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24 May 2015. Translated Russian Demot... Yes, That Would be Historical Justice!


“Indian” is the literal translation of the Russian “Индеец”. That’s the way it is in Russian.



Passing 101: Being Biracial in America

Ok, making up for the lack of posts (I promised myself I’d post every day) and sharing something that’s kind of always on my mind: 1,631 more words

If Hollywood Can Give Us 3D, Why Can’t They Give Us More Than Black and White?

Let’s play “Spot The Diversity”! It’s a game so uncommonly easy that anyone can play it! That doesn’t mean everyone will be good at playing it—particularly faux-diversity-driven American entertainment executives–it just means everyone can play it. 396 more words

My Review of the Haindl Tarot

I heard about the Haindl Tarot not too long ago through the grapevine of tarot readers I know. Yet this deck was first published back in 1990. 1,983 more words


Aztec Warfare: Internal Politics


The Aztec Empire was an imperial, hegemonic confederacy made up of conquered and/or subservient towns, cities, and polities. The empire lasted approximately 90 years from 1428 AD to 1521 AD after which it was officially incorporated into the Spanish Empire (more on this later). 923 more words

Aztec Warfare