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Week 21 - Next Time

Next Time

My body remembers you faster than my heart does.

I move in your embrace,

My eyes grow red and I try to teach my lungs to breathe, 48 more words

The Silence of Others

Rubber against asphalt, leather against concrete.
A blanket of smoke, smell of people all around.
All the madness, all the chaos,
The concrete jungle.

Cars and bikes, buses and rails. 105 more words

Creative Writing

Week 20 - Fifteen Years

Fifteen Years

A few weeks ago, my car had to go into the shop for an oil change.

My mom told me, “Go call Abuela, see if she can drive you.” 50 more words

Week 19 - Closer


I know I should quit you.

You are magic,

Beautiful things float past my eyes and I could stay in here forever.

But at the end of the day it’s just a dream. 18 more words

Week 18 - Early Thursday Evening

Early Thursday Evening 

I’m searching for words.

I know I haven’t written in a while,

So I don’t know where to find them.

Eventually life becomes a groove and it’s easy to forget, 22 more words

Week 17 - Thoughts on the End of Summer

Thoughts on the End of Summer

The train is strangely empty today.

Another work week is gone,

School begins again and the breath of the city changes. 40 more words

Back into the storm

He says good night, sweet dreams

And I try not to read between the lines

Searching for I love you escapees

Falling from his lips… 27 more words