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The Endurance of Ethno-national Identities in Northern Ireland

The Endurance of Ethno-national Identities in Northern Ireland

This week, Henry Jarrett (University of Exeter) discusses the endurance of the respective ethno-national identity of unionists and nationalists in Northern Irish politics. 864 more words

Four Nations

Football in Ghana as the performance of national identity

Football, and specifically major sporting events involving national teams, provides opportunities at a global level to display, live, reinforce, and challenge nationalism. Worldwide football is a sport that is capable of arousing powerful, and contradictory emotions that not only have the ability to connect individuals to large-scale entities such as the nation, but also provides a channel for localized expressions of individual identity. 1,087 more words


Next event—Cambrian CRECS: Nation, Region, Place in the Long 18th Century, 17 Feb 2015

Gripped by Six Nations fever? Wondering which team will walk triumphant from the grassy field of combat in March? And can Wales recoup last week’s loss against England and secure their favoured status once again? 312 more words

Eighteenth Century

Our Canadian Flag

This Sunday, February 15th, marks the 50th anniversary of our Canadian flag. As we approach the 150th anniversary of confederation, it seems crazy that our flag has only been around for 50 of those years. 329 more words


Does Turkey provide a model for political Islam in a democracy?

This is a modified essay which I wrote last year to look at Turkey’s supposed role in acting as a kind of model for political Islam in a democracy. 2,817 more words