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Week 36 - Thoughts on a January Friday

Thoughts on a January Friday

There is fear in the air today.

I wonder, 

If that fear is a bad thing.

Only when one is scared can one be brave, 52 more words

Sister SOS (Inspired by Kathleen Cleaver)

She’s heard more eulogies than poetry so I wrote this for her.

Amidst the sips of licorice tea, I asked her
“what would she do differently.” 80 more words


Week 35 - East River

East River

I think, this is a moment to light a candle instead of cursing the darkness. 

There is a woman putting on lipstick,

Tourists taking pictures, 57 more words

Week 34 - Into the Starlight

Into the Starlight

We can leave the night on.

I haven’t had a night that I don’t want to end in so long.

Take me, and bring me back to perfection in the darkness.

She Chronicles 2017


She Chronicles celebrates the feminine narrative through showcasing Her unique vernacular in literary contributions.  “Women writing about other women responsibly.”


Week 33 - Cattails, Part 2

Cattails, Part 2

Dark December evenings,

Sitting on a train passing over the Passaic river,

Watching the lights slide and wondering if I’ll ever be better than I am. 58 more words

Brown Paper Packages #5


Gearing up for the New Year?

I love to sit down and contemplate the past year and plan for the new one. I usually dream up things I’d like to do and write down my hopes and plans for the new year. 316 more words