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Originally posted on The Write Nook: A few weeks ago, Publisher’s Weekly came out with a ranking of America’s top 20 publishing houses for 2016. It’s no surprise who the top 5 were, but what’s really important is what came after.

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Targets, targets, writing targets...

I wrote this for another blog, a writing blog I co-write with friends:

It’s probably true that every one who writes, writes in a different way – 705 more words


Nusquamton Archives

Throughout the mortal realm are dimensional beings providing services to humans on Earth that they aren’t aware they need. One such being is Nusquamton, the Pleasant Regions of the Miserable. 107 more words

Creative Writing

Cover Art Progress

Recently, I came across an article [ ] posted by NaNoWriMo about indie writers and making the perfect cover for their novels. Most days, I would have kept on scrolling past the article, but I decided to take a look at some of the ideas the article gave us. 1,146 more words

What a Ride!

Have you ever wondered at the turn of events that one encounters on their journey through this life? We start out with such great intentions and then, whoosh, we get waylaid. 308 more words

The Discovery Writer VS Chapter One

Hi there, and welcome to 2017. I know I’m a little late with that greeting, but I’ve been hanging back, trying to make sure I had some great news for an update. 829 more words

On Writing

5 Lessons from "My First Novel"

I’ve been writing stories since I could pick up a pencil and form letters on paper (or whatever else my pencils and crayons would make a mark on). 1,082 more words