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Sobre regalías de CTeI: ¿qué lecciones hemos aprendido? A posicionar la ciencia en la agenda

Para los que seguimos las noticias en el ámbito internacional, esta semana hemos recibidos tremendos golpes a nuestra estima. Por un lado, el presidente Trump expidió una… 3,183 more words

Política De Ciencia Y Tecnología

Today's shenanigans are nothing new. Read this and weep... or learn

When you complete your census forms which box do you check? Welsh? British? Both?

Or when you complete an online form that requests your nationality do you get an uneasy feeling when you have to check the ‘British’ box, or do you just check the ‘Irish’ box instead? 1,882 more words


Bending toward each other, but not touching

We’ve been thinking a bit about something that we’ve heard Stan Grant talking about. He says that we have black and white within all of us, that we bend to each other but we don’t touch. 58 more words


What European Identity?

No, watching an arthouse movie twice a year doesn’t count

Pete North puts into rather forceful words a sentiment which inchoately bubbles up within me every time I see a tearful Remainer painting the EU flag on their face and weeping into an eagerly waiting television camera about how the cruel, racist vote for Brexit has somehow ripped their “European identity” away from them. 834 more words

UK Politics

Scottish Brexit Hysteria: Nicola Sturgeon's Flawed IndyRef2 Argument

I begged once, back in 2014. I will not beg again.

Thus far I have refrained from commenting on Nicola Sturgeon’s tunnel-visioned decision to agitate for a re-run of the 2014 Scottish independence referendum following last year’s vote for Brexit. 1,923 more words

UK Politics

My Multi-Cultural Childhood Could be the Answer to Racism & Xenophobia

Recently, I began wondering why I have always had an innate interest in cultures that are not my own, why I’ve been driven constantly to put myself out of my comfort zone, why I am forever bewildered and stupefied by those who are not like me. 917 more words