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Larry Nichols: A Message To The Evil Of Humanity (Jeff Rense Radio)

One thing I can say, is that this man does not hold back. I’ve got one other post featuring Larry Nichols. Search for his name to find it. 19 more words


Cryptids: Don't Stop For (Sasquatch) Hitchhikers (Crypto 4 Corners)

Strange deal here, with multiple sightings of the same creature. It almost sounds as if the Bigfoot was freezing to death out there.

Title: Dont’ Stop For Hitch Hikers ( 6 more words


A Stranger's Guide To Saturn - Gods And Symbolism by Odd TV

A Stranger’s Guide To Saturn by Odd TV (2015) – 5 stars

This is a 43-minute long documentary. So, you don’t know anything about the occult / esoteric side of Saturn? 463 more words


Soul of Man 5/5

February 1956

By Joel Goldsmith

Part 5 of 5


Spiritual Guidance

When the eleven disciples were choosing a successor to Judas, they were undecided as to which of two men should be accepted. 314 more words


War Footage, WWIII: Syrian Army, Hezbollah Assault On North Aleppo

Note that Assad just vowed to take his country back. You would think this is against ISIS, except Israel has been using air strikes and the Saudis mobilized a rumored 350,000 troops to invade. 77 more words


New World Order: Global Economic Collapse Will Destroy Capitalism

I see a lot of monkeys jumping on Calvo’s back over Bernie Sanders. He’s just saying Sanders is the best of all the Zionist evils out there. 17 more words