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List of white nationalist organizations

List of white nationalist organizations

The following is the list of well-known white nationalist organizations, groups and related media:

White nationalism is a political ideology… 4,207 more words

Jeff Scheop and his NSM exposed


The National Socialist Movement(or NSM) is a small group of Hitler devotees who occasionally gather for rallies/events and protests throughout the year. The National Socialist Movement is currently the largest neo-Nazi group in the country due to the demise of other major neo-Nazi groups in the United States. 948 more words

Hate Thy Neighbor: The Art of Conversation

The state sign reads “Welcome to Pennsylvania,” but that does not include everyone because where we’re headed in this episode of Viceland’s “Hate Thy Neighbor” is home to the largest Neo-Nazi group in the United States of America. 788 more words

Power Of Words

Rally Against the Nationalist Front and Traditionalist Workers Party in Kentucky

The Nationalist Front is a new confederation of neo-Nazi, KKK, and Alt Right groups that is trying to capitalize on a Trump presidency.  Made up of some of the more obvious sectors of the white nationalist movement like the National Socialist Movement, the groups who, until recently, was well known for emblazoning a swastika over the America flag.   267 more words

Alternative Right

Georgia Neo-Nazi Broadcast Cancelled

“NSM Hoff” – a white supremacist internet radio show that was part of the National Socialist Movement’s “Radio Network” – has been cancelled by its host… 407 more words

Racism and White Supremacy in US

Racism in America. It is the hedonistic trending topic of the day. It is the Liberal causation for the Hillary loss. It is the theme of whites everywhere in the media and in Hollywood. 923 more words