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Week 40 - Love Letter

Love Letter

I come back to you like an old friend.

You embrace me in soft arms,

Hold me until I reach my equilibrium.

I pull my head under your water, 21 more words


I’m thinking about what to do for National Poetry Month this year. Last year, when I did the Found Poetry Review’s Poetry Month Scouts, I thought “Hey, what about a month of sonnets?” It sounded like a silly idea then, but now I’m not so sure. 9 more words


Week 39 - Tea Lights

Tea Lights


The flame that never burns out.

I keep you like a lit candle,

Burning in a glass tea light.

I will watch the flames flicker forever.

Week 38 - Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park

Sometimes, I wonder why the earth keeps turning.

I want to draw it on the sidewalk in bright greens and blues,

And pretend that every time I breathe, 11 more words

Week 37 - Little Dipper

Little Dipper

The stars shine bright tonight.

The roll of the water,

The salt of the sea.

There is a certain calmness,

A rightness,

I feel. 53 more words

Week 36 - memory


it’s a funny thing,

watching love run out.

leaves fall and carpet the grass,

the moon turns and suddenly it’s time for new beginnings. 12 more words

Week 35 - Hudson


Rivers, and seas,

Between you and me.

The skyline twinkles in the background,

And we dance in circles,

In a burning room.

Roses and sun showers, 43 more words