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How did I get here again... ?

I suspect that all artists will find themselves asking the question posed by this post at some time during their career. Any mind with a good dose of imagination will find itself wandering, following leads of words and thoughts, and ending up somewhere entirely different to where they thought they were going with their first idea. 960 more words


What is Smudging

Greetings and Merry Meet I’m Mortika Lacrosse and this is my blog. Today’s blog if you will is another Wiccan one because I think I need a few more of these. 455 more words

Haplogroup A4 Unpeeled – European, Jewish, Asian and Native American

Mitochondrial DNA provides us with a unique periscope back in time to view our most distant ancestors, and the path that they took through time and place to become us, here, today.  5,226 more words

Mitochondrial DNA

Indian School: Teaching The White Man's Way by Michael Cooper

The author offers a view into boarding schools for Native Americans in this well-documented depiction. He presents the stories of children being taken from their parents and communities and dragged across the country to residential schools in order to learn the “White Man’s Way.” Descriptions of death and disease among Indian children offer a heartbreaking window into the lives of those that experienced it. 136 more words


Boarding School Seasons: American Indian Families, 1900-1940 by Brenda Child

This book details the experiences and perspectives of American Indian students who attended federal residential/boarding schools. In this book the author uses primary documents, personal letters, and school newspapers to depict the stories of children from the Ojibwe Nation who attended two schools: the Haskell Institute in Kansas and the Flandreau School in South Dakota. 158 more words