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Georgia Neo-Nazi Broadcast Cancelled

“NSM Hoff” – a white supremacist internet radio show that was part of the National Socialist Movement’s “Radio Network” – has been cancelled by its host… 407 more words

Racism and White Supremacy in US

Racism in America. It is the hedonistic trending topic of the day. It is the Liberal causation for the Hillary loss. It is the theme of whites everywhere in the media and in Hollywood. 923 more words


National Socialist Movement Holds Rally In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

November 5th, 2016.

About 50 members of the National Socialist Movement, Traditionalist Worker’s Party, & the local branch of the Ku Klux Klan held a rally on the steps of the capitol building in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. 251 more words


Antifascists Crash NSM Rally in Harrisburg: Report Back from Central PA Antifa

by Central PA Antifa/Guest

When the NSM (National Socialist Movement) chose to hold their bi-annual “Anti-Diversity” rally, they claimed their choice of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania was just the “luck of the draw.” An ironic statement, since it turned out the day wasn’t so lucky for them after all. 756 more words


Anti-Fascist Overwhelm Nazis at Harrisburg Anti-Diversity Rally [VIDEOS]

On Saturday, November 5th, the Pennsylvania capital of Harrisberg had about 50 neo-Nazis from the National Socialist Movement descend on it for a planned rally.  This bi-annual “Rally Against Diversity” was one of the ways that the NSM attempts to show their presence in the state.   194 more words


Speak Out Against the Klan's Public Gathering in Rockmart GA, October 1st 2016

Update 9/23/2016, 6PM: According to The Polk County Standard Journal, the Klan event has now been cancelled.

As highlighted by anti-racist research, the International Keystone Knights of the Ku Klux Klan are hosting an all-day “White Christian Community Event” at Seaborn Jones Park in Rockmart, western Georgia, on October 1st. 459 more words