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Government ‘names and shames’ 62 hospitality firms for underpaying the minimum wage

Some 62 hospitality firms have been “named and shamed” by the government for underpaying the National Minimum Wage and Living Wage, as one business operator said he felt the sector was being “particularly targeted” by the authorties. 1,765 more words


Unpaid Britain: wage default in the British labour market

Employers withholding billions of pounds from workers in Britain

At least 2 million workers in Britain are losing over £3 billion in unpaid holiday pay and wages a year say… 1,051 more words

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Young people to get largest rise in National Minimum Wage in a decade

The largest increase in a decade in National Minimum Wage (NMW) rates for 18-20 and 21-24 year olds has been announced today. 225 more words


The Tory government is a crime against the humanity of the nation

I’ve just transferred some money across to my nieces bank account because she’s gone overdrawn because she hasn’t been paid this month. I did it not just because I care about her, but because I am raging angry, because we always pay, even after we bailed the banks out, we always pay, and bank charges, in particular, drive me incoherent with rage. 1,291 more words


Increased living wage!

From 6 November 2017, the voluntary UK living wage has increased from £8.45 to £8.75 per hour. The London living wage has increased from £9.75 to £10.20 per hour; the first time minimum wage has topped £10 an hour. 265 more words


Minimum Wage: NLC confirms submission of nominees for committee

The Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, says it has submitted the names of its nominees for the 29 man-committee for the negotiation of the new National Minimum Wage. 13 more words

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Unlawful pay deductions aren’t the only problem – there are problematic lawful ones as well

We all get ill from time to time. Sometimes we just need one or two days off work to recover from a cold. Other times things are more serious and we need rather longer periods away from work. 635 more words

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