Scrivener App for Writers Pt 2: Character and Setting

Here are some more thoughts on Scrivener, presented as notes I’ve taken while I’m actually using it to create my next novel length story.

Notes: 1,933 more words


Deadline Missed, World Didn’t End…‘Budding Iris’ Awaits Completion

‘The road to hell is paved with works-in-progress.’

Philip Roth

Yes, my second book ‘Budding Iris’ is still a work-in-progress, but not abandoned! I blame my resolve – it stumbles over my blurred premise, which lost focus at the 53,462-word count.

290 more words
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Scenes Semi Outlined Today

I sat down today and in Scrivener I created a page for each scene. I then put each scene into the acts they are currently in for the vomit draft. 804 more words

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Self Assessment of the Revision Process

Okay so I’ve been making some very slow progress with the revision of my novel here. I’ve discussed somewhat on my personal blog in this post 349 more words

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Happy New Year, I Have My Own Apartment & Goals!

I know this post is late, but happy new year! I just moved into my own place about a week ago and it has been crazy…with no wifi. 282 more words

NaNo2016 Recap


Nano did not go well for me this year. I continued working on one of my projects that I’ve been working on for a while now. 579 more words


Time to Revise Surge of the Soul Eater

Okay so now it’s the 1st of January and I haven’t looked at Surge of the Soul Eater for an entire month. I have done other things and written unrelated short stories elsewhere. 134 more words

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