, nemzeti ünnep (national holiday)

This past Wednesday was a national Hungarian Holiday. On Tuesday when I went to volunteer at Radnóti Miklós Gyakorlóiskola, I was able to attend their pre-celebration for their national holiday, because the next day no classes are held.  130 more words

Election Reform

It was clear long before 2016 that our country needs election reform.  Our federal elections are too long, too expensive, and focus on the wrong issues.  484 more words

Domestic Policy

Women's History Month

February was a wonderful month, it was Black History Month and it shed a light on the less popularized moments in black history in America. However, the following month of March is also special because this month we celebrate Women’s History Month. 410 more words

Via Storify - 'Not My President's Day' Protests Spread Across U.S.

As many relax and rejoice for having a day off, others took the opportunity to express their opposition of President Donald J. Trump through protests held across the United States. 7 more words


Saving Money in Scandinavia: Oslo

If we thought we were lucky by being in Stockholm for Eurovision, it was nothing compared to showing up in Oslo on the morning of May 16th. 1,314 more words

Money Talk