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Soviets had a computer program to help it decide when to launch a nuclear war. It nearly happened in 1983

This week, the National Security Archive at George Washington University published a newly declassified 1990 U.S. intelligence-community study that revealed terrifying details about the 1983 U.S.-Soviet war scare. 968 more words


CIA director 'covered up' details of John F Kennedy's assassination, report reveals

Mr McCone and other senior CIA officials are accused of keeping “incendiary” information from the Warren Commission, which was set up by President Lyndon B. Johnson to investigate JFK’s murder. 111 more words


CIA spy ship built to raise Soviet sub becomes victim of oil slump

A ship built by the CIA for a secret Cold War mission in 1974 to raise a sunken Soviet sub is heading to the scrap yard, a victim of the slide in oil prices. 843 more words


Key testimony from Rosenberg spy case released after 64 years

The final piece of sealed testimony in one of the most important espionage cases of the Cold War has been released, 64 years after it was given. 552 more words

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Documents and Links related to the Bush-Gorbachev Malta Summit of 2-3 December 1989 and the Gorbachev-Ceausescu meeting of 4 December 1989 in Moscow

(purely personal views as always, based on more than two decades of prior research and publications)

Articles on the Romanian Revolution of December 1989 that overthrew communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu–particularly those written in Romanian–frequently make reference to the Malta Summit of 2-3 December 1989, usually under the rubric “Yalta-Malta” (to be discussed in a future post), and the Moscow meeting of 4 December 1989 between Gorbachev and Ceausescu…without providing any supporting documentation recording what was actually discussed and not discussed in these meetings.  7,414 more words

Raport Final


In what I jokingly call my spare time, I recently took time to send an impromptu email to some friends whom I thought might like to read some historically fascinating insider-information about the fall of the Berlin wall. 318 more words