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Resting in the theatre

It is one of those weeks where there is a lot happening, more by coincidence than design.  The challenge is to recognise that some of what we have a tendency to call busy is relaxing and energising.  316 more words


My relationship with Macbeth

I’ve always had a complicated relationship with Macbeth and its one that spans over 15 years and is still as complicated today as it was the first time I read the play. 476 more words


Michael Blakemore - Stage Blood

Idealism, intelligence and inspiration – and much skulduggery : The National Theatre 1971-1976

Actor and theatre director Michael Blakemore is also a wonderful writer on matters theatrical. 836 more words

Book Review

Pinocchio at the National Theatre

I was first introduced to the National Theatre’s Entry Pass scheme by a teacher when I was 16. With top-tier tickets for under 25’s at just £7.50 (previously £5) and for a friend at £10, you really can’t go wrong and through Entry Pass I have been able to see countless shows; Emile and the Detectives, Follies, Wonder.Land and Jane Eyre to name just a few. 1,351 more words

Week Fifteen: So Much Green

This past week was pretty standard as far as balancing schoolwork and adventures goes. I managed to fit in something new almost every day after working on final projects and such my afternoon adventures and evening internship each night. 2,552 more words


In James Lasdun’s novel, The Horned Man (Vintage, 2003), the protagonist, a professor of gender studies sinks into paranoia via a series of vividly drawn spatial scenarios: the railway station where he witnesses a colleague’s attentions to a student; his office which he suspects is being occupied at night; outside his therapist’s apartment where he sees her inappropriately dressed; the basement of a boarded-up synagogue where he is confronted by his nemesis, and finally the interior of a small wooden booth in an abandoned fairground which he first saw from the window of a passing train. 968 more words

Summer/Autumn 2018: Newcastle Theatre Royal

In the heart of Newcastle city centre, the Theatre Royal hosts a variety of shows throughout the year. Being in such a fantastic city, Newcastle is well worth the journey to see a show and to discover the sights in one of the greatest cities in the North East. 494 more words