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Documentary: Witches - Myth And Reality

My (extensive) commentary can be found below the video link. I spent entirely too much time writing this down!

From the Youtube description: Witchcraft (also called witchery or spellcraft) is the use of magical faculties, most commonly for religious, divinatory or medicinal purposes. 2,749 more words


Mike King: The Bad War - Chronology Of Events - 1848 To WW II

It’s the late 19th Century, and we have ‘The Springtime of the People’ and lone gunmen. Guess who was behind it? The same Zionist scumbags that were responsible for the Arab Spring and now the American Spring, and who have their tentacles behind the rise of scumbag Obama and the various Black Lives Matter protests and Occupy movements. 169 more words


CERN: Unlocking The Gates Of Hades by Round Saturn's Eye

From a pro-Christian point of view. The speaker has a powerful delivery, and he is fairly knowledgeable about science and the occult happenings at CERN. I’ll disagree with a few points, and especially when he equates dark matter to Hell. 203 more words


New World Order: Oathkeepers Calling Patriots To Sugar Pine Mine, OR

Posted on May 2, 2015.

From the Youtube description: Oathkeepers needs hundreds of volunteers to help secure the mine, and to work in support of the security operation. 44 more words


New World Order: The Illuminati Capital Of Astana, Kazahkstan

Also see my previous post New World Order: Google Map Shows Devil’s Pentagram In Kazahkstan.

Title: ILLUMINATI CAPITALS : ASTANA. (YT link) Uploaded by Knowledge Is Power.


New World Order: Google Map Shows Devil's Pentagram In Kazahkstan

The video is from 2013.

All right, so what I’m starting to get the hint of, is that that Khazarian Jews, who control Zionist Israel right now, erected this city in Kazahkstan. 150 more words