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Cultural Imperialism

In Ireland of today, it can be observed that a pattern has seamlessly emerged whereby the attention of the citizenry is increasingly focused upon foreign shores, but not in any manner conducive to the good health of our nation. 1,058 more words

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Remembering Monday February 15 1965

On Monday, February 15, 1965, I was seven (scheduled to turn eight at the end of the month). The school day started out much like any other. 364 more words

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The Answer to America's Identity Crisis: Its Own Literature

If you’ve been paying attention you’ve no doubt sensed an American identity crisis brewing, if not in yourself personally then at least in the news. I suspect it may be a little anachronistic to say this crisis is “new” since it’s natural, in some sense, for politically polarized parties to possess differing visions of an American national identity. 1,221 more words

Star Wars, National Identity and the Seduction of the Dark Side

I was five years old when Star War: The New Hope (or Episode IV) was released and as a child I watched it countless times. I anxiously awaited each new chapter in this space opera which would become for many one of the great American stories. 977 more words


(re)visiting Lisbon?


Remembering Portuguese Empire Today: From Public Memory to Personal Testimony

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1s March 2017
18:30 – 21:00 heure : Luxembourg

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