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Stupid Conservatives!

by Jacques Delacroix, PhD

Sunday afternoon, as I was driving from the harbor, I was listening to National Public Radio. (Yes, I am a kind of hero, that way; I do what needs to be done even if it’s repugnant.) A political commentator whose name escaped me was talking with undisguised contempt about his grossly misinformed conservative uncle. 1,276 more words

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NPR, Broadcasting into the Digital Age

Digital innovation is how National Public Radio is beating its counterparts in broadcast journalism. Radio and NPR have always had a love hate relationship, as one platform stagnates and the news company struggles to evolve. 118 more words

Sexual Misconduct

As the 2016 presidential election approaches and becomes increasingly rude, loud, abrasive, sexist, xenophobic, alarmist, bullish, uncivil, and threatening, I find myself backing off: I’m not good at conflict. 424 more words

National Public Radio

Using the On-Off Button with 'News'

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On any given day, a television or car radio is tuned into a news channel for a specific period of time. Generally speaking, there is but no doubt that everyone wishes to keep current with national and world events. 469 more words

America's Super Gun Owners Are . . . What?

Lois Beckett covers guns in the United States for The Guardian, and recently cross-posted her work on The Trace, because some researchers at Harvard and Northeastern Universities gave these two gun-control-oriented news organizations early access to their findings from a study of gun ownership in the United States. 350 more words


(Told You) Vin Scully Is Great

My emotions run deep today as the great broadcaster, Vin Scully, will work from Dodger Stadium, for the last time.

Ceremonies were held Friday night honoring Scully at Dodger Stadium. 333 more words

Museum of African-American History & Culture opens and two major donors were there: Oprah ($21m) & Robert Smith ($20m); we all know Oprah, meet Mr. Smith - Tola Adenle

With the opening to the public of the Museum of African-American History and Culture on Saturday, September 24,  behind the scenes work of over a hundred years of hard work raising awareness, raising funds, gathering materials and tons of other important necessities to making a modern museum for a History that dates to hundreds of years, have  finally really reached a glorious completion. 2,140 more words