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...and now he's coming for the self - employed

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As part of his cunning plan, Gidiot Osborne – the Chancer (No – not a spelling mistake) of the Exchequer, now has his sights set on the self – employed. 156 more words

National Minimum Wage should increase to a Living Wage for all

Unite blasts inadequacy of today’s minimum wage increase as well as Tory ‘sham’ Living Wage

Employers such as Lidl must treat Northern Ireland workers on basis of equality… 307 more words

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New employment laws come into effect

October saw the introduction of a raft of new employment legislation, including an increase in the National Minimum Wage and a new law banning smoking in cars in which children are present. 208 more words

Managing the UK's forthcoming National Minimum Wage and the introduction of the National Living Wage

There appears to be a storm brewing in the hospitality industry as claims that the increase to the National Minimum Wage (NMW) next month and the introduction of the… 310 more words

Apprenticeships Q & A...Part 1

I’ve been collating this post for a while, as many of my friends and family have questions about what I do, what an apprenticeship is & what it involves. 1,067 more words

NMW enforcement: David Cameron ramps up the rhetoric (but not much else)

Late last month, prime minister David Cameron used an article in the Times – Parliament is just so yesterday, dahling – to announce that he is putting enforcement of the… 742 more words


Travel Time = Work Time?

Travel Time

Following a recent decision of the European Court of Justice (ECJ), time spent travelling to and from a customer is now to be regarded as… 499 more words