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Angels in America - NT Live

As I live in the North of the country I really struggle getting down to London to see plays, especially at the National Theatre. NT Live saved my life. 566 more words


REVIEW - Angels In America

Angels in America (Part I: Millennium Approaches and Part II: Perestroika) – Lyttelton Theatre, Royal National Theatre: *****

Is Tony Kushner’s play, at 7 hours long and set in Reagan’s America against the backdrop of the AIDS crisis, still relevant today? 822 more words


Things I Loved About Angels in America.

When I joined the online booking queue for Angels in America back in January, I really didn’t expect to have fallen in love with it as I have done. 734 more words


Inside the Rehearsals of... Oslo, National Theatre

As rehearsals get under way for the Tony Award winning play, images have been released of the cast at work. Here’s a glimpse of what they have been up to so far… 339 more words


The Majority

‘Play’ is a misnomer for this monologue, a hybrid of storytelling and reality theatre. It’s full of questions on which the audience votes using smart gadgets, but these don’t include the most important question – ‘what’s it doing in the National Theatre at twice the price of the fringe, where it belongs?’ That question costs 50p per minute. 259 more words


Common Review

Quick review: See it to learn about a key time in history that still effects us today

Common by DC Moore is set during the industrial revolution, at a time of change, when land is still stewarded by local people, who build their own houses, grow food for their community and bury their dead. 458 more words


The Majority: bit a let down at the end

Rob Drummonds’s National Theatre play starts with his guilt at not voting in the Scottish Referendum and then a story about meeting an activist, Eric, and is increasingly awkward relationship with him.   178 more words