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TRUE PEACE COMES BY LIVING-TEACHING The Jew-Gentile Paradigm & Restoration of Zion

TRUE PEACE COMES BY LIVING-TEACHING The Jew-Gentile Paradigm & Restoration of Zion

Non-Hateful, Nonviolent Solution. Jew-Gentile Paradigm in Scripture. 1st Commandment. National Identity VS Nationalism. “Saint” Peter. 6 more words

Our national identity threatened? Really?

I’ve been thinking about two of the main claims of Leave voters, namely that continued membership of the EU “threatens our national identity” (yes, “our” because I, originally from Italy, also have British nationality), and that we’ll be better off when we no longer have to “take orders from Brussels”. 525 more words


Making History: new journal will raise the level of debate on national identity, culture and the canon

Arthur Chapman, Hilary Cooper and Jon Nichol. 

At a time of growing polarisation among politicians and the public, when people are increasingly entrenched in their views, and with nationalism on the rise – history is surely one of the most crucial subjects in the curriculum. 738 more words

Teaching, Learning, Curriculum & Assessment

The Making of Welsh History

Helo byd, this year I am studying A329: The Making of Welsh History as part of my degree studies with the Open University. This one is quite pertinent to me because I am a Welshman with significant English heritage, living in England with an English wife and an English born child. 202 more words

Welsh History

Images of the Steel Industry now on Flickr

Steel is an alloy mainly of iron ore with some carbon. Its production is a major industry in Canada, currently concentrated in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. 185 more words


The Creation of Czechoslovakia and Its Identity Politics

Following the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, the brand new state of Czechoslovakia was founded on 28 October 1918. Unifying several provinces with no previous historic connections – Bohemia, Moravia, Czech-speaking Silesia, Slovakia and Subcarpathian Ruthenia -, it was a multiethnic state that nevertheless sought to construct a single, encompassing national identity for its citizens. 36 more words

A rant about my sense of non-belonging to the Netherlands

Disclaimer up front: much of what I am about to write will probably be unsympathetic off-putting cynical whining and complaining about a country which has provided me, and still does, with opportunities and support many others might be envious of. 4,161 more words