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Consumer Reports Speaks Up About Hearing Loss

The Consumer Reports’ article “No More Suffering in Silence” is a welcome addition to the hearing-loss community, the staff at lessersoundapp.com believes.  As many of us know, the resources for the average H.I.P* and… 682 more words


A new method can predict autism in babies as young as 12 months old

In most cases, autism can’t be diagnosed until children are two years old, but sometimes signs of the condition appear earlier. Usually, babies that have otherwise progressed normally will start showing subtle changes in behavior: difficulty focusing or speaking with others, or trouble pointing at objects. 367 more words

Get Your Red On - February is 'National Heart Month'

Valentine’s Day is Just Around the Corner – Good reminder to take good care of yourself so you can enjoy more quality time with those you love.  1,223 more words

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Science now knows why acid trips last so long

For over 50 years, LSD has fascinated both users and scientists with its often transcending, sometimes dazzling, widely varied hallucinogenic effects.

As with other drugs (including alcohol), the body can filter out lysergic acid diethylamide from the bloodstream in a matter of hours. 435 more words

A cookstoves grant from the Gates Foundation gets mixed reviews

Nonprofits that make cookstoves for the global poor have not been blessed with an abundance of resources. So  you would think that the community of stovers, as they’re known, would be pleased by a big infusion of money into the sector from the US government and the  1,392 more words

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Watching major media commit suicide

Watching major media commit suicide

Notes on the end of the news business as we know it

It’s personal

by Jon Rappoport

January 21, 2017… 3,678 more words

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Walk-Fit: or, Making Friends

I met Liz Myska along a trail as we joined others who had ventured out to help with a trail cleanup. For those who have never participated in these events, they are very social. 772 more words

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