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How Often Do You Overeat?

How many of us have powered down dessert when we really didn’t want or need it?  We’ve all done it. We’ve let our eyes be bigger than our stomachs: we ate every bite of a filling meal, then compounded the problem by ordering a huge sundae, using the excuse that everyone else is ordering dessert, so we follow suit and then finish it all. 650 more words

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The US government is forcing Big Pharma to make public their big failures

Every year, millions of people sign up to participate in human clinical trials designed to test whether new drugs and other treatments in the development pipeline are effective. 512 more words

GOP seeks review of claim NFL tried to sway concussion study

WASHINGTON (AP) — House Republicans on Thursday called for an independent review of allegations that the National Football League sought to improperly influence a government study into the link between football and brain disease. 603 more words

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Once A Lab Rat, Always a Lab Rat

The NIH study that has nurtured me since 2010 is over. The day I’ve been anticipating with measured trepidation has finally arrived. A few hours ago, I took the last of the vials of free medication from the NIH out of my refrigerator, and injected. 408 more words

Multiple Sclerosis

What 'super agers' are teaching us about staying mentally sharp as we age

Try as we might to prevent it, we all age. Over time, we develop laugh lines and crow’s feet, stiffer joints, and it becomes harder to remember names and dates like we used to. 474 more words

Opinions, evidence, and anti-research agendas: A recap of a session at the American Society of Primatologists/International Primatological Society Meeting 2016

Research with nonhuman primates in laboratory settings is a tiny fraction of both laboratory research and nonhuman primate research. The topic is of disproportionate interest, however, for many reasons, and is reflected by a recent… 2,179 more words


Feds spend $911,056 studying the drinking habits of lesbian couples

What a waste of money. The National Institutes of Health is spending nearly $1 million on a study of lesbian couples to see if stress makes them drink too much. 118 more words

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