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Wherein the Book Implies Source

Wherein the Book Implies Source 

And words form the vessel by which we traverse centuries, the river
stitched across the valley’s floor, easing access.

Accession by choice. 154 more words


Week 23: In The Madness

In The Madness

You are the first things I think of,

And the last before I fall asleep.
Maybe some things aren’t meant to be touched, … 49 more words

Week 22 - Chill


Things are getting colder,

First frost,

You and me.

There’s always someone left,

To pick up the pieces.

I want to drown so I can breathe again, 11 more words

Week 21 - Sun


There are sunflowers in my eyes.
The leaves turn,
The sun branches hot over the sky,
But slowly, the temperature is falling.

Summer is a dream, 15 more words

Button Up! Wrinkled Rhymes

Title: Button Up! Wrinkled Rhymes

Author: Alice Schertle

Pages: 32

Summary(from Amazon.com): Clothes take on a personality all their own in this “fashionable” poetry collection. A colorful array of outfits are brought to vivid life by Alice Schertle’s wry poetry and Petra Mathers’s exuberant cast of animal characters.  66 more words

Beast Feast: Poems & Paintings

Title: Beast Feast: Poems & Paintings

Author: Douglas Florian

Pages: 32

Summary(from Amazon.com):In this hilarious collection of twenty-one original animal poems and paintings, the animals are out in all their finned, furry, and feathered glory. 69 more words

Week 20 - Enchanting


There’s something enchanting about your skin,
That holds me in thrall.

I am a bleeding heart in the summertime,
Small and quiet and swaying, 9 more words