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Criminal Justice Reform Champion Colin Kaepernick Calls Attention To Notorious Jail

Colin Kaepernick put a spotlight on conditions in this nation’s dysfunctional prison system with a visit to what’s arguably the most notorious jail in America. He sparked controversy on Tuesday with a surprise visit to meet with detainees inside the George Motchan Detention Center on New York’s Rikers Island, The… 296 more words

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See How This Underprivileged Teen Went From College Dropout To The Top Pick For Schools Around The Country

Sometimes all it takes is a little magic to get things done.

Teenager Drew Anthony had a pretty rough upbringing, growing up in the inner city without his father who was killed in a drive by shooting when Anthony was just 3. 121 more words

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Sneak Peek: Kanye West Will Finally Make An Appearance On The Kardashian Christmas Card

Every year, the Kardashians reveal their over-the-top family photo in the form of a Christmas card. This year, the family took a very different approach, and they’re doing a “25 Days Of Christmas” featuring multiple teaser photos every day in December, until revealing the final card on the actual day of Christmas. 311 more words

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#AshawntyDavis Sparks Twitter Debate On Keaton Jones And Bullying Victims

This past week, Keaton Jones went viral when his mom, Kimberly Jones, posted a video of him crying about being bullied.

The emotional video, which was posted December 8, got waves of support from celebrities like… 326 more words

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Professor Speaks Against ‘I’m Not A Racist:’ ‘This Is Psychological Warfare’

Professor Aaron X. Smith of Temple University shared some strong words about the “I’m Not A Racist” video that went viral in November.

This brother said everything I wanted to say about that “I’m not racist” video… Protect him at all costs… …

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Jimmy Kimmel Holds His Baby Billy For A Monologue About Healthcare That’ll Tug At Your Heart Strings

The talk amongst late-night viewers throughout 2017 has been about which hosts are brave enough to constantly state their opinions on the government in such an intense political climate. 270 more words

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Uh Oh: “Man Flu” Might Be A Real Thing, So Maybe Men Aren’t Wimps When They’re Sick After All

Whether you’ve taken care of your boyfriend, husband, father, or brother…pretty much every woman is familiar with just how insanely dramatic a lot of men are when they’re sick. 333 more words

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