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NPR helped me do it ... again!

Until I was driving home from work today, I didn’t think I’d be adding to anything I already said in my earlier blog, NPR helped me do it… 972 more words


NPR helped me do it

On May 15, I was driving home and caught the National Public Radio (NPR) show “Fresh Air” with host Terry Gross.  To my surprise, the part of the show I listened to was devoted to guest Michael Pollan and his experiences with psychedelic drugs.  979 more words


NPR on 2020 Democrats Jobs Proposal

Likely 2020 Democratic Candidates Want To Guarantee A Job To Every American. 

Cory Booker leads National Public Radio‘s May 8, 2018 story on the proposed guaranteed jobs plan endorsed by several possible Democratic candidates for president in 2020. 34 more words

Why I am still a global warming "Denier"

One of my first blogs was Why I Am a global warming “Denier”.  I won’t repeat myself here, because you can click on the thoughtfully provided link in the first sentence and acquaint yourself with my reasons.  1,000 more words


Stabbing Luke

In a story about the USA census National Public Radio took a dagger to Luke, the Physician ,and author of the Gospel of Luke in the New Testament.    313 more words


Celebrating Easter 2018!

Happy Easter everyone!

Today is a day that Christians the world over have been eagerly waiting for! As Pope Francis addressed the tens of thousands in St Peter’s Square he appealed to Mass for world peace. 238 more words

Where there is Propaganda, there is a War going on. In this case, it is a war against social media.

The fear-mongering against Social Media goes on. Bloomberg has one propaganda piece, and NPR has another, with the typical bigoted Left-wing chauvinism against anyone who is an Orthodox Christian. 551 more words

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