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Sunny SoCal

Here in Hemet, it’s constantly sunny. Except now that my team has arrived.

But let’s rewind. I haven’t really updated all of you on what’s been happening in the world of Green 3. 671 more words



Long time no see!

I don’t have all that much to talk about at the moment because we’ve been in training for a few days while transitioning to our new project. 571 more words



Learning in Stages

Conventional wisdom (that is, not really ‘wisdom’ at all) suggests that learning proceeds in four neat and tidy stages. The model is taught as though it’s the be-all and end-all but what it doesn’t do is to depict the subtleties involved in the shift from one assumed ‘stage’ to another. 3,221 more words


Dear NS Men's girlfriends...

Dear girlfriends of our NS boys,

Let me tell you a story.

Today, I was on the train to school when I overheard a conversation. It wasn’t as if I eavesdropped on purpose, the one-sided conversation was so loud that I couldn’t help but overhear. 419 more words


When life gives you lemons...

Well. Basically, my past week in a photograph. Being a good soldier boy.

x NN



Service Opportunity!

Homeless Resource Development VISTA

As a VISTA at Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance you will help end poverty by increasing the effectiveness of the homeless response system in Dallas and Collin County area. 149 more words

AmeriCorps VISTA

Service Opportunity!

Houston Camp and Resource Development VISTA

As a VISTA at Epilepsy Foundation Texas in Houston you will help families and individuals living with epilepsy receive excellent programs and services such as medical clinics and camp programs. 130 more words

AmeriCorps VISTA