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Crow Podcast 6: James Alfred - Encoded World, The Moon And Magic

This is a great interview and discussion. I should have taken notes so I could write up an official review, but I was too lazy. The Hattybov material is fascinating to peruse through. 155 more words


Crow Podcast 5: Two Subscribers Talk About The Age Of Awakening

Crow refers to these two men as regular guys, but they’re not. They’re both advanced souls who incarnated to help spread Truth. It’s amazing that Crow got two of them interviewed at the same time. 124 more words


Michael Bradley: The Neanderthal Roots Of Today's Khazarian Jews

I saw this on the YT sidebar, and at first I thought it was a joke. Well, it isn’t. Author Bradley went there in 1978, and again in 1991, publishing two books on the subject. 274 more words


Baseball: 2003 ALCS, Game 3, Yanks At Red Sox, Clemens Vs Martinez

This is a great game, both because of the rivalry between both ball clubs and the tension where a brawl might break out at any moment. 183 more words


To Whom Can You Compare God?

The nations of the world are worth nothing to him. In his eyes they count for less than nothing- mere emptiness and froth. To whom can you compare God? 41 more words

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Police State: Riot Police Targeting Photographers During French Protests

Coming soon to the US.

Title: Riot Police Target Photographers During Labor Reform Protests In France (YT link) Uploaded by Europa.


Humor: Italy And China's Anti-Politically Correct Detergent Ads

Political Correctness is for wimps and liberals. The rest of us still have a sense of humor.

Title: Italian Laundry Detergent Commercial (YT link… 16 more words