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Native American Religion

I believe that all religions are the same path to a Universal Power of good and that many people have this good in them.  The Native American religion is hard to describe since it is found in many tribes with the ceremonies passed down from generation to generation but in general they believe in nature and a creator. 324 more words


ART OF THE ANCIENT AMERICAS I: Tlingit and Haida Nations

The indigenous people that make up the Tlingit and Haida nations inhabit the coastal regions of what are now Alaska and British Columbia. With its abundant and easily harvested natural resources, the Pacific Northwest supported populations large enough to make it the most densely-inhabited indigenous region on the globe for a time. 211 more words

Claude Levi-strauss

Black Pride vs White Pride Part 1

Touchy subject but, I have no qualms.
History always repeats itself but based on what degree.
I’m not really sure…but I’ve been trying to figure out for quite sometime where the hate between melenated people and Aryan descendants started. 519 more words

Being Black

"Dragged Into This"

Something I haven’t shared much, if at all, is that I have had a life long interest in Native Americans.

When I was a little girl, not yet a teen, my parents let a Great Aunt take us to a Vacation Bible School program one evening. 1,197 more words


wind walker

”Oh Great Spirit who made all races. Look kindly upon the whole human family and take away the arrogance and hatred which separates us from our brothers.”……cherokee prayer

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Ohútkȟaŋ Origins No. 23

Space and time are important concepts in the Lakota way of life. For example, Little, referring to size, is “cik’ala”. (The approximate way to write the word, using English language letters.) In English it is pronounced ‘cheekala’.


What Different Cultures Can Teach Us About Modern Love

TheCoffeyIn my first year of graduate school, my Intercultural Communications professor told a story about traditional coupling practices that historically took place in some Native American cultures. 35 more words