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The conundrum of meat-eating animal rights activists.

The necessary line that must be drawn as an omnivorous animal rights activist is that some animals are simply better than others. All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others. 642 more words


Of Walter Bagehot and The English Constitution

An excerpt from Walter Bagehot’s The English Constitution, Second Edition, 1873.

Accordingly, it is believed that the principal characteristics of the
English Constitution are inapplicable in countries where the materials… 582 more words


Does a National Identity turn foreigners, and hence ourselves, into demons?

Perhaps the importance of having and publicising a person as a paragon of a society is to establish a point from which all other people become relative, their position known, their value certain. 3,142 more words


Identity and the Founders: A Response to Mark Lilla

This weekend, Mark Lilla, a historian of ideas at Columbia University, published a New York Times op-ed on “identity liberalism.” Reacting to the outcome of the presidential election, Lilla argues that contemporary American liberalism’s celebration of diversity, however morally salutary in private life, has been politically suicidal at the national level. 1,141 more words


Defining without difference

Political scientists and academics seem to spend as much time explaining what something is as they spend explaining what it shows or does. To do this, they often also have to state what something is like and therefore also what it is not. 681 more words


Trump/Brexit: Popular Legitimacy and the Rule of Law

The New York Times ran an editorial yesterday on what it called ‘a coup’ against the Supreme Court. The death of Antonin Scalia earlier this year, and the Republican Party’s refusal to entertain a replacement has rendered the previously nine, now eight judge court unable to resolve some important cases, split evenly as they are between four generally liberal and four generally conservative justices. 534 more words


Manifesto: Transnational Subjectivity

“Incompleteness of identity, and particularly the individual responsibility for its completion, are in fact intimately related to all other aspects of the modern condition.” (Bauman 2001: 4) 779 more words