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Samantha Power lectures at Vanderbilt

Samantha Power, Former UN Ambassador, was in Nashville last night to offer insights into her career. A former critic of the US government turned insider, who once rallied against US foreign policy who is now in great favor of American exceptionalism. 498 more words

Traditional German "Frankfurter Kranz"

This is a traditional German cake. It is made with hazelnuts, jam, and a vanilla buttercream. I added some liqueur :)

Ingredients: (for a springform pan with tube buttom 26cm/10” diameter) 263 more words


How a mission trip changes your reality

The happiest and most fulfilled I have ever felt in my life was in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti in one of the worst slums of the Western Hemisphere. 638 more words

Why Repealing The Jones Act Could Be A Disaster For The U.S.

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The recent spate of hurricanes reaching America has reawakened critics of the Jones Act, a statute signed into law nearly a century ago that prohibits foreign vessels from carrying cargo within the United States. 1,067 more words

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Where are you from?

I think when one lives “abroad,” there is some upside-down U-shaped curve about feelings towards one’s home country (or passport-holding country).

Before you leave the national borders of the land that you grew up in, you don’t consider that you could be from another country. 294 more words


A 750 square km Island in the Caribbean. African Caribbean people descended from slaves brought by the French and English.  Ruled by France until 1759. Then English. 87 more words


People actually like it when the government influences what to do, according to a study

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On Oct. 9, Richard Thaler of the University of Chicago won the Nobel Prize for his extraordinary, world-transforming work in behavioral economics. 885 more words

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