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Workspace Revison: What to do with old journals

With July coming to a close and a new semester hot on its heels, this weekend seemed like a good time to “revise” my workspace. This has involved: 1) moving my meditation and yoga accoutrements from my office to the bedroom, where there is more space for such activities, 2) ordering a couple of new bookshelves, and 3) boxing up the stacks of books that were lining the baseboard under the printer table. 972 more words

Travel Journal

Oulipost, Day 25 - Larding

Larding – line stretching, fattening up the poem.  Begin with two lines from your selected text.  Add a line between them.  Add a line between lines 1 and 2, and between lines 2 and 3.   415 more words

Week 12 - Drowning


There are things in this life,
To hold on to.

I need to smell the sunshine mixed with saltwater on my hair.

I know how the water moves, 33 more words


there is nothing sacred about the child
limbs pudgy and limp as the broth it feeds on
there is nothing blameless about the child
rations of debt beginning in a mother’s arms… 44 more words


Week 12 - Views From a Flight to Charlotte

Views From a Flight to Charlotte

Little lights go on.

Switches are flipped, and whole cities illuminate.

It is like someone turned the whole world alight.