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The Order of Nations

The charge has been made that there is a contradiction in Genesis 10–11. The accusation is that if people had already spread around the world (as recorded in Genesis 10), fulfilling God’s command, why was mankind judged with the confusion of languages as recorded in Genesis 11? 433 more words


Regional nations plus U.S. condemn Venezuela's new constituent assembly

CARACAS/LIMA (Reuters) – A group of 12 regional nations plus the United States rejected Venezuela’s new government-allied legislative superbody, saying they would continue to regard the opposition-controlled congress as the country’s only legitimate law maker.

Singapore consumer confidence jumps by most among S-E Asia nations in H1: survey

(Source: www.businesstimes.com.sg)

“This bodes well for the nation as consumers in Singapore are optimistic across all indicators, from employment, to economic outlook, regular income and quality of life.” – Deborah Heng, country manager, Mastercard Singapore… 375 more words

Money Matters

Kingdom Color

Dear Christian church, lovely Bride, I would like to address you.  We are now entering a new era in this world, where we cannot avoid speaking of politics, and we can no longer just speak to one isolated people group and not be heard by others.  250 more words

Muller Inspiration! Pray for Barcelona

Hello family! It seems I have been absent for the longest, but things have been hectic. And the truth is since I have been sidetracked by life, a lot has been happening and I hate how I became norm to it during this time. 829 more words

Top 5 countries to start your new business 

In this age of startups who isn’t willing to start a new business but of course where you live plays an important factor in starting a business. 131 more words

Seeing Differently

Morning Thought: Did you know the Bible hardly ever talks about skin colour? It doesn’t divide the world into black and white. Instead, it distinguishes between the righteous and wicked. 73 more words

Morning Thought