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Depravity In The Middle States

As I’ve already said, I grew up in an area where hockey is everywhere you look, especially in these winter months. It’s basically a way of life, so much so that, while you’re immersed in it, you hardly notice it. 584 more words



Over the course of this Nation’s history, U.S. Presidents have shared in the rich cultural heritage and fascination with America’s National Pastime. In perhaps the first reference to baseball (although it was called rounders at the time), Abraham Lincoln once told an aide, “Tell him I’m glad he’s coming, but he’s gonna have to wait till I get my next at bat”. 428 more words


Review of NFL Football: A History of America’s New National Pastime

Crepeau, Richard C. NFL Football: A History of America’s New National Pastime. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 2014. Pp. 256. Notes, bibliography, and index. $95.00 clothback, $19.95 paperback. 1,398 more words

Book Review

Softball...The Original Baseball?

-David Strobach-

I have been a little obsessed with baseball history since I started reading Bill James’ Historical Baseball Abstract.  As I read, I would love to post baseball history fun facts to share cool new content! 151 more words


Film Rewind: Pastime (1990)

Baseball. It’s as American as apple pie. How many of us went to at least one game at the ballpark as a kid? How many of us remember the seventh inning stretch? 688 more words

After all

Though we know
everything is bounded
by time,
there is, after all,
in which time has its function,
but does not rule.

— from… 99 more words

Quick—Who Won the 2014 World Series?

Give up?  It was the San Francisco Giants.  Okay, who’d they beat?  Answer: the Kansas City Royals.  (I had to look up both answers on the Internet.)  But I’m not alone. 742 more words