10 Publishing Lessons From A Newbie (Part 1)

1. It pays to hire and editor, but know what you are paying for first. 

The best and worse thing that I did when I finished Blood Child was hire an editor.   1,888 more words

Life & Other Interesting Questions

Working Title: New Life

If you’ve been around since November, you might remember I participated in National Novel Writing Month for the first time. After a lot of prep work before the challenge—meaning the most outlining I’ve ever done in my life as a writer—I was able to push out 35,000 words toward my novel-in-progress. 125 more words

General Thought

Why I am allergic to most 'how to' books on writing

I have an admission to make: ‘how to’ writing books make me feel a bit queasy.

You know the ‘classics’ you’re supposed to read? The ones that talk about grammar and style, and how to psychoanalyse your characters to within an inch of their lives? 746 more words


When re-writing a small part is only the beginning.

As you know I re-wrote the first Chapter of TFA. I knew that there were going to be some changes that had to happen due to those changes, but … 130 more words

I didn't expect to see you

A few nights ago, I sat down to write. I had nothing in particular I wanted or needed to work on at that time. Since I’m trying to focus on building the habit of writing every day, I thought it might be nice to grab a writing prompt and do a short piece. 305 more words

What I'm Writing



I am just getting started with this blog but I will do my best to insure that it becomes something worth everyone’s time to read. 233 more words



When I signed up for NaNoWriMo, I learned about a computer program called Scrivener. It’s designed for writing. It’s not a word processor and it doesn’t have powerful formatting features to generate an attractive document. 455 more words