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could we have a word?

i’d like to aromaburn the night
there’s a tree here sledging somewhere
and you are already within it
what sound does it make when you touch the ground and crumple… 34 more words


Week 3 - The Wolf

The Wolf

Summer storms have come back today. 

The heat mixes with the sun and the rain condenses,

Builds to a crescendo and I am almost soaked on my way to the subway. 73 more words

In Celebration of Summer...

Here is William Blake’s poem, To Summer, in honor of the longest day of the year:

O Thou who passest thro’ our vallies in… 150 more words


Week 2 - Gotham


A thunderstorm has come calling tonight.

Curled in my little room, drops land on my windows,

Run rivulets on the fire escape.

I close my eyes and listen to the sound of the rain. 17 more words

a Note on Time (meeting me2)

She left this morning.
conveniently smooth like tap water /
Promises taped to her right palm for her to befriend the wild with food

She just wanted to be great. 96 more words


Week 1 - Hoyt-Schermerhorn


I am crammed on the A train,

Next to a man in an MTA hat. 

I nudge him as I wedge my body in, 92 more words