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4/26 - purest love

4/26 – purest love


For my purest love

The woman closest to my heart

The woman who is my heart’s human form

The woman who my heart love so much… 153 more words


survival instinct

Painting by Egon Schiele.

I am brain-blockaded animal, hand-trap springtime from unkempt body,/ unkempt circuitry ticking ticking ticking inside the flower walls, the murder-garden inside me is just the history, unstopped watches and sundials & we made those too, another trap for ourselves & my history tortures me in linear, the slow tick of the root-cage bars under the trees, I am there in the dark hovels, there in small corners and the gathered realms of my childhood bedroom-woods, the trees blossoming from floorboard and forestry touching ceiling like jumanji, the world cornered me in & curled me into arms, and it is silent… 290 more words


Highlights from my poem-a-day challenge: The silly, the mundane, and the super random

If you remember, I spent April participating in National Poetry Month by writing a poem EVERY SINGLE DAY! I thought it was going to be hard, but I quickly found an easy way to keep up with the challenge–I used Twitter to post my poems! 714 more words


Recap: National Poetry Month 2018

April has come and gone, taking with it my favorite creative writing project: a poem a day for National Poetry Month. For the second year in a row, I took to Instagram and shared a poem ( 158 more words


NPM - 21 of 30

Searching the Sky

flying west toward the coast
toward home
golden horizon beckons
promising nothing

I’m familiar with what awaits
quiet, unspoken thoughts
about the trajectory of my life… 357 more words


Contest Winners! Claim Your Prizes!

Hey everyone,
Please see the following post, as it contains the contest winners! Winners have until the 26th to collect their prizes. Please email me at jennsmithak at gmail.com to claim. 7 more words

NPM - 20 of 30

Winter Solstice

on the longest night of the year
my father told us he was ready to die

driving home, those lines popped in my head… 330 more words

Ordinary Life