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National Poetry Month 2015: Day 30, Alice Notley (2015 Ruth Lilly Poetry Prize-winner)

“The Goddess Who Created This Passing World”

By Alice Notley

The Goddess who created this passing world
Said Let there be lightbulbs & liquefaction
Life spilled out onto the street, colors whirled… 96 more words

National Poetry Month

National Poetry Month 2015: Day 29, Wallace Stevens

“Sunday Morning”

By Wallace Stevens


Complacencies of the peignoir, and late
Coffee and oranges in a sunny chair,
And the green freedom of a cockatoo… 864 more words

National Poetry Month

no rhyming tonite

The rally in his mouth no longer
moves me
His ante dotes no longer describe / how I feel
the flavor in his analogies offend me… 54 more words



She’s the pebble that reflects the sun’s warm rays

She’s the paper he jots down all of his pent up frustrations upon

She’s the pen through which all of his hazy dreams ooze unto the blank lines of his journal… 105 more words

reality tv

your make believe
makes you millions
and stuffed cabbage for days with steak and cups of spirits

your make believe
deep bruised souls
and mother’s whose doubts outrun ruined panty hose… 57 more words


Planet Mercury

Mercury’s brave
close to the sun
lost in its glare
how quickly it runs 264 more words

Creative Writing

Drop In and Hang Out: Book Spine Poetry

I was looking for an easy passive program that would incorporate National Poetry Month a few weeks ago, so I turned to the old standby: Book Spine Poetry. 180 more words