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Sparking memories, and tears, with poetry

April was National Poetry Month and you’ve probably read about poetry in this space before. Poetry enlightens, inspires, challenges…and also provides a way for people living with Alzheimer’s to reconnect with their memories. 536 more words

Andrea Doray

almost didn't

This almost didn’t happen.

We almost didn’t happen

the reception
the baby shower

we / almost made company with pocket lent

recorded sound horns

almost gave you my money… 25 more words


Week 29 - Stand


Hold an umbrella for me.

Just show me,

That I told at least a bit of you in my hands.

You love her, and you could love me, 20 more words

12 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 1, Color

12 Things I Am Grateful For This Year
Day 1: Color

Sun.  Fern. Spotted Fawn.
Magenta gernaniums.
Maples leaves. Storm clouds.

My inner palette
is saturated, ready
to cradle winter.

Week 28 - Austenland


The rain is softly falling,

Quiet notes of country music fill my ears.

Things are familiar, and warm.

My hands feel small as they turn the pages, 52 more words

Immovable Devotion

My heart is landlocked.

All of the boats are docked,
waiting to carry me out to sea.