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The Cockroach of Media

The new CEO of National Public Radio is a man named Jarl Mohn. Before his life in public radio began, he rose pretty high up in commercial radio, only then he went by his “radio name;” Lee Masters. 471 more words


Self-Actualization (a.k.a. Happiness)

This morning, as I was driving into town, I turned my radio station to NPR (National Public Radio). As usual, they had snippets of TED talks from various speakers on a topic. 319 more words

Mosquito preferences for people is in the genes

In National Public Radio. (you can listen to the podcast also if you follow the link)

A study that asked a few dozen pairs of twins to brave a swarm of hungry mosquitoes has revealed another clue to the cluster of reasons the insects are more attracted to some people than others: Genes matter. 468 more words


An American Media Look at Canada's Quest to Reunite with the Cup

To almost every Canadian who follows hockey the story is now an old one – the last Canadian team to win the Stanley Cup was the Montreal Canadiens of 1993. 120 more words


This Guy Is Running For President, And So Are More Than 200 Others

Here’s a link to my first on-air piece for NPR.

This piece aired on All Things Considered on April 6 , 2015. 11 more words


Basketball and homesickness: an update

As I think about my last few weeks here at Scripps, I’m overwhelmed with homesickness. I’m ready to be back in barbecue country with my family, but I already miss Washington. 393 more words