Kavanaugh on Arbitration

By Russ Bleemer, Sara Higgins & George Somi

President Trump’s nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh, has worked on a healthy dose of arbitration cases during his tenure on the federal appeals court following his confirmation, after a three-year Senate battle, in 2006. 7,528 more words


Panel: Teamsters At Disney World Violated Labor Law

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — A Teamsters union representing bus drivers and costumed characters at Disney World committed an unfair labor practice when it ignored members’ requests to resign from the union… 395 more words


Logic Prevails At The NLRB! Some Common Sense HR Policies Are Legal Once Again!

You may recall that in the last year of the Obama administration the National Labor Relations Board issued a Memorandum declaring that a number of what most of us consider to be common sense HR policies were “presumed illegal” because they could have a “chilling effect” on employees’ Section 7 rights. 709 more words

Labor And Employment Law

The Progressive: So Long, Labor Rights

So Long, Labor Rights, June 2018

It’s been six years since Rich Ahearn retired from the staff of the National Labor Relations Board.

Early this year, Ahearn got word of an impending shakeup at the agency. 94 more words


Big Labor’s Back Door Into Boeing

Rejected last year, the machinists now have a ‘micro’ strategy with wide implications.

Planes are seen under construction at Boeing in North Charleston, South Carolina, March 25.  676 more words

Prime Healthcare Services unlawfully stopped nurses' anniversary raises, court rules


A federal appeals court ruled that Ontario, Calif.-based Prime Healthcare Services violated the National Labor Relations Act when it canceled anniversary raises for unionized nurses, according to a  346 more words

SCOTUS Holds that Class Action Waivers in Employment Contracts Must be Enforced

By Stephen A. Fogdall

In a landmark decision, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled 5-4 that arbitration clauses in employment contracts requiring individual dispute resolution procedures and prohibiting class actions and other collective litigation procedures must be enforced under the Federal Arbitration Act.  799 more words