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Poem: No Reason At All

There is no reason,
never ever was;
Nor any season
that might ever change
to make a difference.

Every days the same;
Slow as molasses, 119 more words


Brick by Brick, Part 1

The calm veneer, the flowery scent,
The mold inside, the desiccant —
Deception: that’s our daily run,
But we think we’re the only one.

Now warning labels are attached… 140 more words

Original Poems

At Syzygy

This poem’s ending happily,
I’ll tell you right up front.
It’s when the moon’s at syzygy
You question if that’s quite a word:
It is. And there’s the brunt… 127 more words

Original Poems

Fields of Floundering

“Set your expectations down
the day they get too heavy;
take your worries one-by-one,
for they will come in bevy.

Find your joys in moments felt, 72 more words

Original Poems

Poem: Over Written

Too many words wasted;
when only one will do.
In these silent spaces
between each dusk and dawn.

Rising blues crescendo –
Oh wait! I know this song: 121 more words


Poem: Proven

one plus one
makes more than was
merging into one
spawning ones

one alone
remains uneven
when rounded down
becomes zero
describing me.


Poem: Cypher

I hear you
yet I cannot fathom
what it is you mean
scrambled symbols
broken zeitgeist zodiac
racing across the moon

this one says
yes I do… 39 more words