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Abortion rights, same sex marriage, and moral values

A large number of people took to the streets in Dublin on Saturday, 24 Sept 2016 in protest against constitutional amendment to Ireland’s abortion laws. The offensive amendment restricts abortion rights. 336 more words


porch hanger

Made with wire of coat hanger, wrapped with twine, then painted with model paint


Robert Stanley: Archons, Annunaki And False Light Soul Traps

Guest Stanley goes into some very advanced topics here. He always talks a ton in his interviews, but he usually doesn’t get as complicated as he does in this one. 446 more words


New World Order: Youtube To Start User Based Content Police

See, the paid Obama trolls cost money, and they can’t watch over the entire YT community with their Alinksy censorship tactics. So, The Powers That Be are going the typical way of Rome: Divide And Conquer first, and let the slaves police each other next. 51 more words


Flat Earth Theory: Debunking The Globe With Lunar Eclipse Paths

This is for Mystery Woman, because I grumbled at her not too long ago. There are not too many FE channels still producing good videos, so let’s see if this one will stay the course. 42 more words


Lift The Veil: Donald Trump, Alex Jones, Death Of Mainstream Media

From the Youtube description: Nathan & Jay discuss how Donald Trump, Alex Jones, David Seaman & the “deplorables” are exposing mainstream media censorship and Clinton corruption. 22 more words


New World Order: Terminator's SKYNET Is Now Fully Operational

From the Youtube description: Time to open your eyes, people. Whilst you are buying the fairy tales of nuclear weapons and satellites in space, the monsters that rule this world from the shadows have managed to install your extermination on a world wide level. 15 more words