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Week 8 - You give me butterflies

You give me butterflies 

You give me butterflies

You make me smile and frown 

I am surprised at how my emotions change on my face… 20 more words

Week 4 - Butterflies


It’s been months.

Too much time since hearing your voice on the phone,

Your hands across from mine.

There are too many complications on the table tonight. 17 more words

one more for my father

near the end his coughs caught fire
like the exposed electrical wiring
of the first house he bought
after the divorce when he still
kept hope alive as one might… 189 more words


unmarked crimescene

salad greens and ranch
fat flakes of parmesan
spilled against a wrought iron
fence beside a brown bag
food warm but not hot inside
the thin plastic box with foggy lid… 104 more words


no loitering no trespassing

i’m told Borges would receive visitors
trace the sound of the titles in his library
ask them to read through gesture
or something aural the blanching… 71 more words


99.9 percent of all the species that have ever existed are extinct

mulberries! how have i never tracked
the riddles through carpet before
never squeezed a drupelet body
into royal hands or fallen asleep
in the sun among these new friends… 128 more words


pictures lacking frames or where do you get off

the schizophrenia weight gain study
benefits from the cute invisible braces
ad beside it. if you have an afro like that
though, you don’t really need perfectly… 212 more words