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New World Order: Conrad - The Political Battle For Sweden's Future

Another great interview from Red Ice Radio, this time regarding the agenda to ruin Sweden by flooding it with immigrants. Gee, I wonder where else this is going on, totally by accident. 25 more words


New World Order: The Endgame - Full White Genocide Documentary

This documentary repeats itself a lot to hammer the point home, but it doesn’t have much past the graphics and the emotional aspect otherwise. I’m not saying the viewpoint is false, but I am saying that the video could have been half as long. 189 more words


New World Order: Scumbag Ted Cruz's Presidential Run, 2016

I have around 10 links bookmarked, showing just how corrupt this man’s scumbuggery really is, but with so much more important events happening around the world, I haven’t had time to write up an article on him. 56 more words


Tim Murdock: NWO Memes - Aliens, Egyptian Moses, White Genocide

Video first posted on February 16, 2015.

Highly speculative interview hosted by Red Ice Radio, with Tim Murdock of White Rabbit Radio. Website. The RIR producer goes on a 6 minute rant, justified, over the False Flag events in Paris. 44 more words


New World Order: 6 Things You Should Know About Canada's Bill C-51

Let’s see if the Canadian people will get suckered like the Americans did with NDAA. Good luck, Canada.

Title: #Stop C51: 6 Important Things You Need To Know About Bill C-51 ( 7 more words


Ascending to the Nations

“You can not change what is going on around you until you change what is going on within you”

I never know what i’m going to write about when i sit down to type. 387 more words


New World Order: Jade Helm 15 Whistleblower L Anderson Interviewed

From the Youtube description:┬áIn this episode, Pete invites investigative journalist Lorri Anderson to the show to discuss her indisputable documentation that the military “exercise” is actually in progress as a psy-op. 70 more words