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Mass distraction - the loss of reason in Australian politics

In his introductory note to Common Sense, Thomas Paine made the simple yet imperishable observation that ‘Time takes more converts than Reason.’ Paine, who played an influential role in both the French and American Revolutions, made this remark in the context of an outline and critique of the origins of government and the irreparable flaws of monarchic rule. 556 more words

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Birthday for A Caliphate

Breitbart, by Dr. Sebastian Gorka, June 29, 2015:

After Friday’s deadly jihadist attacks in France, Tunisia and Kuwait, Prime Mister David Cameron has stated that ISIS is an existential threat to the West. 1,735 more words

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Ukraine: Orwellian Alice-in-Wonderland from US mainstream media continues

Let’s review facts. A revolutionary “Ukrainian” ethnic gang based in Kiev drove the democratically elected president out of the country. This precipitated the partition of the country we call Ukraine. 278 more words

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CRS -- Ballistic Missile Defense in the Asia-Pacific Region: Cooperation and Opposition (April 3, 2015)

Ballistic Missile Defense in the Asia-Pacific Region: Cooperation and Opposition (PDF)
Source: Congressional Research Service (via Federation of American Scientists)

The growing number and modernization of ballistic missiles in the Asia-Pacific region poses a security challenge for the United States and its allies and is thus a concern for many in Congress.

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Where Have All Our Best Military People Gone?

By Major General Paul Vallely, Ret. 

Warrior leaders of General Patton’s or General LeMay’s stature are no longer wanted. The fundamental job of the military, “kill bad people and break their things,” has become seriously hampered critically now by “rules of engagement” who’s guiding logic is political, not successful, combat. 1,129 more words

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14 Characteristics of Fascism

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Fascism (definition): “A totalitarian philosophy of government that to the state control over every aspect of national life.” (

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The TIME Has Come To OPENLY Question A Strong Feature Of National Security Services

For months now, I have been in constant dilemma on writing on this troubling issue of national security or acting as if the problem I think of never existed. 3,327 more words