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Ombudsman: 'Loneliest Job in the Newsroom'

By Casey Bukro

I’m a sucker for stories about news ombudsmen, or public editors or readers representatives, even though they are branded these days. I can’t help myself. 899 more words


Red fox, nocturnal hunter

The red fox is a creature that adapts to diverse habitats including deserts, grasslands, mountains, and forests. They are resourceful and cautious when they walk among human environments such as suburban areas and farm lands. 417 more words


Mick Jenkins- "Wave[s]"

Mick Jenkins and NPR team up to give an exclusive first stream of the Chicago rapper’s mixtape/EP Wave[s]. You can listen to the project right… 108 more words


Existential bullshit.

I used to love listening to National Public Radio via an actual radio. Back when I lived in Austin, Texas, between 2011 and 2013, and couldn’t afford a TV or Wi-Fi – time-wise or moneywise – NPR was my most treasured media outlet. 454 more words


Getting Things Done through the Government

Like other members of my family about whom I have written on this website, I have spent most of my working life in public service.  A few years ago, the local affiliate of National Public Radio asked me to write an essay reflecting on this work for broadcast as part of its “This I Believe” series.   646 more words

Can this public radio station be saved?

Set the radio to 90.7 FM, and instead of hearing an oboe concerto or Morning Edition on WPBI-FM, it’s “positive and encouraging” chatter from K-LOVE hosts somewhere in California. 647 more words


If You Could Read My Mind - Coming Soon To a Microchip Near You(r Brain)

This is a really cool and rather creepy news story about our technological ability to read minds by NPR: To listen, click here.

This is a really beautiful and rather sad song about love lost by Gordon Lightfoot: 7 more words