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Nature vs culture

When I was in Year 11 I was on the debating team, and the question set for our intra-school final was “Pants are better than skirts.”  Not wanting to stoop to a battle-of-the-sexes-themed debate, our side, for the negative, chose to approach the question literally, and examined it as an issue of fashion and comfort. 908 more words

A Travesty for the Civilised World

Many Brexit campaigners have expressed how incensed they are over the weekend, in response to US President Obama’s comments over Brexit. From claims that his opinion is irrelevant, to suggesting some mystical link to the President’s ethnic heritage, the Brexit-brigade have once again dismissed a view that many would say you should pay heed to. 1,416 more words


Go Helen!

The UN has begun the process of selecting a new Secretary-General. Among the candidates is Helen Clark, a Former Prime Minister of Aotearoa New Zealand. I’m not biased, but of course she’s the best candidate for the post. 170 more words

New Zealand

Cosmopolitan Citizens with a Global Consciousness

After @arminemannuel, in his “First Approach to ‘Glocalization'”, introduced the idea of globalization as an “intensification of global consciousness”, the concept of global consciousness and whether it is really taking place, as… 300 more words


Identity from a map is never a good starting point

Humans have long pondered what makes up our identity. Recent research shows moral characteristics are more important than memories. Some of us emphasise our individual identities, some our collective ones. 776 more words


Dreadlocks and Cultural Appropriation

Angela Kabiru responded strongly to Lotte’s blog on cultural borrowing last month so today we thought we’d let her have her own stay about dreadlocks as cultural appropriation. 505 more words