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Another Example of the Silent Civil War

Chalk this DailyCaller.com story up to yet another example of liberal hate. Not the “I strongly disagree” type of hate, but the “I want you to die” sort of hate. 147 more words



The GOP almost passed an Obamacare repeal. What did I hear about most on facebook? Whether Pelosi should be minority leader. People are still arguing about that now and saying we should call up Tim Ryan and tell him he’s an asshole. 41 more words

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Here's Proof Trump-Russia is Fake News!

So, here you go. I found this story on the NewsTalk1130 news feed this morning. A CNN producer was caught on tape admitting that the Trump-Russia story is bullshit. 80 more words


Trump crony Doug Manchester role in voter suppression by San Diego Democrats is an embarrassment to the #restorethevote campaign

The idea of Democrats siding with developers over the voters is nothing new in Florida or California. But in this era of Trump, it’s still surprising to see some Democrats play ball with his close associates. 1,776 more words

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The Republican commitment to enacting Trumpcare comes to a fork in the road; In Memoriam, Father Vincent M. Cooke, S.J. and Bill Mariani

So this is what all the waiting was for? A warmed over hybrid of Obamacare and the House “repeal and replace” bill is all the United States Senate Republicans could come up with? 1,369 more words

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"Transformers 5" Debuts to Franchise-Low $69 Million

Following left-wing celebrities Johnny Depp, Jim Carrey and Madonna, Wile E. Coyote has also now called for President Trump to be assassinated.  He made the threat through a series of small wooden signs he held up in a remote American desert. 231 more words

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Infanticide is now ordered?

So, abortion is horrible. Simple as that. But it seems that Illinois thinks otherwise, as they’ve now made it required for pro-life doctors in Illinois to inform and promote abortion to their patients. 130 more words