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Hensarling lies about the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on NPR

Jeb Hensarling is resorting to “alternative facts” in his quest to drag the US back to the bad old days of “innovative” mortgages and unregulated financial companies that gave us the Great Recession. 940 more words


“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” – Sun Tzu

The Reader’s Quandary
There are many prisons. Thousands spread across my nation and hundreds of thousands around the world.

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But We Already Have Ethics Experts

Several weeks ago while listening to NPR I heard a phrase I had not encountered before — ethics experts. These were people with expertise to comment on the conflict of interests surrounding the newly elected President Trump (as if the press needs to hind behind such expertise). 998 more words

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Days Without Grace

She was being interviewed on National Public Radio (NPR). An American actress playing the mother of a special needs child in a new play from London now touring the USA. 532 more words

Thursday Is For Discipleship

Sebastian Gorka has no business being in government, never mind on NPR's Morning Edition (updated)

Sebastian Gorka is fantastic as a spokesman for Donald – Islamophobic, apparently proud of his family’s association with an organization that collaborated with the Nazis, and a proven liar. 212 more words

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Power of the plate: Pop-up dinner series protests Trump's travel ban

Peace Meal Kitchen – a pop-up dinner series in Detroit – is using food to protest President Trump’s travel ban, NPR reports. Founder Mana Heshmati, an engineer, started the project in April as a “low-profit” organization “dedicated to educating diners on regions that are misrepresented in the media or struggling with political conflict.” 349 more words


How truth got so complicated

I promised a couple of weeks ago that we would explore in more detail how to discern reputable sources from those better left to themselves. I wish it were a completely straightforward process, however, in today’s world of “alternative facts” and “ 529 more words

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