Eleanor update - end in sight

I am a quarter way through my final round of edits. And this time, I mean final!

Eleanor has come such a long way in only 6 months. 245 more words


In the Unlikeliest Places

Odd, but it’s where you’ll stumble across Readers and Writers.

It may seem like such a coincidence, that the odds are stacked against it happening, perhaps a million-to-one shot.   2,249 more words


Hand One Is Dealt - My Book

Years ago I wrote a book during National Novel Writing Month. It was the first time I had participated, and I was happy with what I had written. 319 more words


knock 'em like rocky

I’m a “habitualist” about writing. Candles. Tea. Cold weather. Late fall and winter months give me the writer vibes while summers are always “time off,” dedicated to the books I abandoned for my own stories. 877 more words

Creative Writing

What the Screams Are All About

The worst thing about opening a decade-old work in progress (though can it be called a work in progress if no progress has been made on it for years?) is that I have forgotten much of what I’d written. 609 more words


The gaping, empty hole

I finished! When you read that title I bet you were expecting something much more… not happy. Like, I failed and I feel miserable and I’m falling into a black hole of sadness or something. 918 more words


November is National Novel Writing Month

Summer is coming and that means so are finals and the end of school. As a writer, I’ll be spending time, on and off, preparing for November. 238 more words