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National Tartan Day – A celebration of our Scottish heritage

April 10, 2013

April 6 was National Tartan Day and today the Scottish flag was flown at the P.E.I. Legislative Assembly in celebration.

Some clan tartans represented were the Murrays, the MacPhails, the Stuarts, and the Boswells. 303 more words


Journey 96: National Tartan Day

What a perfect holiday to celebrate, for me! I don’t know how I missed this celebration last year, however, I am happy to have discovered it in time for this year. 668 more words

Year Of Journeys

Happy National Tartan Day! Here is the official Pendleton Hunting Tartan.

In 1999, Pendleton Woolen Mills registered the official Pendleton Tartan with the Scottish Tartans Society. The tartan itself can be seen around the borders of the certificate.This tartan was created to commemorate Pendleton’s roots in the Pacific Northwest and the many generations of family that have overseen Pendleton’s business through the years. 45 more words

Pendleton Woolen Mills

It's National Tartan Day! Here's how to mark the occasion in the home

Tartan (we’ll include plaid, though technically it’s different) is not only fêted on April 6th — yup, it’s National Tartan Day here in Canada — it’s enjoying an extended renaissance, thanks to on-fleek teens, lumbersexuals and classic Burberry types. 288 more words


National Tartan Day is April 6th: Buchanan, the Rock Star of Tartans

When you think of tartan, you probably think of red and black, or red and green. But there are blue tartans and camel tartans and orange tartans. 409 more words

Pendleton Woolen Mills

Gearing up for National Tartan Day!

Monday, April 6th is National Tartan Day. Some of our readers live, breathe, eat and sleep tartans. They are steeped in their clan histories. They know the difference between the ancient, dress, hunting and standard versions of their clan’s tartan. 772 more words

Pendleton Woolen Mills

April Sewing Challenge Day 6. National Tartan Day

Did you know that last Sunday was National Tartan Day?  Neither did I until my Google calendar told me it was.  I think I’ve mentioned that I’m a major procrastinator.   310 more words