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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all my followers and anyone from around the globe who happens by. This is my favorite time of year and if you know me just a little by now, well, I’m not so serious. 532 more words

Movie Feasts That Will Make Your Thanksgiving Dinner Pale In Comparison

Thanksgiving: a time for humility, gratitude, and decency. It’s a special day when families come together to remember why we only set one day of the year aside for coming together with family, where generational differences are made abundantly clear, and displays of unbridled consumption commemorate America’s genocidal origins. 2,310 more words


Top 10 Overlooked "Funniest Screenplays"

Earlier in the week, the Writer’s Guild of America tickled our collective list addiction and dropped their “101 Funniest Screenplays.” If you haven’t taken a look, … 548 more words

Vinyl Idolz: Christmas Vacation in January

Coming up from Vinyl Idolz is something better than a membership to the Jelly of the Month Club!

We are excited to present Clark Griswold, dressed in his holiday finest and ready for a good old-fashioned family Christmas! 19 more words


Pop! Movies: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation in November

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is coming just in-time for the holidays!

The overly optimistic Clark Griswold and his dense Cousin Eddie are ready to spread holiday cheer! 76 more words


Actor Randy Quaid released from Laval detention centre

Despite having had prominent roles in some of Hollywood’s top-grossing movies, actor Randy Quaid managed to live secretly in Ottawa and Westmount for months while trying to avoid immigration officials. 686 more words

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