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Singapore India CECA

There are many postings online in recent years about the Singapore India CECA. Many centered on the movement of people, particularly the large number of indian nationals that come to work in Singapore. 1,348 more words


It Came From Mexico! Mexican Horror Cinema and National Identity

Class: History of Latin American Cinema / Instructor: S. Wagner-Serrano / Date of finished draft: 12 Dec. 2017

PDF: It Came From Mexico!

Images of Lunch now on Flickr

Lunch is the second meal of the day. People in Canada typically eat it around noon, or midway through their workday.

Meal times are ingrained in societies and seem logical and natural. 143 more words


Images of Cruises now on Flickr

Cruises are trips taken on ships or boats for leisure and may include stops along the way for vacation activities.

The first passenger cruise services began in Europe during the 1840s. 149 more words


Defining the Filipino National Identity without all the nationalist melodramatics

Immediately after the “basktebrawl” that ensued between Gilas Pilipinas and Boomers last Last July 3, well-known sports broadcaster Chino Trinidad took to Facebook… 988 more words

Filipino History

How 'African' is the French football team, really, and why Trevor Noah is right to criticise France's colour-blindness

If you criticise the French political philosophy of republican universalism, do so at your own risk and peril.

The theory that the French citizens’ “personal” differences, including race, ethnicity and gender, are erased by their attachment to republican values, possession of inalienable rights and equality before law, dates back to the French revolution and is basically responsible for having constructed the French nation in the first place. 2,022 more words


Football and How Peruvians Want to Keep Fighting Corruption

The FIFA World Cup of 2018 has ended, but it has reinforced my belief that football is an incredible sport that can be a way to restate and redefine the identities of the people of a country. 1,234 more words