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Analyzing Corrosion Rates to Understand Hazards of Wrecked Vessels

By Cynthia Greenwood
DoD Corrosion Policy and Oversight Office

A tank barge that sank amid rough seas on January 24, 1936, in Long Island Sound carried 500,000 gallons of heating oil. 929 more words


National parks call on Americans to 'Find Your Park'

Image Credit: Rough Guides

WASHINGTON (AP) – After nearly 100 years, the National Park Service holds some of the most beautiful and historic places in the country, though there’s also an $11 billion backlog of unfunded maintenance and a visitor base that’s aging and mostly white. 691 more words


BANZAI! It’s Almost Cherry Blossom Time

There is a much to say about Washington DC’s cherry trees. Swirling round these beautiful blossoms is a diplomatic legacy, plenty of annual hubbub, tons of art work, a spawn of tattoos, hundreds of thousands of of eager tourists and millions of dollars to be made. 949 more words

Deep Blue Openings in an Increasingly Sound-Filled World

The detection of sound provides a primary registers by which we are able to judge spatial relations and experience space.  But sensitivity to auditory sensations may be increasingly compromised to orient ourselves across much of the country; recent mapping of increasingly elevated  5,821 more words

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CREST Training

We want to take today’s post to brag on our Cultural Resources Emergency Support Team members and assure you of their availability to provide NC sites with tangible assistance. 412 more words

Connecting To Collections

New Year's at Kalaupapa

Had history been kinder to the Hawaiian people, Kalaupapa likely would have far more positive associations than it does today. An isolated peninsula on the windward side of Molokai, it is as strikingly beautiful as any place on the Hawaiian islands. 625 more words


IW Inspiring Women

Inspiring Women at home and around the world

Note: This is the first installment in a feature series about Inspiring Women. It is dedicated to all women who are trying to make a difference and better other people’s lives, as well as their own.   1,554 more words