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Human Trials Of Zika Vaccine Possible Within Months

  • National Institutes of Health officials said this week that researchers may be closer to developing a Zika vaccine than previously thought and that tests on human subjects could begin in as soon as a few months.
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VP Herman: Federal budget plan’s research boost a good start

University of Minnesota Vice President for Research Brian Herman applauded the vision behind a 2017 federal budget plan released yesterday that would increase funding for research into major environmental, health and societal challenges. 449 more words


Concussions In NFL Hit 5-Year High, Congress Launches Investigation

By Shaun Boyd

DENVER (CBS4)– The number of concussions in the NFL has hit a five-year high. The League says there have been 271 concussions this season. 343 more words


Consumer Reports: Too Much Vitamin C Can Be Problematic

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The common cold can leave you sniffling, sneezing, and aching for a week or longer.

You might be tempted to try anything just to feel better sooner, but Consumer Reports says think twice before loading up on vitamin C supplements. 322 more words


This Microscope Can Detect Cancer Without a Biopsy

When doctors suspect a malignant tumor or feel a suspicious growth, they can begin investigating for cancer with blood and urine tests. But to be certain a patient has cancer cells in his or her body, clinicians usually need to perform a biopsy. 432 more words


World boosts study of Zika, as virus seen spreading

A public health technician inspects an Aedes aegyti mosquito in a research lab to help prevent the spread of Zika virus and other mosquito-borne diseases at the entomology department of the Ministry of Public Health, in Guatemala City. 321 more words


Child Nutrition

Child Nutrition
Information Resources

By Evelyn Cunico, MA, MSLIS
Information Specialist

Posted January 26, 2016 1,500 more words

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