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Spring Flowers For the Winter Lover

Happy Sunday! Happy May Day! Happy Almost Summer! Happy phrases that necessitate exclamation marks!

The sitch: I got up this morning, had my coffee, saddled my horse (a.k.a put a leash on my 11-pound terrier) and went out into the cruel, 70-degree world, searching for May flowers to photograph for you, my faithful reader. 147 more words


Orange Fever

A few times a year, depending on how our national football team is doing, Holland gets struck by the self-inflicted Orange Fever. Then people dress up in funny clothes or put on curious accessories, all orange coloured. 112 more words



I’m remembering summer of 2013 after my first surgery when they were unable to remove my tumor, I was scheduled to start having chemotherapy. I was terrified of course, but more so terrified of losing my hair. 135 more words


Bastet's Monday Haiga Challenge - And a Little Italian History - April 26, 2016


I’m a day late with this challenge … here the weather is beautiful; the skies intensely clear, therefore the colours of the hills, mountains, fields and woods are particularly vibrant, in some cases they seem like they’ve been “apped” before I’ve even had a chance to do something with the photo editor!    414 more words


National Jelly Bean Day - #doodlewashaday

Today is National Jelly Bean Day.  What’s not to like about jelly beans?  They are lumps of sugary sweetness held together by a pectin or gel, and they come in a wide variety of flavors.  176 more words


Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

I was asking my friends today at lunch about what I should bake tonight for this blog and a couple girls insisted on this cake (mostly because they wanted to eat it the next day). 341 more words


Breakfast Week: Day #2

Hello Everyone!

To continue with our theme this week and honoring National Garlic Day, today’s recipe is for Baked Bacon and Eggs.

For this you will: 99 more words