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False Flag Parker: Illuminati Blue, Red Color Codes, Boyfriend's Handler

What a coincidence, all these people are wearing blue when they’re reporting the hoax. The interview with boyfriend Hurst, where he is being coached by his handler, is especially poignant. 15 more words


Tianjing Explosion 8/12: Chinese Media Lies + An Extensive Analysis

Great perspective by TNN here.

From the Youtube description: A week has passed and still the reports are sketchy as to the cause of the disaster. 68 more words


New World Order: Are China And The US In Tech War Right Now?

I’ve been hearing some speculation that China and the US are currently having a financial and technological wrestling match, through financial markets and hacking / counter-hacking maneuvers. 94 more words


False Flag Parker: Obama, Media Trying To Restrict Internet Again

Gee, I wonder if the brain-dead masses will figure this out? Probably not.

Title: Virginia Shooting Hoax: Multiple Agendas For NWO Control Exposed (YT link) Uploaded by Red Silver J.


False Flag Parker: Public Enemy Chuck D Says 'It Was An Illuminati Hoax'

Red Silver J breaks it down. Several links available on the YT video page. Also, this post is a must see, regarding the Hoax at Sandy Hook… 20 more words


New World Order: Pope Goes Full Lucifer, Now Forgiving Abortions

This announcement comes just three weeks before Pope Lucifer Francis travels to the US to visit Lucifer Obama and address the Luciferian United Nations. The rumor is that he’s declaring himself the leader of the One World Religion, and he’s already been propagandizing a One World Banking System. 59 more words


False Flag Parker: Blowing The Hoax Wide Open, Check Out The Actors

We’re on to you, you little gun-grabbing bitch Obama, and that gun-running fellow Marxist sell-out (weiner) Holder. It would be so nice to see you fall into that same black pit Bitch Hillary’s teetering on the edge of. 85 more words