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Considering Englishness on St George’s Day

In 2011, the UK Census included a question about national identity for the first time. That is, the extent to which people self-identify in relation to a nation. 1,346 more words

Culture & Integration

The Dutch Embassy is Trolling All of Washington, DC with This Infographic

Date: March 1, 2015

Author: German Lopez

Source: Vox

Summary: Following Washington, DC, passing the marijuana legalization legislation, a lot of comparisons have been made between Washington and Amsterdam. 59 more words

Cultural Diplomacy & Exchange

What Hollywood Can Learn from the Korean Culture Wars

Date: January 29, 2015

Author: Alyssa Rosenberg

Source: The Washington Post

Summary: Comparing with traditional culture heritage and folk life, pop culture takes the advantage of a mellow complex and an industry chain to support a nation’s soft power. 33 more words

Cultural Diplomacy & Exchange

It's a Matter of National Insecurity

Unless you’ve read my “About” page, I haven’t properly introduced myself.

My name is Laina Tanahara, and I am a Japanese-Canadian.

Or is it more accurate to say I am Canadian-Japanese? 891 more words

Yr 11 SL/HL Identity, Language and Culture

We are moving into an understanding of what National Identity is.  While I’m away on camp I’d like you to learn about the national identities of your friends’ cultures as well as coming to an understanding about your own.  21 more words


Anzac: Australia's Civil Religion

The place of Anzac in the evolution of an Australian mythology, folklore, sense of national identity, including the building of rituals and memorials

Anzac has been widely described as Australia’s “civil religion,” providing a secular country with a mythology, set of rituals and memorials which together help to shape a sense of national identity. 1,708 more words


Yr 11 - Culture, Identity and Language

When I first arrived in Indonesia I was so “green” in understanding culture, despite the fact that I’d already spent many years studying Bahasa Indonesia.  For instance, when it was my birthday and my students asked to go out with me to celebrate, I was horrified when I had to pay the bill.   122 more words

Yr 11