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Small view or big picture?

Hunters go on about their killing of birds being a national pastime.

I call my activity of enjoying the sight and sound of living birds an international pastime. 7 more words


"National Pastime" or "Flash-in-the-Pan": Snow Skiing in the United States

In a 2014 double issue of The International Journal of the History of Sport, sport historians illustrated ways that various sports in the United States have been, are, and could be considered “national pastimes.” Baseball, American football, basketball, boxing, hunting, and horse racing all received scholarly scrutiny as to the sports’ potential status as national pastimes. 2,367 more words

Sport History

Identity in Sports

Identity was always an issue that I struggled with while living in America. As a Korean-American, I was born in South Korea and came to the United States when I was one year old. 460 more words

The Personal In Political

Why Baseball Matters

It’s just a game after all. Despite those shallow Twitter profiles we may feel “connected to,” no one I directly know is making money from following baseball. 604 more words


Baseball, culture and language

For Americans baseball is much more than just a sport.  There is a whole culture tied to baseball that tells us where we come from, what our values are and how we view the world.   294 more words

Places We Have Been

Baseball Then and Now

For as long as I can remember, I have loved the game of baseball. I still do. I don’t just love the game play, but I love the strategy, the gamesmanship, the personal effect, the unwritten rules, and perhaps most of all, the measurement by which all eras can correlate with one another. 217 more words


Congratulations - You May Already Be A Weiner

No more calls.  The response to the “Can of Corn” riddle has been underwhelming.  I’ll give the straight and short answer.

When used in a baseball sense a ” Can of Corn” refers to a pop up that goes straight up and straight down making the catch an easy one for the fielder. 357 more words