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War Commemoration and American Nationalism

Chunk 1: War Commemoration and American Nationalism

Samantha Oliver


Carolyn Marvin and David W. Ingle. (1999).  Blood Sacrifice and the Nation: Totem Rituals and the American Flag. 435 more words

Monarch of the Gen

In another long list of ill-informed ‘facts’ about Millennials, today’s edition of The Weekend Australian leads the front page with an article declaring that Gen Y would rather bow to the queen than a republic, or something like that (I would link to the article but it’s beyond their paywall because, you know, their rock-hard research is so valuable). 512 more words


Week 3: Weapons, conflict, nationalism

Recap: 17 Goals

Just to recap from Week 2, while your contributions are still coming in…

The below is a 10 min. screencast of a livestream from a UN meeting on youth that took place this past Monday (2/1) at the UN Headquarters. 1,143 more words


Candy (2006) film review

Candy is based on the Australian novel Candy: A Novel of Love and Addiction (Davies: 1998), which is inspired by the author’s experiences of drug addiction. 1,856 more words


European Nations, or a European Nation? The persistent debate of national sovereignty

Recently I had a lecture about Nations & Nationalism at university, which really made me think about the role of nations in the EU. The traditional argument from eurosceptics is ‘the EU destroys national sovereignty’. 1,919 more words


Relinquishing Your National Identity

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Scripture reading: Genesis 12:1-5

I am going to read something for you that God said to Abraham, but it is something that is being said to you. 903 more words

Christian Walk

Dictatorship and the Archive

“Nothing is less clear than the word ‘archive’” says Derrida (1996 in Manoff 2004: 10). The standard definition of the word according the Oxford Dictionary is “the place where historical documents or records are kept”. 1,114 more words

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