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Staying Connected: An Ever Expanding Alumni

Maine Conservation Corps, an AmeriCorps initiative, is part of a nation-wide effort to bring volunteerism and positive impact to communities throughout the US. When taking on a Term of Service, dedicated individuals who are 18+ dedicate anywhere from 300-1700 hours of volunteer capacity to identified areas of need. 244 more words

Maine Conservation Corps

Real Talk: SPIKE ONE Pt. 2

Hello friends! Welcome back.

It’s been almost five whole weeks since we got here, but to us it seems like it’s been months. We’ve mucked and gutted quite a few houses, met some homeowners, volunteered at a Thanksgiving Day individual service project (with… 1,043 more words


Holiday Helpers: Thanksgiving Service Project

On Thanksgiving, almost 80 of the disaster volunteers here (from more than one NCCC Region) volunteered at an event in downtown Baton Rouge called Holiday Helpers, Inc. 152 more words


Words of Wisdom 

For today, I’ve decided to share a simpele line that my Company Sergeant Major dropped me as a parting shot as I step into the last few days of active national service. 100 more words

Teriyaki Burritos and National Service

Ever had a teriyaki burrito? They’re delicious! But I’ll come back to the tastiness of mixed cultural cuisines later.

First, let’s talk about National Service — and why we need it. 504 more words

Culture, Politics And Society

Transit At Green Line

Today, I decided to try making an e-book from scratch. Started with a HTML and CSS file, made a simple book cover with Photoshop, added a NCX and OPF file and pumped it through Amazon’s Kindlegen. 30 more words


Chao Keng: How a culture of suspicion hurts soldiers

Since their enlistment into Basic Military Training or BMT, every soldier is taught that Singapore’s army is a conscripted one. This army derives its strength from its conscripted soldiers instead of soldiers in the regular force. 747 more words