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John Chapter 4 Verses 35-36 – (Jesus is speaking to His disciples)  “You know the saying, “’Four months between planting and harvest.’  But I say, wake up and look around.   283 more words


Articles: Before The Moon Existed Part 3 by Raymond Towers

In my last post, Crrow777 described having received an email with some tantalizing information, as regarding the potential hologram Moon. A link was presented leading to a research site in the Russian language, and Crrow777 did his own translations of the email and various links presented. 2,493 more words


Crrow777: Email Describes Russian Research On Hologram Moon

I was about to add an installment for my series of Before The Moon articles on my next post, but this video by Crrow777 sounds intriguing enough for me to hold off. 95 more words


Brother Nathanael: Who Is Your Favorite Anti-Semite?

It would be nice if Christianity pulled its head out of its ass and realized just what all this blind support of Israel is costing us in terms of worldwide peace and human lives. 47 more words


Articles: Do You Know What Year It Is? By Crrow777.

CERN is calling 2015 the Year Of Illumination, and was set or is set to begin operations of the Hadron Collider on March 20, which may just end up opening a portal that might unleash a Pandora’s Box of epic proportions. 475 more words


Brother Nathanael: How Jewish Nationalism Is Behind Globalization

Search this blog for more revealing posts by Brother Nathanael.

Title: Brother Nathanael – Globalization And Jewish Nationalism 2015 (YT link) Uploaded by The Big Brother.


Crrow777: To Deny That Chemtrails Exist Is To Be Ignorant

From the Youtube description: The time to argue that chemtrails are not real has passed. Doing so simply means you are uninformed. Not only are chemtrails being sprayed daily around the planet but this has been going on for decades now. 60 more words