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Yes, We Can Do Something About Insecure Work

A recent New York Times editorial claimed it is simply impossible for “good jobs” to equate to a “good life” for Americans. So a logical conclusion can be drawn, that “bad jobs” (or non-secure work) could ever equate to a “good life”. 696 more words

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What Do We Do Now II

What is our Task?

Several times on this blog I have expressed my belief that the Democratic Party must resurrect its partnership with organized labor.  I believe the results of  the presidential election affirm my belief.   1,670 more words


Oh Yeah, That Conflict-of-Interest Thing

One of the many peculiar things we noticed about this past crazy election year was the conspicuous lack of serious discussion about the potential conflicts of interest that Republican nominee Donald Trump and his vast business empire might face if he became president. 1,145 more words


Guest Post: Trump, Sunk Cost Fallacies, and the Next Labor Movement

David Rolf has led some of the largest union organizing campaigns since the 1940s.  He is President of SEIU 775, The Workers Lab, Working Washington, and the Fair Work Center; International Vice President of SEIU; and the author of “The Fight for Fifteen” (New Press, 2016).   1,397 more words

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Gig News: NLRB Sides With Uber Drivers in Challenge of Class Action Waivers

In a significant court filing with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, the National Labor Relations Board has backed Uber drivers challenging the validity of driver arbitration clauses with class action waivers, and signaled that the legality of such clauses is an issue of “national significance.”  The Ninth Circuit is currently… 467 more words

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Why Northwestern Should Be Allowed to Control Player Communication

News broke yesterday that the National Labor Relations Board ruled that Northwestern University was unlawfully controlling their players and thus forced the team to change their handbook and policies. 355 more words

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The Obama Board’s Legacy – Part 2 of 2

This post is the second in a two-part series.

This is the second of a two-part retrospective on President Obama’s NLRB.  The first part addressed how confirmation fights led to three Supreme Court cases and contributed to a change in the filibuster rules.  1,502 more words

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