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Voices: Traveling to Africa? Think twice about using the word ‘tribe’ By McKenzie Powell, Ohio University

Please do not call the Oromo people (the Oromians) a tribe and by extension all African  nations and nationalities:

You know Why?

Read the following: What Achebe wrote referring to his Igbo people is equally applicable to the Oromo. 1,237 more words

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Origins of the working class in New Zealand

The modern proletariat is a propertyless class. Evicted from the land, dispossessed of the means of life, the proletarians are thereby compelled, under threat of starvation, to sell their labour-power to the owners of the means of production, the capitalists, in return for a wage. 5,162 more words

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The many claimants to the political legacy of Thomas Sankara

(Last in a series based on a visit to West Africa in December and January)
At various locations in Ouagadougou, capital of Burkina Faso, there are monuments to the achievements of the Burkinabè revolution of 1983-87, led by Thomas Sankara, which mobilised the workers and peasants of that country to tackle the problems of economic backwardness and imperialist domination. 2,235 more words

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When will the peoples of #Africa get the right to self determination?

So, then, how was Africa decolonized, if the UN knew what it meant by self-determination, but it did not know what is a people? What happened is that the UN did not look at peoples, but instead looked at what it called Non-Self-Governing Territories, accepting the territorial boundaries as they were at the time – essentially, the colonial boundaries.

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Historical and Contemporary Relations between Europe and the Oromo

Oromo Studies Association’s (OSA’s) Midyear 2015 Conference in Munich, Germany (March 28-29)

The theme of the Conference: “Historical and Contemporary Relations between Europe and the Oromo… 13 more words

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OMN: Qophii Addaa (Shamarree Sirkannaan Ahmad) – Seenaa Gaara Suufii

Sirkannaan Ahmed tells what happened in Gaara suufii,
the killing mountain, Ethiopia’s tyranny against Oromo people

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