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Friday Short: St Patrick's Day, Brexit Troubles & Disunity

The Origins of St Patrick’s Day

National holidays have been occurring for centuries, they’re not unusual to the general public but to me they’ve often seemed like a strange phenomenon. 665 more words


I guess I’m a bit American, after all

I would like to start off by saying that the videos from my trip to Leiden and Den Haag got deleted from my phone. I had this super fun video vlog from the trip, but it’s gone now. 448 more words

On National Identity

As someone who grew up in a small seaside town, just opposite to one of the biggest Greek islands, Rhodes, and years later who has spent some years in Greece during my studies, I have experienced almost all the jokes, prejudice, and stereotyped dialogues such as if it is a Greek or Turkish coffee, or are common words etymologically Greek or Turkish, or who stabbed whom from behind…That was the reason why I find it necessary to study about national identity.

From Hercule Millas

The negative image of “the other” is not as old as it is supposed to be, and as persistently claimed by the nationalists of the two countries. 57 more words

National Identity

Images of Cheese now on Flickr

Cheese making in Canada can trace its origins to the early 1600s with the introduction of European, milk-producing cattle at settlements like Quebec City. Over time, as more settlers arrived, so too did more cattle and family cheese recipes. 129 more words


A Broken Mind, A Broken People

I try my best not to be too morose but there is an illusion of joy in the air in Nigeria that just isn’t working. I can empathise and appreciate people’s efforts to align themselves with more positive streams of thought but we seem to be trapped in a cycle of faking it and not quite making it. 612 more words

National Identity

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Evaluation offers writers a system to discuss their analysis with their international viewers. Generally, the writers cost nothing to discuss their different material as long as their studies based on rationality, information, and experience. 176 more words

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