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Sara Blair. Henry James and the Writing of Race and Nation. Cambridge University Press, 2009.

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In this study, Blair challenges Henry James’ perceived status as the literary figurehead of an impregnable high culture. Emphasizing James’ engagement in forms of popular culture (including ethnography, minstrelsy, photography, and journalism), Blair traces the ways in which his writing, steeped in these forms, acted as a force in the forging of racial, national, and cultural identity. 35 more words


Nigerian Architect Olajumoke Adenowo shares her thoughts on architecture, parenting, career

Published on Jan 15, 2015

Olajumoke Adenowo featured by CNN on “African Voices” programme is an international award-winning Nigerian Architect. She studied architecture in the former University of Ife, Nigeria.


One of China's Most Ambitious Attempts at Social Engineering

“Nicholas Bequelin, the director of the East Asia division of Amnesty International, said the struggle between farmers and pastoralists is not new, but that the Chinese government had taken it to a new level. 142 more words


Sinologists, could Putonghua really eclipse Cantonese as the Chinese language of choice?

“Language is the tongue that gives a nation its voice. And Hong Kong’s voice has never been as intrinsically linked to its identity as it is right now. 51 more words


Sunday, 12th July 2015

The verdict on Osborne’s ‘one-nation budget’ as regards inequality appears to be that it will perpetuate the forty-year trend in the wrong direction. That is, on the average householder’s ledger, the amount credited by an increased minimum wage will be less than that debited by decreased tax credits. 183 more words


The Main Cause of Singapore's Brain Drain

A paper on the main cause of Singapore’s brain drain.

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Excerpts from “The Causes of Emigration from Singapore: How Much Is Still Political?” 699 more words