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Silver sorrow, but heart of gold

China’s Chen Long crumpled to the ground, not in agony (as most Malaysians might have hoped) but in absolute ecstasy. Overwhelmed with emotion, Chen Long’s face was a tapestry of joy and disbelief. 1,169 more words


Moldova at Quarter Century

An unlikely state is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Moldova is a contested place. It’s a young adult whom her parents wanted but were not so sure. 2,686 more words


National Identity in Latin America: Blog Series

Wherever you are in the world, a people’s perception of their national identity is always an interesting thing to observe. In every country there is a spectrum of patriotism across society, from those who hold high their country’s flag and sing the national anthem at the top of their lungs, to those on the opposite end who reject the idea of national borders altogether and view the nation-state as a construction used to divide the world’s people. 422 more words


Pan-Americanism - An identity without borders?

Each country in Latin America has its own cultural, political and geographical makeup which forms a specific sense of national pride and identity in the minds of its people, and this is certainly something we have observed in the countries we have visited so far. 1,514 more words


The 'Gold Medal' myth: can the Olympics enhance social inclusion?

The Rio Olympics has already started for about a week. I am sure everyone here feels excited when your supported countries and athletes have achieve success in the Olympics. 916 more words

Moving Images of Home

In Moving Images of Home (Di Stefano, 2002) John Di Stefano explores how “notions of physical geography and its relationship to history have become more fluid than they were in the past (Di Stefano, 2002)” and investigates how this is represented on film. 633 more words

World Cinema

'Garota de Ipanema': sharing some of my thoughts from 2016 Rio Olympics Opening Ceremony

The 2016 Summer Olympics has officially started on 5 August, despite events such as football had started on 2 August. There are so many angles to discuss relating to the 4-hour long Opening Ceremony, but I am not here to discuss about the planning or the rundown of the ceremony. 890 more words