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The Id from New York

Herr Drumpf is at it again.  He said yesterday he wants to punch Michael Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York and bona fide self-made billionaire (worth about 8x’s more than Trump), because… 541 more words

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Bipartisan Attack on Due Process

Our nation is at war with a violent, radical Islamic terror. Many public figures refuse to acknowledge that there are men and women that are willing to kill and maim those that oppose them in the name of their religion. 766 more words

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On to November, with perhaps the clearest choice ever

After the countless rallies, debates, and commercials for 22 presidential candidates, after what seems like an eternity of primaries and caucuses, we are finally down to our final choices for President of the United States. 1,010 more words

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The Two Party System - Gack! / NorthwestCitizen, Editor's Blog, Tip Johnson

Sat, Jul 23, 2016, 8:31 pm  Tip Johnson

An astute political observer just brought this to my attention.

Clinton’s selection of unknown Kaine as running mate signals that Democrats are willing to throw the election to Republicans and Trump will likely be our next president – absent a resurgence of Sanders in a contested convention.  46 more words


Are American Jews Born to Vote Left?

The first American election I followed closely was the Harry Truman upset of Republican Tom Dewey.     My father voted Republican by devotion.  Mom adored my dad even in politics.   956 more words

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Thoughts on the Nomination of Hillary Clinton (Part 1)

Whether you like it or not, Hillary Clinton is the Democrats’ nominee for president. She is the first female candidate to earn the nomination of a major party (i.e. 668 more words