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Nations, Borders, Prisons

Everyday nowadays, the news seems to bring some other shocking facts or events – innocent citizens bombed, partying people murdered, a new civil war, a secret military mission, a coup… being sad or claiming solidarity on the internet is not enough anymore. 1,131 more words

Turkey and Kemalism

The recent failed coup in Turkey was not the first time the military has attempted to intervene in the state. In fact, there is a long… 586 more words


On being European. Or: where is Iceland?

I love Iceland, a country of majestic and sometimes awe-inspiring beauty. On most criteria, it is also a good place to live. In the OECD’s Better Life Index… 472 more words


The Song of the Familiar

I remember hearing in a psychology class that familiarity brings joy. They said that it has been studied that when you show someone something they recognize, they feel better. 259 more words

Call for a new narrative of collective identity

From a 2013 Migration Policy Institute (Washington) report by Naika Foroutan, Humboldt University, Berlin.

“Despite the reality that one in five Germans today have a migration background, the report finds that the dominant perception remains one of a homogenous German society and racism and negative conduct toward people perceived to be “strangers” still prevail. 162 more words


Britain needs a revolution - and the pieces are already moving

As one player withdraws, another enters the field. We Britons awaken this morning to find a series of fundamental challenges on our plate as we enter the 4th week since the Brexit vote which has plunged British public life into chaos. 1,921 more words



What produces “femininity” in culture? Is it man’s desire? Is it the weather? Is it history? Is it religion? Or is it women’s desire? Do women like pretty dresses and so that is what is feminine? 518 more words