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Professor Doom: Osiris, The Bible, Hoover Dam And Rh Negative Blood

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From the Youtube description: sorry this video took so long it is a long video to make and was continuous rabbit holes. 424 more words


New World Order: Obama Will Use UN Troops And Drones Vs Americans

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Title: New Obama Executive Order Allows For U.N. and Drone Strikes on U.S. Citizens (Videos) (YT link) Uploaded by Right Wing Conspirator. 530 more words


New World Order: List Of Findings From Wikileaks DNC Document Dump

See the full article on Gateway Pundit: Detailed List of Findings in Wikileaks DNC Document Dump

On Friday Wikileaks released nearly 20,000 hacked emails… 394 more words


New World Order: Alex Jones Vs The Young Turks At The RNC

WWE politics! I should put this under the Humor section. Basically, it is two controlled-opposition blowhards thumping their chests together for the benefit of the cameras. 104 more words


New World Order: The Truth About Milo's Perma-Ban On Twitter

From the Youtube description: Twitter and the entire media are lying about why Milo was banned. When future generations look back on this critical juncture in the fight for liberal western ideals of free expression, they’ll see that Twitter and Jack Dorsey were on the wrong side of history. 12 more words


False Flags: Richard Gutjahr's Mossad Wife - Info Scrubbed On Wikipedia

That would be the same Gutjahr who happened to be at the right place at the right time twice, both at the Nice Hoax and at the Munich Hoax. 45 more words


New World Order: Can You Handle The Facts About Jews?

From the Youtube description: How blind are you ? Do you just refuse to hear ? Wake Up this is not that hard.

Title: Can You Handle The Truth About Jews? 6 more words