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Back into the storm

He says good night, sweet dreams

And I try not to read between the lines

Searching for I love you escapees

Falling from his lips… 27 more words


Week 16 - the story of us

the story of us

the cover is closed.

it’s staying that way,

and I won’t be reading the book again.

the things you love always stay with you.

Week 15 - Cattails


I sit on an early morning train to New York City,

And it doesn’t even occur to me to think of you.

Instead, I watch the wind on the meadowlands, 29 more words

How Can I Serve You During a Facebook Live Session?--A Poll

Hi creative peeps,

I’m thinking of playing with a new feature called ‘Facebook Live’, in the fall. If you’ve never taken part in Facebook Live it means that at a designated time, I’d turn on my camera and I would be talking to you in real time. 117 more words


Week 14 - Heat Wave

Heat Wave

I don’t understand,

How I can be water logged and melt,

At the same time.

Am I built of the same metals,

Or does the blood in my veins run different colors different days. 20 more words

Week 13 - Thoughts on Rain and Moving On

Thoughts on Rain and Moving On

The rain is coming down tonight,
And it is neither poetic nor beautiful.

I wonder why I always tell myself to move forward, 30 more words