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Celticism and Four Nations History

Celticism and Four Nations History

This week, PhD student Ian Stewart (London School of Economics) discusses the usefulness of a Four Nations approach when deconstructing ideas of Celticism.  799 more words

Four Nations

Prepositions and national identity

Last week I attended the 5th Sociolinguistics Summer School in Dublin, Ireland. Being, as it were, directed primarily at early-career researchers, the talks offered a good overview of what young sociolinguists (that’s linguists interested in the relationships between social and linguistic variation) are up to these days. 689 more words


'Who the hell do you think you are?' ... almost fiction

‘We could all live on drugs, pee in our pants, drown in mud and puke sitting in the streets, covered with self-pity, if we really insist on indulging our hardships and scars, right?’ says R. 969 more words

Culture & Integration

 Canada's Multicultural Heritage: An Inherently Priviledged National Identity.

While living abroad the most common question I’m asked is, “where are you from?” And as a result I’ve become far more aware of Canada’s international reputation. 1,932 more words

Simon Roberts - We English

A Sense of belonging,  memory, identity and place are strong elements in Simon Roberts work. The beautiful large 5×4 prints capture many scenes across the British Isles. 136 more words

Urban/rural Exploration

Shame and National Identity

For some, shame is their primary motivator. It may just be a cultural artifact or a mix of personal and familial psychological upbringing. Nothing inherently wrong with it. 365 more words

Personal Thoughts

W.B Yeats, Myth and Irish Culture - Alan Walsh

What we talk about when we talk about Ireland.

Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel and Fionn McCumhail has precious little to do with the price of onions. 1,715 more words

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