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Ipsos MORI Political Monitor, April 2016

Ipsos MORI have published their fourth Political Monitor of 2016, for April [1]. The fieldwork was conducted by telephone between April 16th and April 18th, with 1,026 British adults being interviewed. 485 more words

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Transgender Bathrooms

What Pisses Me Off About Transgender Bathrooms

The only people the North Carolina law will impact is creepy perverts, so why is the left so angry about it? 166 more words

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EZ to Understand Middle East Problem

The Middle East conflict is framed as one of the most complex problems in the world. But, in reality, it’s very simple. Israelis want to live in peace and are willing to accept a neighboring Palestinian state. 73 more words

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The Gangsters Manipulating the 2016 Presidential Election

Drudge, Koch, Soros, Bezos: These 4 non-politicians will determine the next president

The real players who have unrivaled influence over who takes the White House… 110 more words

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"Death threats" -- it comes to this?

I have been having fun with some of the strange emails that I have received from presidential candidates with their offers and commentaries on the state of the campaign. 689 more words

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