Nanowrimo Wrap Up

It’s an end of an era, Nanowrimo 2017 is over. I wrote a blog post… technically last week, titled Lazer Team 2, and it was about the movie Lazer Team 2 – I wanted to break up the Nanowrimo talk with something else and well there you go. 341 more words


What Is the 85K90D Challenge and Why You Should Take Part?

Okay, I’ve been mulling over some things now that NaNoWriMo is over. One of which is whether I should sign up to take the 85K90D challenge. 516 more words


NaNoWriMo: Now What?

As I shared in my last post, I did it–I wrote 50K words in the month of November, effectively winning National Novel Writing Month. I’ve never drafted a full novel before, and it turns out that if you set a daily word count goal and work to hit or exceed that almost every day, you’ll also end up with some semblance of a novel. 561 more words


How to NaNo with Chronic Pain

Having previously come to terms with being a tortuously slow writer, I had not participated in NANoWriMo for a couple of years. I didn’t see a point. 498 more words


Productive procrastination

As you know, I’ve been feeling pretty down since National Novel Writing Month ended, but recently I started placing all my energy and focus into my fantasy series, … 630 more words


The handsome vicar and the runaway child

I didn’t realise four years ago when I took on the National Novel Writing Challenge that the 50,000 words i was attempting to write would become the start of the next six books… I began to tell the story of Thomas Radwinter and his three brothers, Marcus, Paul and John, of the ups and the down of their lives and their families. 775 more words


Nanowrimo 2017: A Reflection (Week 4)

And lo, Nanowrimo ended once again.

I always feel a little low and creatively exhausted after November, and it usually means that I stop writing for the rest of December and don’t pick it up again until the new year. 377 more words