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Why We Need To Talk About Gun Violence During Women's History Month

March is National Women’s History Month, but this wasn’t always the case.

National Women’s History Month actually began as “Women’s History Week” in California and was first celebrated in 1978, not too long ago. 468 more words

Reflect On The Past. Plan For The Future...

As National Women’s History Month winds down and the fervor of National Poetry Month begins I can only but reflect on how I fit in at this point of my life. 300 more words


What We're Watching: "Arise"

As two women of color, we know how important representation is. In honor of this month’s recognition of every women who continue to inspire and empower, we’re sharing an environmental documentary about women, for women (and men), and directed by a woman. 260 more words


American Women Firsts - 1920s -

Information from wikipedia here and here. Short information from the Wikipedia list and books that talk about these women or mentions them or their own books are included. 366 more words

“For Women’s History Month, Here Are 6 Women to Remember”

In a month Americans dedicate to celebrating the women in our lives—mothers, sisters, daughters, and celebrated historical figures alike—and at a time when national and cultural divisions are entrenched pretexts for persecution, it’s important to remember the women around the world who have fought, often in obscurity, for justice and equality. 1,930 more words


International Women's Day

International Women’s Day was a success around the world this past Thursday. The New York Times covered the action from all edges of the world. 496 more words


10 American Women's Firsts with books! 19th Century pt. 2

I’m using Wikipedia about historical American women & listing alongside the information a book about the women.

luckily for you I do not make my lists where you have to click to a new… 230 more words