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Schools address plate waste using best practices

By Taylor Malottki

Students at Hickman High School in Columbia lobbed softball-sized oranges across the cafeteria minutes before the bell rang releasing them to class. Thanks to poor hand-eye coordination, some of the oranges ended up rolling on the floor between the tangle of students’ legs. 1,602 more words


Parents disgusted by elementary school lunch

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (PIX11) — Nutrition in school lunches has been a hot topic ever since first lady Michelle Obama implemented mandatory nutritional and USDA standards into the fare served in cafeterias all over the country. 360 more words

You Gotta Watch This!

Good News to Everyone ... Except SNA

I’ve received great feedback on my last couple blogs (thank you to everyone who shared them!) The person whose opinion I value most, however, told me, “Your recent posts have been a little negative. 885 more words

Obesity In The News

Don't Believe the Internet: School Lunches

So this picture has gone viral.  Among the controversy of Michelle Obama’s changes to school menu, people are trying to look at other countries for a better solution. 364 more words


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Even if these pictures aren't completely true, shouldn't the US have no competition whatsoever when it comes to the quality and overall nutrition of the lunch meals they implement?

3 Myths About School Lunch

Providing children with healthy food is a smart investment in our nation’s future, so it’s astounding that there’s room for debate on this issue. As politicians and food giants attempt to roll back the substantial progress made in child nutrition over the past few years, it’s important to examine the strengths and weaknesses of the new school lunch regulations. 839 more words

Food Policy

Don't be surprised.

There is no kids’ food in French school lunches. Don’t believe me? I’m not surprised—given what most people believe to be the average school lunch that our kids eat. 76 more words