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With the melting pot of different races coming together in Singapore, one of the most unique outcomes found is Singlish. Singlish or Singaporean English, is the ‘street’ language of Singapore and derives from various languages, such as Malay, Hokkien and English. 727 more words


Design and Context

Good design is significantly shaped by local context. Designer Alexander Baum said that, design“is a practice with a philosophy of putting people first and involving them in every step of the design process” (The Guardian, 2016). 633 more words


The rise and fall of nations fuelled by globalization

Globalization; free trade; greater choice of goods; greater competition; free movement of labour. But does globalization help a nation improve or further alienates it from its national identity with a continuous influx of migrants? 816 more words

Hammond's recent comments prove just how sick Britain is

A flurry of news came out this morning, as Donald Trump blasted NATO and the Transatlantic relationship, and Philip Hammond, British Chancellor of the Exchequer, made some of strongest statements yet on Britain’s negotiating strategy as it tries to leave the European Union. 1,184 more words


History Has Its Eyes

My daily routine during my winter break from school has become very predictable: turn on my laptop, open up some Google docs to write in, and press play on the Hamilton soundtrack. 676 more words


Dear London

This isn’t an easy letter to write. I think you know, things haven’t been right between us for a while now. I’m not sure they ever were. 863 more words